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Society and Family Strategy
Society and Family Strategy (July 1987)
Erie County, New York 1850-1920
Mark J. Stern - Author

Using one of the largest quantitative data bases ever compiled on a single representative community, Stern explains and substantiates the reasons for the decline of the fertility rate during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He integrates demographic and social history to determine the implications of this aspect of the modernization of America. Society and Family Strategy describes the impact of capitalism, and changing class a...(Read More)
Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century
Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century (January 1987)
Charlotte Wilcoxen - Author

An indispensable introduction to the trade and ceramics of the New Netherland colony.

A pioneering and fascinating study, Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century was the first book in English to provide specific information on the various types of Dutch ceramics used by Dutch, English, and Swedish colonists in eastern North America between 1600 and 1700. Charlotte Wilcoxen also examines...(Read More)
New World Dutch Studies
New World Dutch Studies (January 1987)
Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America, 1609-1776
Roderic H. Blackburn - Editor
Nancy A. Kelley - Editor

The history, culture, and lifeways of New Netherland as researched and interpreted by Dutch and American scholars.

The art, archaeology, history, and lifeways of New Netherland come vividly to life in these essays by world experts on both sides of the Atlantic. The wide range of objects used and manufactured by Dutch settlers in the New World reveals much about their social life and times. Of particular interest in...(Read More)
The Homeless Transient in the Great Depression
The Homeless Transient in the Great Depression (November 1986)
New York State, 1929-1941
Joan M. Crouse - Author

“A first-rate piece of work that makes significant scholarly contributions. It is not only an important piece of social history for the depression decade, but has considerable implications for the present day when transient problems are still with us.” — Frank Freidel, University of Washington

“It is solid, clearly written and usefully fills in a piece of welfare policy history which remains interesting ...(Read More)
Borders and Scrolls
Borders and Scrolls (January 1986)
Early American Brush-Stroke Wall Painting, 1790-1820
Margaret Coffin - Author

Invaluable overview of domestic wall paintings in the Northeast from 1790–1820.

Borders and Scrolls provides a fascinating glimpse of domestic wall painting in the historic Northeast. It looks in detail at how and why Americans in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut decorated the walls of their houses in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Wallpaper was just too expensive fo...(Read More)
New York State Today
New York State Today (June 1985)
First Edition
Peter W. Colby - Editor

This is the ideal reader on New York State—a fresh, up-to-date introduction to the politics, government, and public policies. Its list of thirty-one contributors includes many well-known and active figures in government. The text covers the history and background of Empire State politics, the state constitution, the political geography of the state, its branches of government, voting and elections, and such vital issues as crime, educati...(Read More)
The Crisis Regime
The Crisis Regime (June 1985)
The M. A. C., the E. F. C. B., and the Political Impact of the New York City Financial Crisis
Robert W. Bailey - Author

"The Crisis Regime combines an insightful, well-documented analysis of the New York City financial crisis of 1975 and a broader, theoretical sense of changing politics and modes of governance in big cities. The case study is conceptualized in generic terms so that people from outside New York as well as those involved directly in the city will learn from it. It will be of great interest to academics and could lay the groundwork for future s...(Read More)
German Folk Arts of New York State
German Folk Arts of New York State (January 1985)
Mary Antoine de Julio - Author
Roderic H. Blackburn - Foreword by

An essential introduction to the crafts and folks arts of German settlers in New York State.

The folk industry and beautiful crafts of German settlers in New York State come to light in this richly illustrated volume. Following the devastating Thirty Years War, waves of Germans migrated to the New York region in the first decade of the seventeenth century. The settlers brought with them a rich, enduring tradition o...(Read More)
The New Response
The New Response (January 1985)
Contemporary Painters of the Hudson River
John Yau - Author
Alan Gussow - Introduction

Introduction to contemporary painters of the Hudson River, who both continue and react to the legacy of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School of painting.

Contemporary landscape painters of the legendary Hudson River Valley are featured in this breathtaking and fascinating collection. Beginning with Thomas Cole’s travel into the Kaaterskill Clove in 1825, the Hudson River Valley has inspired generations o...(Read More)
From Sicily to Elizabeth Street
From Sicily to Elizabeth Street (June 1984)
Housing and Social Change among Italian Immigrants, 1880-1930
Donna R. Gabaccia - Author

For many immigrants, the move from Sicily to a New York tenement was accompanied by rapid, significant, and often surprisingly satisfactory changes in a wide variety of social relationships. Many of these changes can be traced to the influence of a changing housing environment.

From Sicily to Elizabeth Street analyzes the relationship of environment to social behavior. It revises our understanding of the Italian-American family and c...(Read More)
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