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Engendering the Subject
Engendering the Subject (October 1991)
Gender and Self-Representation in Contemporary Women's Fiction
Sally Robinson - Author

"I like best the clear, direct, and unrelenting manner in which Robinson sets forth her argument. She writes lucidly and avoids jargon. As a result, the text is most enjoyable reading.

"Her basic approach takes us to the heart of some very pressing issues. By choosing to focus on the question of the subject position, Robinson elects an extremely significant and timely topic which is both important within current debates in feminist critici...(Read More)
Wykked Wyves and the Woes of Marriage
Wykked Wyves and the Woes of Marriage (September 1990)
Misogamous Literature from Juvenal to Chaucer
Katharina M. Wilson - Editor
Elizabeth M. Makowski - Editor

The distrust and hatred of matrimony is a recurring theme in Western literature. In this volume, Wilson and Makowski show that in their repeated imagery, continuous themes, and rhetorical devices, misogamous texts closely parallel and reflect economic and demographic shifts, and theological and legal innovation. Analysis of the literature demonstrates a link between the growing secularism and careerism of the late middle ages and the reduction of wo...(Read More)
Tears (September 1989)
Mark C. Taylor - Author

In Tears, the author explores theoretical issues raised by the intersection of philosophy, literature, art, architecture, and theology. The critical accounts of thinkers like Derrida, Blanchot, Jabes, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Heidegger, Ricoeur, Gadamer, Austin, Ayre, Rorty, Tillich, Barth, and Altizer developed in this book effectively reshape and refocus the terms of current debate.

"Mark C. Taylor is simply the most intere...(Read More)
Yeats's Heroic Figures
Yeats's Heroic Figures (June 1984)
Wilde, Parnell, Swift, Casement
Michael Steinman - Author

Heroic man and "the lies of history," the myths that surrounded them, were vital to the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. This study examines the four Anglo-Irish historical figures who dominated his life and art: Oscar Wilde, Charles Stewart Parnell, Jonathan Swift, and Roger Casement. All were creators--whether they conceived their life artistically, conceived an intellectual vision of Ireland free, or made lasting art. Their powers were matche...(Read More)
Kingdoms (June 1981)
Barry Targan - Author

The mother dies by random accident. The father's friend, swayed by "the crudest concept of tragedy...the simple fall of men from whatever heights they have achieved," kills himself.

These are the events that provoke the father to abandon his orderly life as an English professor in the kingdom of a small college campus, taking his son to teach the boy, with travels and a trunkful of tools, about the other kingdoms.

"Literature is too re...(Read More)
Alchemy and Finnegans Wake
Alchemy and Finnegans Wake (June 1980)
Barbara DiBernard - Author

In the first full-length study of Joyce's direct and indirect use of alchemical allusions, DiBernard shows how an awareness of the alchemical metaphor guides a reader through the richness of Finnegans Wake. For example, the alchemical transmutation of lead into gold parallels the transmutation of the dross and commotion of ordinary life into a work of art.

This study shows how the themes of Joyce's novel...(Read More)
Old English Homily and Its Background
Old English Homily and Its Background (June 1978)
Paul E. Szarmach - Editor
Bernard F. Huppe - Editor

Essays on the largest body of prose work in Old English, by Stafford, Gatch, Smetana, Goddin, HuppéLetson, Nichols, Tandy, Jurovics, Dalbey, Szarmach.

“There is nothing like this in Old English critical literature … Successfully contributes to an appreciative understanding of the Old English homily and the considerable achievement of Aelfric … An essential work.” — CHOICE...(Read More)
A Concordance to Juan Ruiz Libro de Buen Amor
A Concordance to Juan Ruiz Libro de Buen Amor (June 1977)
Rigo Mignani - Editor
Mario A. Di Cesare - Editor
George F. Jones - Editor

An exhaustive alphabetical list of all the principal words that were used in Libro de Buen Amor.

This book represents the first concordance of Juan Ruiz’s Book of Good Love (Libro de Buen Amor), written in the fourteenth century.The volume’s editors, dealing with three slightly different manuscripts, have chosen to meticulously integrate the language from all three editions into one t...(Read More)
Lord of the Panther Skin
Lord of the Panther Skin (June 1977)
Shota Rustaveli - Author
R. H. Stevenson - Translator

This classic medieval romance of chivalry by an outstanding figure in a brilliant period of Georgian literature has affinities with both the Persian tradition and that of the West.

“An enjoyable new translation of an interesting tale … Deserves to be better known.” — Edebiyat

“The story is succinctly and dramatically told and shows up to advantage when compa...(Read More)
The Pirandellian Mode in Spanish Literature from Cervantes to Sastre
The Pirandellian Mode in Spanish Literature from Cervantes to Sastre (June 1973)
Wilma Newberry - Author

Examines Spanish literature through Pirandellian eyes.

This volume is a vision of Spanish literature seen through Pirandellian eyes. Those themes and techniques which Pirandello stamped with his name have actually characterized a segment of Spanish writing from the time of Cervantes. Professor Newberry first examines those writers who preceded Pirandello or could not have felt his influence and then those who ack...(Read More)
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