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Gods of Play
Gods of Play (August 1994)
Baroque Festive Performances as Rhetorical Discourse
Kristiaan Aercke - Author

"While most scholars who have worked on the relationship of art and power in the Renaissance and Baroque ages have limited their focus to one national tradition, or at best to England, France, and Italy, Aercke brings the baroque spectacle performance to life as a truly pan-European phenomenon, as interesting for its common characteristics as for its particular formulation in particular courtly settings. The depth and breadth of his research are mo...(Read More)
ACTA Volume #17
ACTA Volume #17 (January 1990)
Words and Music
Paul R. Laird - Editor

A Theory of Harmony
A Theory of Harmony (August 1985)
Ernst Levy - Author

In this introduction to natural-base music theory, Ernst Levy presents the essentials of a comprehensive, consistent theory of harmony developed from tone structure. A Theory of Harmony is a highly original explanation of the harmonic language of the last few centuries, showing the way toward an understanding of diverse styles of music. Basic harmony texts exists, but none supply help to students seeking threads of logic in the field. In a te...(Read More)
Conditions of Music
Conditions of Music (June 1985)
Alan Durant - Author

Music is performed, reproduced, and heard differently today as a result of twentieth-century technology. A new consideration of these changes is a practical and cultural necessity. In Conditions of Music, Alan Durant extends Deryck Cooke's Language of Music, placing the insights of Cooke into a much wider sociological and historical framework.

Conditions of Music provides a basis for detailed commentary and criticism of ...(Read More)
Folk Songs of the Catskills
Folk Songs of the Catskills (June 1983)
Norman Cazden - Editor
Herbert Haufrecht - Editor
Norman Studer - Editor

Part of the ancient Appalachians and just a few miles up the road from a massive metropolitan area, the Catskills have been home to the variety of people who have made the history of the New World.

The songs collected here reflect this history. They are songs of rafting and lumbering, war and railroads, prison and hard times, and nonsense and drinking. And they are songs of love - tragic love, thwarted love, foolish love - and sometimes eve...(Read More)
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills (June 1983)
Norman Cazden - Editor
Herbert Haufrecht - Editor
Norman Studer - Editor

Notes and Sources to Folk Songs of the Catskills, also published by the State University of New York Press, is the companion volume to Folk Songs of the Catskills. It contains extensive reference notes that exemplify and support detailed citations in the commentary preceding each song. The book also includes a comprehensive list of sources, including books, broadsides or pocket songsters, disc recordings, music publications, periodicals, tape...(Read More)
The Hungarian Folk Songs
The Hungarian Folk Songs (June 1980)
Bela Bartok - Author
Benjamin Suchoff - Editor

Bartók's classic Hungarian Folk Music, long out of print in English, remains the standard study of a single folk musical culture. This new edition of a major work in ethnomusicology is enriched by Benjamin Suchoff's research on Bartók's notes, analyses, and observations in the New York Archive of Bartók Estate, and the volume contains:

—the history of Hungarian ethnomusicology....(Read More)
Yugoslav Folk Music
Yugoslav Folk Music (June 1979)
Bela Bartok - Author
Benjamin Suchoff - Editor

This four-volume work is the most substantial and thorough analysis of Yugoslav folk music ever to be published in the English language. In addition to the editorially corrected reprint of the seventy-five Parry Collection transcriptions, first published in 1951, are the 3,449 facsimile reproductions from Bartok's collection of published and unpublished Yugoslav folk song materials. There are, too, instrumental transcriptions from the Parry collecti...(Read More)
Tonal and Rhythm Patterns
Tonal and Rhythm Patterns (June 1976)
An Objective Analysis
Edwin Gordon - Author

Music instruction can now be adapted more effectively to students’ individual differences and curriculums can be developed to meet particular class needs, as a result of the original research by Professor Gordon which concentrates on the basic areas of tonal and rhythm concepts. More than 10,000 grade-school students across the United States participated in three years of testing which produced the data interpreted in this new book. Pr...(Read More)
L'Amorosa Ero
L'Amorosa Ero (June 1968)
Harry B. Lincoln - Editor/translator

In 1588, in Brescia, Italy, one Marc'-Antonio Martinengo, Count of Villachiara, composed the text and music for a madrigal titled L'Amorosa Ero. He then commissioned seventeen other Italian musicians to compose on the same text and, "pleased with the results" (according to the preface), he had the collection printed. For students of the history of the Italian madrigal and the development of its style, L'Amorosa Ero offers a rare opp...(Read More)
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