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Pound's Epic Ambition
Pound's Epic Ambition (October 1991)
Dante and the Modern World
Stephen Sicari - Author

"Sicari shows, canto by canto, how Pound uses not only the Odyssey of Homer and the Commedia of Dante but also the Aenead of Virgil as an organizing principal as well as a sub-base of meaning. An informed reader will see for the first time the unity, cohesion, and systematic growth of the poem to climaxes of light in the final cantos." -- Carroll Terrell, University of Maine at Orono

This book ...(Read More)
The Idea of Difficulty in Literature
The Idea of Difficulty in Literature (September 1991)
Alan C. Purves - Editor

This book redefines the nature of textual difficulty in literature and shows the implications of the new definition for teachers at all levels of education. Contrary to the traditional use of grade levels or readability formulae, the authors redefine difficulty in terms of readers and the texts they meet. They base their arguments on contemporary linguistic theory, on historical and comparative studies of criticism, on literary theory about reader...(Read More)
Novels, Novelists, and Readers
Novels, Novelists, and Readers (July 1991)
Toward a Phenomenological Sociology of Literature
Mary F. Rogers - Author

"This is one of the most ambitious works in the sociology of literature that I have recently seen. It asks big questions and the author is not afraid to do the kind of intensive and extensive reading and thinking necessary to answer those questions. This is the first book I have seen that uses a phenomenological perspective to ask about novels, readers, authors, the act of reading, and the publishing industry." -- Gaye Tuchman, City University of ...(Read More)
Between Exile and Return
Between Exile and Return (March 1991)
S. Y. Agnon and the Drama of Writing
Anne Golomb Hoffman - Author

This innovative study of the modern Hebrew writer, S. Y. Agnon, offers new insight into his literary transformations of Jewish themes and sources. With particular attention to Kafka, Hoffman situates Agnon in the context of twentieth-century literature and examines such central issues in Agnon's art as the relationship of the literary text to traditions of sacred writings, the place of the book in culture, and the relationship of writing to the bod...(Read More)
Benedetto Croce
Benedetto Croce (July 1990)
Essays on Literature and Literary Criticism
M. E. Moss - Author

The literary criticism of Benedetto Croce is considered by many to be the vital part of his thought. These essays, some of which appear for the first time in English, show the breadth and depth of Croce's work as literary critic and presuppose his mature theory of art. The writings are here arranged chronologically according to their subjects, helping to lend coherence to the great variety of subjects Croce treated. Unlike other renderings, the...(Read More)
The Textual Sublime
The Textual Sublime (January 1990)
Deconstruction and Its Differences
Hugh J. Silverman - Editor
Gary E. Aylesworth - Editor

This book addresses the question of deconstruction by asking what it is and discussing its alternatives. To what extent does deconstruction derive from a philosophical stance, and to what extent does it depend upon a set of strategies, moves, and rhetorical practices that result in criticism? Special attention is given to the formulations offered by Jacques Derrida (in relation to Heidegger's philosophy) and by Paul de Man (in relation to Kant's the...(Read More)
Comic Effects
Comic Effects (August 1989)
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Humor in Literature
Paul Lewis - Author

"Comic Effects will be lauded in the academic journals as a salient contribution to the study of humor." -- Joseph Boskin, Boston University

Lewis draws on both humor theories and research, arguing for the development of interdisciplinary methodologies in the study of literary humor. He demonstrates that the sociologist of humor and the comic playwright approach the same subject--humor in and between groups--with different tools, that...(Read More)
Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia
Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia (August 1989)
M. Owen Lee - Author

Death and Rebirth in Virgil's Arcadia is an introduction to the Eclogues, based on sound scholarship but also personally felt and addressed to a popular audience. It outlines clearly the literary and historical background of Virgil's early poems, discusses each eclogue in some detail, and offers a new and challenging interpretation of the collection as a whole. The ten eclogues are shown to be a young poet's attempt at self-understan...(Read More)
The Russian Hero in Modern Chinese Fiction
The Russian Hero in Modern Chinese Fiction (August 1988)
Mau-sang Ng - Author

The Russian influence took root in the Chinese intellectual tradition that evolved after the Literary Revolution of 1917. When the Chinese communists turned to Russia for their inspiration they also accepted the Russian version of the novel's form and function in society. However, they did not accept it uncritically. Chinese understanding of the arts goes back for thousands of years and thus Chinese intellectuals brought their own kinds of tradit...(Read More)
Feminist Dialogics
Feminist Dialogics (July 1988)
A Theory of Failed Community
Dale M. Bauer - Author

Feminist Dialogics examines the structure of four novels (Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance, James's The Golden Bowl, Wharton's The House of Mirth and Chopin's The Awakening) through the lens of Mikhail Bakhtin's critical framework. The author draws on Bakhtin's notion of heteroglossia to show how the interaction of many voices forms the social community of the novel and how the functioning of these voices makes ...(Read More)
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