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Estuarine Research in the 1980s
Estuarine Research in the 1980s (July 1992)
The Hudson River Environmental Society Seventh Symposium on Hudson River Ecology
C. Lavett Smith - Editor

The Hudson River estuary is one of the most intensively studied estuaries in the world. Many environmental and civic groups have struggled with the conflict in the Hudson River area between the desire for a quality environment and the ever increasing demands of an expanding human population for drinking water, electric power, efficient transportation, and waste disposal.

Estuarine Research in the 1980s provides a synoptic overview of ...(Read More)
The Great South Bay
The Great South Bay (September 1991)
J. R. Schubel - Editor
T. M. Bell - Editor
H. H. Carter - Editor

In its heyday, the Great South Bay provided a bounty of hard clams for the nation's table, income for a crusty crew of baymen, and recreation to countless New York City visitors escaping hot summer days in the city. What does the Bay offer today, after years of taking resources from the area and dumping back unwanted materials and wastes?

The authors of The Great South Bay examine the geological origins and evolution of this important...(Read More)
More Profile Than Courage
More Profile Than Courage (July 1990)
The New York City Transit Strike of 1966
Michael Marmo - Author

The New York City Transit Strike of 1966 occurred during the formative period of labor relations between government and municipal employees, and served as an impetus to convince legislators in many jurisdictions that legislation was needed to regulate public sector bargaining.

Marmo analyzes the role of the media in public sector bargaining, and demonstrates how heavy reliance and manipulation of the media by interested parties affected the o...(Read More)
New York City Artisan, The, 1789-1825
New York City Artisan, The, 1789-1825 (August 1989)
A Documentary History
Howard B. Rock - Author

"This book does more than fill a gap; it provides the opportunity to give general readers and students deeper insights into the working lives, problems, cultural conflicts and citizenship affairs of ordinary New Yorkers." --Graham R. Hodges, Colgate University

This is the first collection of primary sources by and about artisans in the early national era. In a number of ways it is as significant as the many volumes by the found...(Read More)
The Woman in the Mountain
The Woman in the Mountain (January 1989)
Reconstructions of Self and Land by Adirondack Women Writers
Kate H. Winter - Author

Examines the works of seven Adirondack writers.

This book is the first to examine the literary responses of women who lived a significant part of their lives in the Adirondacks. Through the works of seven Adirondack writers, it creates literary and theoretical contexts for these authors by focusing on the links between the landscape and the female imagination. Such an inquiry links this study with Annette Kolodny's ...(Read More)
Formulating American Indian Policy in New York State, 1970-1986
Formulating American Indian Policy in New York State, 1970-1986 (July 1988)
Laurence M. Hauptman - Author

This is the first descriptive analysis of how American Indian policies are made both at the statewide and at agency levels. Pertinent to all states, the study describes New York’s historic policies and emphasizes that improving Indian lifestyles or attracting Indians to government employment is handicapped by their overall distrust of state intentions, a distrust caused by the continued impasse on American Indian land claims. Employing archiv...(Read More)
New York State in the Year 2000
New York State in the Year 2000 (February 1988)
Jeryl L. Mumpower - Editor
Warren F. Ilchman - Editor

This book looks resolutely to the future by analyzing key trends likely to shape New York State as it enters the 21st century. It examines critical and emerging issues and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of present and proposed State policies. Topics covered include: population dynamics, economic structure, science and technology, economic development, water resources, electricity, long-term care, and corrections and criminal justice. N...(Read More)
Fisheries Research in the Hudson River
Fisheries Research in the Hudson River (January 1988)
C. Lavett Smith - Editor

This book addresses specific water quality and pollution problems and documents the changes that occurred during the critical transition period when PCB dumping was discontinued and water treatment plants came into increased use. It will appeal to fishery biologists working with Atlantic coast species, people involved with estuaries worldwide, and to all environmentalists interested in the history of the landmark Hudson River S...(Read More)
Remembrance of Patria
Remembrance of Patria (January 1988)
Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America, 1609-1776
Roderic H. Blackburn - Author
Ruth Piwonka - Author

An essential guide to the history, culture, and social life of New Netherland.

How much of the Dutch world in America survived after the English? One hundred years after the English took control of New Netherland in 1664, New York retained many Dutch characteristics. The cultural milieu shifted abruptly, however, with population growth and increased affluence following the termination of the French and Indian Wars ...(Read More)
Society and Family Strategy
Society and Family Strategy (July 1987)
Erie County, New York 1850-1920
Mark J. Stern - Author

Using one of the largest quantitative data bases ever compiled on a single representative community, Stern explains and substantiates the reasons for the decline of the fertility rate during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He integrates demographic and social history to determine the implications of this aspect of the modernization of America. Society and Family Strategy describes the impact of capitalism, and changing class a...(Read More)
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