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Down from Troy
Down from Troy (August 2010)
A Doctor Comes of Age
Richard Selzer - Author
Peter Josyph - Afterword

A beautifully crafted memoir by one of America’s finest storytellers.

In this beloved classic, Richard Selzer recounts his childhood in Troy, New York, during the Great Depression. No easy town to come of age in, Troy in the 1930s was a city long past its prime, “full of whores and TB,” and as the son of a general practitioner, Selzer had occasion to view both up close. In the midst of this g...(Read More)
River of Words
River of Words (August 2010)
Portraits of Hudson Valley Writers
Nina Shengold - Author
Jennifer May - Photographer
Dennis Stock - Foreword by

SILVER MEDALIST - 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards in U.S. North-East - Best Regional Non-Fiction Category.

Seventy-six writers reflect on the literary life, the craft of writing, and the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

For centuries, writers have drawn inspiration from the Hudson River and its surroundings. John Burroughs, James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, ...(Read More)
Roman Candle
Roman Candle (August 2010)
The Life of Bobby Darin
David Evanier - Author

A multilayered portrait of this brash, gifted artist, whose restless voice and spirit seem as alive today as ever.

“Compelling and revealing … Roman Candle gives us the many lives of one of the great entertainers of all time, whose flame was extinguished way too soon.” — Kevin Spacey

A performer who rivaled Sinatra, Bobby Darin rose from dire poverty to...(Read More)
Arsenic and Clam Chowder
Arsenic and Clam Chowder (July 2010)
Murder in Gilded Age New York
James D. Livingston - Author

Recounts the sensational 1896 murder trial of Mary Alice Livingston, who was accused of murdering her mother with an arsenic-laced pail of clam chowder and faced the possibility of becoming the first woman to be executed in New York’s new-fangled electric chair.

Arsenic and Clam Chowder recounts the sensational 1896 murder trial of Mary Alice Livingston, a member of one of the most prestigious fa...(Read More)
Bungalow Kid
Bungalow Kid (July 2010)
A Catskill Mountain Summer
Philip Ratzer - Author

Both humorous and poignant, Bungalow Kid recalls what it was like to spend a summer in the Catskills at the height of the region’s “glory days.”

The year is 1958. Philip, a twelve-year-old kid from the Bronx, is getting ready for his family’s annual trip upstate, where he’ll spend the summer in a bungalow colony in the tiny village of Loch Sheldrake, a faraway fairyland of ...(Read More)

Feathers of Hope
Feathers of Hope (July 2010)
Pete Dubacher, the Berkshire Bird Paradise, and the Human Connection with Birds
Barbara Chepaitis - Author

A joyful journey through Pete Dubacher’s Berkshire Bird Paradise, and a thoughtful contemplation of our relationship to birds and nature.

Feathers of Hope takes the reader on a joyful journey through the Berkshire Bird Paradise in Grafton, New York. Founded and maintained by Pete Dubacher, it’s a magical place that provides sanctuary to over twelve hundred injured or otherwise unreleasable ...(Read More)
The Man Who Saved New York
The Man Who Saved New York (July 2010)
Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975
Seymour P. Lachman - Author
Robert Polner - Author

2011 Empire State History Book Award, presented by New York State Archives Partnership Trust

A dramatic and colorful portrait of one of New York’s most remarkable governors, Hugh L. Carey, with emphasis on his leadership during the fiscal crisis of 1975.

The Man Who Saved New York offers a portrait of one of New York’s most remarkable governors, Hugh L. Ca...(Read More)
In the Hamptons Too
In the Hamptons Too (May 2010)
Further Encounters with Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires, and Celebrities
Dan Rattiner - Author
Alec Baldwin - Foreword by

Tales of the sometimes rich, sometimes famous, but always quirky residents of one of America’s best-known summer colonies, as told by the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers, the area’s free weekly newspaper.

As the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers, the area’s popular free newspaper, Dan Rattiner has been living in and covering the Hamptons for over fifty years, and has watche...(Read More)
The Smalbanac
The Smalbanac (March 2010)
An Opinionated Guide to New York's Capital District
Christine M. Garretson-Persans - Author

A quirky yet practical guide to New York’s Capital Region.

The Smalbanac is a delightful, informative and reasonably priced guide to history, culture, cuisine and shopping in Albany, Schenectady and Troy … Whether you like to travel, dine out or learn local history, this is an exceptional book, worth reading and keeping on hand for when someone laments, ‘I’m so bored.’&...(Read More)
Fire Along the Sky
Fire Along the Sky (February 2010)
Being the Adventures of Captain Shane Hardacre in the New World
Robert Moss - Author

Revised and Expanded Edition containing the love letters of Valerie D’Arcy, complete and unexpurgated

A wildly entertaining historical adventure, deep inside the crucible in which America was forged.

“Splendidly researched and wildly amusing historical adventure … Tom Jones as The Deerslayer.” — Kirkus Reviews

Dearest S...(Read More)
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