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To Relieve the Human Condition
To Relieve the Human Condition (August 1997)
Bioethics, Technology, and the Body
Gerald P. McKenny - Author

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book

Argues that standard forms of bioethics support the technological utopianism of medicine. Puts forth an alternative agenda arguing that the task of bioethics is to explore the moral significance of the body as it is expressed in the discourse and practice of moral and religious traditions.

This book argues that standard forms of bioethics support the tech...(Read More)
Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics
Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics (February 1997)
Noam J. Zohar - Author

This dialogue between the Jewish normative tradition and Western moral philosophy addresses central contemporary issues in medical ethics.

Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics consists of a dialogue between contemporary, Western moral philosophy and the Jewish tradition of legal/moral discourse (Halakha). Recognizing that no single tradition has a monopoly on valid moral teachings, it seeks to enrich our ethical persp...(Read More)
Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends
Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends (December 1996)
Connectedness and its Conditions
Erich H. Loewy - Author

Elaborates an ethic in which beneficence on a personal and communal level has moral force; proposes the idea of an interplay between compassion and reason to help address moral problems; and sketches the conditions necessary for a democratic approach to such problems.

This book addresses an essential theme in bioethics and ethics, namely, the different obligations to moral strangers, acquaintances, and friends. A...(Read More)
The Constructed Body
The Constructed Body (August 1995)
AIDS, Reproductive Technology, and Ethics
Julien S. Murphy - Author

This book takes a phenomenological approach to feminist issues in medical ethics: AIDS and reproductive technology.
This book contributes to new directions in medical ethics by using recent philosophical theories, such as phenomenological, deconstruction, and post-structuralism, and extends philosophical analysis to allow for the influences of politics, cultural difference, and history on ethics. The author views AIDS from several diffe...(Read More)
Freedom and Community
Freedom and Community (August 1993)
The Ethics of Interdependence
Erich H. Loewy - Author

In this book, Loewy grounds communitarian ethics in contemporary terms, particularly as a response to the intractable social problems in the United States and the shocking collapse of the Soviet Union and Soviet-style communism. He goes far beyond his work in ethics to date, moving from a dialectical relationship between community and autonomy to a notion in which the ends and means of both community and individual interact to produce a h...(Read More)
The Life of Illness
The Life of Illness (December 1992)
One Woman's Journey
Carol T. Olson - Author

"Olson's work is a lesson. It shows to health care professionals and others who are involved in lives of illness that a health care theology, although a hidden paradigm, is a reality. In the midst of a health care system that is primarily dedicated to economics, technology, politics, and industry, Olson gives voice to the hidden paradigm and reminds us that we need to recapture a synthesis between the health care culture and faith." -- Qualitat...(Read More)
Death Brain Death and Ethics
Death Brain Death and Ethics (September 1985)
David Lamb - Author

Dramatic changes in medical technology challenge mankind’s traditional ways of diagnosing death. Death, Brain Death and Ethics examines the concept of death against the background of these changes, as well as ethical and philosophical issues arising from attempts to redefine the boundaries of life.

In this book, David Lamb supports the use of brain-related criteria for the diagnosis of dea...(Read More)
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