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The History of al-Tabari Vol. 5
The History of al-Tabari Vol. 5 (November 1999)
The Sasanids, the Byzantines, the Lakhmids, and Yemen
C. E. Bosworth - Translator

This volume of al-T'abari's History has a particularly wide sweep and interest. It provides the most complete and detailed historical source for the Persian empire of the Sasanids, whose four centuries of rule were one of the most glorious periods in Persia's long history. It also gives information on the history of pre-Islamic Arabs of the Mesopotamian desert fringes and eastern Arabia (in al-Hira and the Ghassanid kingdom), and on the quite...(Read More)
The Leaven of the Ancients
The Leaven of the Ancients (November 1999)
Suhrawardi and the Heritage of the Greeks
John Walbridge - Author

Provides an account of Islamic philosopher Suhrawardi’s revival of Neoplatonism.

"This is an original and provocative work in the area of Suhrawardian studies that challenges the existing interpretations of Suhrawardi's concept of the history of philosophy and offers an alternative perspective." -- Mehdi Aminrazavi, author of Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination

The twelfth-century Persi...(Read More)
Turmoil in the Middle East
Turmoil in the Middle East (November 1999)
Imperialism, War, and Political Instability
Berch Berberoglu - Author

Berch Berberoglu examines the dynamic social forces and political turmoil that plague the contemporary Middle East.

Turmoil in the Middle East highlights the impact of imperialism, war, and political turmoil in the Middle East throughout the course of the twentieth-century--from the devastation of the First World War through the many crises and conflicts that have led to cycles of war, uprisings, coups, revolts, a...(Read More)
All in the Family
All in the Family (June 1999)
Absolutism, Revolution, and Democracy in Middle Eastern Monarchies
Michael Herb - Author

A new and provocative argument about monarchism in the Middle East.
"One of the most insightful and important contributions of the book lies in its well-articulated critique of the (simplistic) 'rentier state' theory, which attributes the resilience of Gulf regimes to their oil wealth and consequent ability to buy off the opposition. Such a critique is long overdue. The author's arguments and evidence to challenge the rentier theory shoul...(Read More)
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change (May 1999)
Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel
Mohammed Abu-Nimer - Author

"In his in-depth examination of intervention models in Israel, Abu-Nimer provides a fresh insight into the important role of dialogue in conflict resolution. This comprehensive study will not only serve as a useful guide for future Arab-Israeli dialogues, but also a framework for other citizen diplomacy programs in areas of conflict around the world."
-- John W. McDonald, Ambassador, and Chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track D...(Read More)
Ibn 'Arabi in the Later Islamic Tradition
Ibn 'Arabi in the Later Islamic Tradition (January 1999)
The Making of a Polemical Image in Medieval Islam
Alexander D. Knysh - Author

Examines the fierce controversy over the legacy of Ibn 'Arabi, the great Islamic mystic.

"Knysh has looked at exactly who were the supporters and opponents of Ibn 'Arabi for several centuries after his death, where they were getting their information, why they should have taken the position they took, and so forth. The author brings together a lot of tidbits in the secondary literature that people have not connec...(Read More)
Countdown to Statehood
Countdown to Statehood (July 1998)
Palestinian State Formation in the West Bank and Gaza
Hillel Frisch - Author

A study of Palestinian state formation in comparison to Zionist experiences.

Countdown to Statehood, based on Arabic, English, and Hebrew language sources, analyzes the form that the Palestinian state is likely to take. The book looks at past institution-building patterns in the West Bank and Gaza, the relationship between the PLO and the local Palestinians, and the nature of the conflict with Israel from 1967 th...(Read More)
Placing the Poet
Placing the Poet (April 1998)
Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and Postcolonial Iraq
Terri DeYoung - Author

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book
Makes available, for the first time in English, the work of a major modern Arab poet, providing a framework for understanding his experience not only as an Arab writer but as a postcolonial one.
This is a comprehensive study of the most widely celebrated of twentieth-century Iraqi writers, Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, whose premature death in 1964 from Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) was lamented in c...(Read More)
Voices of Resistance
Voices of Resistance (January 1998)
Oral Histories of Moroccan Women
Alison Baker - Author

Providing new information on women's participation in the Moroccan independence movement, Voices of Resistance offers a rare opportunity to hear Moroccan women speak freely about their personal lives. Each woman is introduced in terms of her family background and personal style, and the interviews are given texture and context by references to Moroccan history and popular culture, including contemporary songs and poems. These women are storyt...(Read More)
The Politics of Regional Trade in Iraq, Arabia, and the Gulf, 1745-1900
The Politics of Regional Trade in Iraq, Arabia, and the Gulf, 1745-1900 (June 1997)
Hala Fattah - Author

Examines the development of a socioeconomic region in Iraq, Arabia, and the Gulf during a 150-year period, focusing on regional ties through long-distance trade networks.
"This is an extraordinarily important study that is pathbreaking not only in its overall conceptualization but also in its extensive and intelligent use of Iraqi and other Gulf sources. There is nothing quite like it in the existing literature, virtually guaranteeing tha...(Read More)
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