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Endtimes? (March 2012)
Crises and Turmoil at the New York Times
Daniel R. Schwarz - Author

A groundbreaking study of ten difficult years in the life of America’s most important newspaper.

From false stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to growing competition from online and twenty-four-hour cable news, the first decade of the twenty-first century was not particularly kind to the New York Times. In this groundbreaking study of the recent life and times of America’s most...(Read More)
J'aime New York, 2nd Edition
J'aime New York, 2nd Edition (January 2012)
A Bilingual Guide to the French Heritage of New York State / Guide bilingue de l'héritage français de l'état de New York
Eloise A. Brière - Editor

A guide to the important but half-forgotten chapters of New York State’s French history.

Raquette Lake, Ausable River, Lake Bonaparte—despite the number of French place names scattered across the state, New York’s rich and compelling French history has received less attention over the years than its English and Dutch heritage. Aiming to correct this imbalance, J’aime New York, 2nd Edition offe...(Read More)
Linking Collections, Building Connections
Linking Collections, Building Connections (December 2011)
Works from the Hudson Valley Visual Art Collections Consortium
Brian Wallace - Author
Ariel Shanberg - Author
Abigail Duckor - Author
Maurice D. Hinchey - Introduction

New perspectives on a century of artistic activity in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley.

Bringing to light over 150 works of art and the myriad connections that link them together, Linking Collections, Building Connections presents fresh perspectives on a century of artistic activity in the Mid-Hudson Valley. The exhibition on which the book was based gathered together paintings, sculptures, furnishin...(Read More)
Maurice Kenny
Maurice Kenny (November 2011)
Celebrations of a Mohawk Writer
Penelope Myrtle Kelsey - Editor
Joseph Bruchac - Foreword by

2012 Best Critical Book Award presented by Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers

Explores the work of Maurice Kenny, a pivotal figure in American Indian literature from the 1950s to the present.

This collection explores the broad range of works by Mohawk writer Maurice Kenny (1929–), a pivotal figure in American Indian literature from the 1950s t...(Read More)
Hudson River Towns
Hudson River Towns (October 2011)
Highlights from the Capital Region to Sleepy Hollow Country
Hardie Truesdale - Photographer
Joanne Michaels - Author

A captivating journey, in words and photographs, through the cities, towns, and villages of the Hudson Valley.

The cities, towns, and villages along the banks of the Hudson River are the lifeblood of a region bursting with historic sites, cultural attractions, and natural beauty. Hudson River Towns pairs the spectacular work of renowned Hudson Valley photographer Hardie Truesdale with the vivid descr...(Read More)
Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area
Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (October 2011)
Heritage Site Guidebook
Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area - Author
Maurice D. Hinchey - Foreword by

Complete guide to the Heritage Sites of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.

Traveling down the Hudson River, named by Native Americans the river that flows both ways, you discover people, places, and events that made American history. The cultural, historic, and scenic resources of the Hudson Valley are so numerous, so varied, and so compelling that it’s no wonder Congress recognized the Hudson...(Read More)
New York in Bloom, 2012 Calendar
New York in Bloom, 2012 Calendar (October 2011)
Public Gardens and Parks of New York State
Ted Spiegel - Photographer

A Beautiful and Fruitful Place
A Beautiful and Fruitful Place (September 2011)
Selected Rensselaerwijck Papers, Volume 2
Elisabeth Paling Funk - Editor
Martha Dickinson Shattuck - Editor

Second volume of papers from a well respected annual seminar that showcase the latest research on Dutch colonial history in New York State.

New Netherland’s distinctive regional history as well as the colony’s many relationships with Europe and the seventeenth-century Atlantic world are featured in the second collection of papers from the widely praised annual Rensselaerwijck Seminar. Leading scholars ...(Read More)
Colonizing Southampton
Colonizing Southampton (September 2011)
The Transformation of a Long Island Community, 1870-1900
David Goddard - Author

A study of the times and life in Southampton, New York between 1870 and 1900.

This book concerns the emergence and impact of the summer colony in the village of Southampton, New York, between the years 1870 and 1900, particularly the often fraught relations between the area’s wealthy resort population and its year-round residents. Essentially a study in social change and conflict, the book revolves aroun...(Read More)
Dancing with the Queen, Marching with King
Dancing with the Queen, Marching with King (September 2011)
The Memoirs of Alexander "Sam" Aldrich
Sam Aldrich - Author
Gerald Benjamin - Foreword by

A lively and entertaining memoir of a life in public service to the city and state of New York.

When he was twenty-five, Sam Aldrich danced with Queen Elizabeth II in London. By the time he was thirty-seven, he was marching with Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma. Recounting the journey between and beyond those two points, and musing over the irony of the contrast they represent, is the subject of this remarkable an...(Read More)
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