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Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish (July 2004)
How Yiddish Songs and Synagogue Melodies Influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood
Jack Gottlieb - Author

Documents the influence of Jewish music on American popular song.

“Gottlieb is a superbly equipped tune detector … No serious student of the music of Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood can afford to bypass this landmark study.” — American Music

“Gottlieb’s writing style is amiable, anecdotal, and breezy, and his enthusiasm for his topic is contagio...(Read More)
When the Music Stopped
When the Music Stopped (March 2004)
Discovering My Mother
Thomas J. Cottle - Author

A son's coming to terms with his mother's decision to abandon her career as a concert pianist in order to raise her children.

This is the story of one woman's decision to forfeit a brilliant career for the sake of motherhood. Once a child prodigy, Gitta Gradova traveled the world as an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, performing recitals as well as appearing with prominent orchestras of her era. Her son Thoma...(Read More)

Chinese Through Song
Chinese Through Song (January 2001)
Hong Zhang - Author
Zu-yan Chen - Author
Robert Daly - Author

An innovative approach to language acquisition using Chinese folk and popular songs.

Chinese Through Song represents an innovative approach to language acquisition: students develop their language proficiency and music appreciation through learning Chinese songs. They expand their vocabularies and improve their pronunciation, voice projection, and language expression—all while learning about Chinese...(Read More)
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages (April 1999)
Nancy van Deusen - Editor

Surveys the influence of the Psalms in the Middle Ages, giving a unique window into the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional culture of the period.

The Psalms were an important part of the education, daily life, and spiritual development of medieval clerics and monks, and they had a significant impact on lay culture as well. The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages surveys their in...(Read More)
Drifting on a Read
Drifting on a Read (February 1999)
Jazz as a Model for Writing
Michael Jarrett - Author

For almost a century, writers such as Ralph Ellison, Michael Ondaatje, and Ishmael Reed have expressed an affinity for jazz, hearing the music as a model for writing. Jarrett examines their work and the work of others who have brought jazz into language, pushing "interpretation" into the realm of "invention."

For almost a century, writers such as Ralph Ellison, Michael Ondaatje, and Ishmael Reed have expressed an affini...(Read More)
State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China
State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China (February 1998)
Orthodoxy, Creativity, and Expressiveness
Joseph S.C. Lam - Author

Presents historical, ritual, and musical data preserved in authentic Ming documents illustrating the significance of state sacrifices in imperial China.

"Based upon careful and critical reading of a comprehensive body of source material, the author tells the story of state sacrifices and music in the Ming court, a set of practices and beliefs that, by Ming times, was already perceived to be two millennia old. With fascin...(Read More)
Giovanni Rutini
Giovanni Rutini (January 1997)
Father of Classic Sonata Procedures
Carlo Lombardi - Author

Explores how Rutini’s experimental work in sonata-allegra formal procedures played a significant role in the history of music.

For the author, a spring evening in Napoli spent playing the piano among friends led to the critical insight that “twentieth-century generations had not only been misguided, but musically misled.” The sonatas of composer Giovanni Rutini played that nigh...(Read More)
Spectacular Vernaculars
Spectacular Vernaculars (September 1995)
Hip-Hop and the Politics of Postmodernism
Russell A. Potter - Author

Viewing hip-hop as the postmodern successor to African American culture's Jazz modernism, this book examines hip-hop music's role in the history of the African-American experience.

Spectacular Vernaculars examines hip-hop's cultural rebellion in terms of its specific implications for postmodern theory and practice, using the politics of reception as its primary rhetorical ground. Hip-hop culture in general, and ra...(Read More)
Notes from Underground
Notes from Underground (July 1995)
Rock Music Counterculture in Russia
Thomas Cushman - Author

Describes the Russian rock music counterculture and how it is changing in response to Russia's transition from a socialist to a capitalist society. It explores the lived experiences, the thoughts and feelings of the rock musicians as they meet the challenges of change.

Choice Outstanding Academic Books 1996

"Not only is this book's argument brilliant, but it is also extremely well writt...(Read More)
Listening, Playing, Creating
Listening, Playing, Creating (February 1995)
Essays on the Power of Sound
Carolyn Bereznak Kenny - Author

This is a book on the therapeutic quality of music. Musicians, philosophers, music therapists, and others discuss their experiences.
"I like the book's immense variety of well articulated statements with regard to musical experience--the opportunity to enter into intelligent, sensitive personal viewpoints that are rarely or never expressed. I enjoy the mixture of poetic, imaginative thinking with a more analytical treatment of the subject...(Read More)
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