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Society and Settlement
Society and Settlement (February 1993)
Jewish Land of Israel in the Twentieth Century
Aharon Kellerman - Author

This book scrutinizes the interrelationships between Jewish spatial organization and social structure and change in Palestine/Israel. Kellerman analyzes the development of nationwide and regional settlements, and reasons for spatial and territorial choices, such as cooperative villages. He uncovers the extreme differences between the old and the new in Jewish settlement patterns, and discusses the implications for cultural development, economic fu...(Read More)
The United States and the Middle East
The United States and the Middle East (November 1992)
A Search for New Perspectives
Hooshang Amirahmadi - Editor

This book advances a critical analysis of U. S. Middle East policy and offers alternative perspectives. It highlights areas of policy shortcomings in the wake of ongoing global and domestic changes and draws attention to the need for a new and more plausible U. S. policy.

The United States and the Middle East evaluates the roots and consequences of post-World War II diplomatic and military initiatives, including ...(Read More)
Revealing Reveiling
Revealing Reveiling (July 1992)
Islamist Gender Ideology in Contemporary Egypt
Sherifa Zuhur - Author

"It provides an important look at the very comtemporary phenomenon of veiling in Egypt through the first-hand reports of the women whom Zuhur has interviewed. Her subjects come across as real people and their discussion in relation to the various questions asked provide quite compelling views of the reason why they favor -- and oppose -- veiling." -- Jane I. Smith, Iliff School of Theology

In modern Egypt, the pace of Islamic resurgence has ...(Read More)
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East (July 1992)
Opacity, Theory, and Reality, 1960-1991 -- An Israeli Perspective
Shlomo Aronson - Author
Oded Brosh - With

Based on research from an array of American, Arab, British, French, German, and Israeli sources, this book provides a nuclear history of the world's most explosive region. Most significantly, it gives an exposition of Israel's acquisition and political use, or nonuse, of nuclear weapons as a central factor of its foreign policy in the 1960-1991 period. In stressing the factor of nuclear weapons, the author highlights an often-neglected a...(Read More)
Islam (May 1992)
An Introduction
Annemarie Schimmel - Author

"It is a splendid introduction--carefully researched and comprehensive, yet readable. It corrects many popular and erroneous notions about Islam that prevail in non-Muslim societies. For the general reader there are many profound insights of great consequence, for example, the passages on women, marriage, and inheritance, or the section on jihad, nearly always completely misunderstood in the press.

"The topic ...(Read More)
Qur'an and Its Interpreters, The, Volume II
Qur'an and Its Interpreters, The, Volume II (May 1992)
The House of 'Imran
Mahmoud M. Ayoub - Author

Using commentaries from the classical period through the medieval and modern periods to the present, this book presents the Qur'an as Muslims have understood it and interiorized it throughout its rich exegetical history. Sources have been carefully chosen to represent all of the major schools and trends in Islamic thought.

This book has been written, not primarily for scholars, but for interested western readers, for students of Isl...(Read More)
Formation of the Modern State
Formation of the Modern State (February 1992)
The Ottoman Empire, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
Rifa'at 'Ali Abou-El-Haj - Author

"This work will raise hackles, generate debate, make people think hard. The work starts with a succinct statement of a series of historiographic dilemmas which afflict Ottoman scholarship. It proceeds with often lucid and sometimes inspired proposals for analytical avenues aimed at resolving those dilemmas." -- Palmira Brummett, University of Tennessee
"This book presents a broad scheme for studying the Middle East. It has the virtue of stimu...(Read More)
Wildfire (February 1992)
Grassroots Revolts in Israel in the Post-Socialist Era
Sam Lehman-Wilzig - Author

"This book is extremely provocative, very clearly written, and well-structured. I found it interesting and, in places, fascinating. The topic is extremely important for the macro-understanding of the Israeli society, especially within the context of changes occurring since 1967." -- Ilan Peleg, Lafayette College

Wildfire is a wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary study of the "other side" of Israeli public life. Because th...(Read More)
The Whirling Dervishes
The Whirling Dervishes (January 1992)
Being an Account of the Sufi Order known as the Mevlevis and its founder the poet and mystic Mevlana Jalalu'ddin Rumi
Shems Friedlander - Author

Sufism is the esoteric aspect of Islam. Its purpose is to convey direct knowledge of the eternal. The Sufis impart knowledge through lineages that go back to the Prophet Muhammud. In these various Sufi orders, the zikr, the repetition of "la illaha illa'llah" (There is no God but God), is part of initiation ceremonies. In fact, the method of the Sufis is zikr, and the manner in which zikr is performed is the essential difference among the various or...(Read More)
The Origins of the Ottoman Empire
The Origins of the Ottoman Empire (January 1992)
Gary Leiser - Editor/translator
M. Fuad Koprulu - Author

Gives the first broad comprehensive account—political, religious, social, and economic—of the Turkish history of Anatolia in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and outlines the major factors that led to the rise of the Ottomans.

"The translation of Koprulu's seminal work into English is long overdue and sorely needed in the classroom. It is, therefore, a pleasure to see it translated most competently. Leiser's pr...(Read More)
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