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Politics in Palestine
Politics in Palestine (September 1991)
Arab Factionalism and Social Disintegration, 1939-1948
Issa Khalaf - Author

This book presents a coherent picture of the origins of the Palestinian problem. The author offers an analysis of factionalism in Arab society, with a detailed examination of the social and political history of the Palestinian Arabs between 1939 and 1948. Khalaf weaves together the socio-economic, sociological, political, and politico-military dimensions that have led to social disintegration. He focuses on the role of the urban elite in perpetua...(Read More)
Syria (September 1991)
Society, Culture, and Polity
Richard T. Antoun - Editor
Donald Quataert - Editor

This book provides a multi-disciplinary understanding of the processes of change in contemporary Syria as well as its historical, social, and cultural underpinnings. A number of distinguished anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and literateurs examine key issues such as the changing Syrian family, political factionalism, the sedentarization of nomads, bureaucratic corruption, rural-urban migration, the development of the Ba'th Party,...(Read More)
The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Statesman, Melek Ahmed Pasha (1588-1662)
The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Statesman, Melek Ahmed Pasha (1588-1662) (July 1991)
As Portrayed in Evliya Celebi's Book of Travels (Seyahat-name)
Robert Dankoff - Translator
Rhoads Murphy - Historical intro.

Highlights the private side of this public figure—his weaknesses as well as his heroics; his religious life and domestic affairs.
Robert Dankoff has culled passages from Evliya Celebi's Book of Travels that deal directly with the life and times of Celebi's patron, Melek Ahmed Pasha, an outstanding seventeenth-century military and administrative leader.

Celebi's account is sensitive to all the currents of his...(Read More)
Revolution and Economic Transition
Revolution and Economic Transition (November 1990)
The Iranian Experience
Hooshang Amirahmadi - Author

"This book is timely, analytical and comprehensive, and will fill a serious gap in our knowledge of the Islamic Republic." -- Abbas Alnasrawi, Department of Economics, University of Vermont

The topic is significant inasmuch as there has been considerable speculation about Iran's economic policies and capacities but very little hard data about trends and policies. The debate about and speculation over economics has been linked to discussions ...(Read More)
Trends and Issues in Contemporary Arab Thought
Trends and Issues in Contemporary Arab Thought (February 1990)
Issa J. Boullata - Author

This book focuses on contemporary Arab thought during the past twenty years, especially since the 1967 Arab defeat in the Six Day War. Well-known Arab writers are studied, and their unprecedented and anguished exercise of self-examination and self-criticism is explored. A number of Arab thinkers are presented for the first time in English. Here is an account of some of the most recent intellectual trends in the Arab world. As the writers grapple...(Read More)
The Ottoman Empire and the World Economy
The Ottoman Empire and the World Economy (December 1988)
The Nineteenth Century
Resat Kasaba - Author

The Ottoman Empire is approahced through analysis of its political economy based on world systems theory. Relations with Europe constituted one of the key factors that shaped the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Yet a comprehensive account of the nature, development, and consequences of these realtions has, until now, never been developed. This book moves beyond the narrow framework of Euro-Ottoman relations, and places Europe at the center of ...(Read More)
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses (July 1988)
Studies in Honor of Dr. Constantine Zurayk
George N. Atiyeh - Editor
Ibrahim M. Oweiss - Editor

This book discusses Arab history, law, philosophy, politics, and literature, analyzing the challenges and responses aroused by the interaction between Western culture and the ancient and modern Arab cultures. It offers a wealth of information on the forces that have shaped Arab civilization and on several of the major figures who have contributed to its development. Some of the outstanding contributions include a comprehensive study of Dr. Zurayk a...(Read More)
Murder, Mayhem, Pillage, and Plunder
Murder, Mayhem, Pillage, and Plunder (July 1988)
The History of the Lebanon in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Mikhayil Mishaqa (1800-1873)
Wheeler M. Thackston Jr. - Translator

"It makes it clear, like no secondary work can, that localism, kinship, and clan loyalties are the essential ingredients of social life in closely-knit, small-scaled societies. This is useful not only for Lebanon and the Middle East, but also for the many parts of the world where pluralism still dominates." -- Leila Fawaz, Tufts University

The author's analysis of the internecine strife and fierce clan rivalry rampant in the eighteenth and n...(Read More)
Continuity and Change in Modern Iran
Continuity and Change in Modern Iran (January 1988)
Michael E. Bonine - Editor
Nikki R. Keddie - Editor

These chapters on nomads, farmers, shopkeepers, labor organizers, provincial officials, and elites trace the network of tension and opposition that supported the revolution of 1978–79. Two chapters on religious leaders and the pervasive influence of religion in Iranian life illuminate the nature of change within a tradition, and chapters on cinema and theatre show the interaction between politics and culture.

By fo...(Read More)
Egypt (September 1986)
The Stalled Society
Hamied Ansari - Author

This book presents new and original insights into the political, social, and economic development of today's Egypt. The case study of Kamshish, a small village in the heart of the Delta, sheds light on the recent social history of Egypt and the evolving relations between Egyptian rulers and people. Highlighted is the "Kamshish Affair," during which the village appeared to be at the threshold of a socialist revolution destined to engulf the whole c...(Read More)
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