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The Gift of Touch
The Gift of Touch (September 1998)
Embodying the Good
Stephen David Ross - Author

Traces Western ideas of corporeal bodies from Plato to contemporary feminist and postructuralist writings, with the purpose of reexamining the good, identified in Plato as that which gives authority to knowledge and truth.

The Gift of Touch is the third volume in Ross's ongoing examinination of the Western philosophical tradition in ethical terms, from the standpoint of the good, giving rise to endless responsibil...(Read More)
Living Without Philosophy
Living Without Philosophy (July 1998)
On Narrative, Rhetoric, and Morality
Peter Levine - Author

Drawing on implications from ethics, theology, law, politics, and education, this book argues that we can decide what is right by describing particular cases in detail, without the aid of ethical theories and principles.

Living Without Philosophy argues that we do not need ethical theories, rules, and principles to decide what is right. Instead, particular cases can be judged by a detailed description of the relev...(Read More)
The Folklore of Consensus
The Folklore of Consensus (June 1998)
Theatricality in the Italian Cinema, 1930-1943
Marcia Landy - Author

Examines the Italian popular cinema's preoccupation with theatricality in the 1930s and early 1940s, arguing that theatricality was a form of politics--a politics of style.

Marcia Landy's The Folklore of Consensus examines the theatricality in the Italian popular cinema of the 1930s and early 1940s, arguing that theatricality was a form of politics--a politics of style. While film critics no longer regard the comm...(Read More)
Isolated Experiences
Isolated Experiences (January 1998)
Gilles Deleuze and the Solitudes of Reversed Platonism
James Brusseau - Author

Traversing the genres of philosophy and literature, this book elaborates Deleuze's notion of difference, conceives certain individuals as embodying difference, and applies these conceptions to their writings.

"Brusseau has written a book on Deleuze which will be a milestone in the field. Even those who know Deleuze well are often obliged to do somersaults in order to negotiate the rough terrain of his rhizomatic writing. Brusseau seems to...(Read More)
Subjects of Deceit
Subjects of Deceit (January 1998)
A Phenomenology of Lying
Alison Leigh Brown - Author

Explores the connection between epistemological and moral "lying," interspersing a phenomenology of deceit with a continuing dialogue between the phenomenologist and one of her students.

Philosophy has traditionally concerned itself with truth and the knowledge of truth, but in recent years these concerns have been undermined or redirected. Systematic philosophy is said to be dead. Thus epistemology, according to this...(Read More)
Encounters with Quebec
Encounters with Quebec (January 1998)
Emerging Perspectives on Quebecois Narrative Fiction
Susan L. Rosenstreich - Editor

Examines works of Québécois narrative fiction from a variety of perspectives.

Whether Quebec is an old friend or new acquaintance, reading about its literature has to include at some point a consideration of the place itself. And coming into contact with current day Quebec is not a simple matter. The very name Quebec has become a record of dynamic—at times troubled—meeting of culture, t...(Read More)
The Phantom of the Cinema
The Phantom of the Cinema (December 1997)
Character in Modern Film
Lloyd Michaels - Author

The first book to focus on the representation of character in film, encompassing the art cinema, popular movies, and documentaries.

"I find this book continually interesting and alive with insights. With the cultural studies agenda alive today, character has returned to center stage, but generally as a mirror of types in society. Michaels delivers a more cinematic view of character, one that tells us more about the mediu...(Read More)
The Exploding Eye
The Exploding Eye (October 1997)
A Re-Visionary History of 1960s American Experimental Cinema
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Explores the work of lesser-known American experimental filmmakers whose films, though well-received and influential, have been excluded from the dominant film canon.

"This book brings together an extraordinary spectrum of filmmakers and documents that represent the spirit of a vital period in the history of American independent filmmaking and cinema in general. By letting these auteurs, in effect, speak for themselves and b...(Read More)
Women, Myth, and the Feminine Principle
Women, Myth, and the Feminine Principle (October 1997)
Bettina L. Knapp - Author

Focuses on the role played by the feminine principle in specific religious texts, epic poems, theater pieces, and tales narrating sacred events in which deities and supernatural or extraordinary beings move through their difficult celestial and earthly trajectories.

"It is at once an extraordinary piece of highly diversified scholarship and an excellent critical reading of major literary works read for their intrinsic p...(Read More)
Nietzsche and the Promise of Philosophy
Nietzsche and the Promise of Philosophy (September 1997)
Wayne Klein - Author

Examines the role of language in Nietzsche's thought, including the relationship between style and subjectivity, the semiological underpinnings of his theory of tragedy, his naturalism, and his theory of language and rhetoric.

This book questions the consensus about the meaning and importance of Nietzsche's philosophy that has developed in the United States and Britain during the last thirty years and reestablishes close reading as the...(Read More)
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