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Frank (September 2009)
The Story of Frances Folsom Cleveland, America's Youngest First Lady
Annette B. Dunlap - Author

The first full-length biography of America’s youngest, and perhaps most underrated, First Lady.

When she married forty-nine-year-old President Grover Cleveland in a White House ceremony on June 2, 1886, Frances Folsom Cleveland was only twenty-one years old, making her the nation’s youngest First Lady. Despite her age, however, Washington society marveled at how quickly the inexperienced Mrs. Cleveland (known as...(Read More)
Once an Engineer
Once an Engineer (September 2009)
A Song of the Salt City
Joe Amato - Author

FINALIST - 2009 ForeWord Book of the Year in the Autobiography/Memoir Category

A funny, tragic, garlicky chronicle of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Central New York.

Once an Engineer is a funny, tragic, garlicky chronicle of a dozen years spent growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. The tail end of the sixties finds Joe and his younger brother, M...(Read More)
Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures
Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures (September 2009)
A Hudson Valley Cookbook
Peter G. Rose - Author

A light-hearted cookbook that reflects the historical and culinary heritage of the Hudson Valley.

Whether it’s grilled corn on the patio or a hot bowl of soup by the fire, the foods we eat are often intimately connected to the seasons of the year. For twenty years, award-winning food writer and historian Peter G. Rose has written a column on family food for newspapers in the Hudson Valley, and this light-...(Read More)
Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations
Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations (September 2009)
Hans Krabbendam - Editor
Cornelis A. van Minnen - Editor
Giles Scott-Smith - Editor

A comprehensive history of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and the United States.

Since Henry Hudson landed on Manhattan in 1609, the peoples of the Netherlands and North America have been inextricably linked. Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations, written by a team of nearly one hundred Dutch and American scholars, is the first book to offer a comprehensive history of this bilateral relatio...(Read More)
New York in Bloom, 2010 Calendar
New York in Bloom, 2010 Calendar (August 2009)
Public Gardens and Parks of New York State
Ted Spiegel - Photographer

New York blooms year-round in photographs by award-winning photographer Ted Spiegel.

From greenhouses in Buffalo to the formal landscapes and gardens at Old Westbury, New York in Bloom offers a scenic tour of gardens and parks across the state. In these vibrant and colorful photographs, award-winning photographer Ted Spiegel proves that New York does indeed bloom year-round—you just have to kn...(Read More)
The Hudson River to Niagara Falls
The Hudson River to Niagara Falls (July 2009)
Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Paintings from the New-York Historical Society
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

A stunning selection of paintings by Thomas Cole, Asher B. Durand, John W. Casilear, George Inness, and others, depicting landscapes, historic sites, natural wonders, and waterways of New York State.

This catalogue features forty-five paintings from the permanent collection of the New-York Historical Society, newly restored and available here together for the first time. From the mouth of the Hudson River, north t...(Read More)
Wine - A Gentleman's Game
Wine - A Gentleman's Game (July 2009)
The Adventures of an Amateur Winemaker Turned Professional
Mark Miller - Author

How one man and his family made their dream of owning a winery come true—and helped revitalize New York’s winemaking industry in the process.

In 1957, Mark and Dene Miller purchased a vineyard in Marlboro, New York, overlooking the majestic Hudson River and the distant Berkshires. They really only wanted a few acres of vines, from which they hoped to produce a few cases of wine for themselves and their friends. ...(Read More)
Woodstock (July 2009)
The Oral History, 40th Anniversary Edition
Joel Makower - Author
Michael Lang - With a new Foreword by
Joel Rosenman - With a new Foreword by

The definitive oral history of the Woodstock rock festival.

“The definitive study of the mega-concert.” — Rolling Stone

“Woodstock comes alive here, even if the music itself seems almost incidental to the backstage dramas.” — Publishers Weekly

Woodstock is the definitive, electrifying account of the...(Read More)
Niagara (July 2009)
A History of the Falls
Pierre Berton - Author

A sweeping history of this natural wonder.

“The noble cataract reflects the concerns, the fancies, and the failings of the times. If we gaze deeply enough into its shimmering image, we can perhaps discern our own.” — Pierre Berton

“[Pierre Berton] makes a serious and convincing case for Niagara’s pivotal role in North American history … His Niagara is a lo...(Read More)
The Firekeeper
The Firekeeper (July 2009)
A Narrative of the New York Frontier
Robert Moss - Author

An epic adventure based on the extraordinary historical story of Sir William Johnson and the author’s dreams of a Mohawk “woman of power” who lived three centuries ago.

“Robert Moss is a writer of considerable skill. In The Firekeeper, he shows a talent for accurate historical detail and an ability to recreate the past, both as it was and as it might have been. To read The Firekeeper is to be t...(Read More)
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