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Selective Incapacitation and Public Policy
Selective Incapacitation and Public Policy (October 2003)
Evaluating California's Imprisonment Crisis
Kathleen Auerhahn - Author

Using cutting-edge methodologies, this book evaluates California's measures to protect the public from dangerous criminals.

From the 1970s to the new millennium, the prison population in the United States has quadrupled while an unprecedented amount of sentencing reform has taken place, largely intended to protect the public from dangerous criminals. This book details the California experience, including the history and...(Read More)
Race in the Jury Box
Race in the Jury Box (August 2003)
Affirmative Action in Jury Selection
Hiroshi Fukurai - Author
Richard Krooth - Author

Discusses race-conscious jury selection and highlights strategies for achieving racially mixed juries.

Race in the Jury Box
focuses on the racially unrepresentative jury as one of the remaining barriers to racial equality and a recurring source of controversy in American life. Because members of minority groups remain underrepresented on juries, various communities have tried race-conscious jury selection, termed &qu...(Read More)
The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making
The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making (August 2003)
When Race Matters
Michael J. Leiber - Author

Explores the contexts of judges' decision making in juvenile courts that incarcerate disproportionately more minorities than whites.

An in-depth examination of the contextual nature of decision making and the causes of disproportionate minority confinement in four relatively homogenous juvenile courts in Iowa, this book explores the subjective social psychological processes of juvenile court officers and the factors that...(Read More)
Ex Uno Plura
Ex Uno Plura (August 2003)
State Constitutions and Their Political Cultures
James T. McHugh - Author

Explores the foundations of various state constitutional traditions.

State constitutions have become increasingly important in light of recent trends in jurisprudence that favor decentralizing the American federal system. Ex Uno Plura uses a political culture approach to explore eight state constitutional traditions. McHugh argues that state jurisprudence is not merely a reflection of the process, values, and d...(Read More)
Family History in the Middle East
Family History in the Middle East (February 2003)
Household, Property, and Gender
Beshara Doumani - Editor

Challenges conventional assumptions about the family and the modern Middle East.

Despite the constant refrain that family is the most important social institution in Middle Eastern societies, only recently has it become the focus for rethinking the modern history of the Middle East. This book introduces exciting new findings by historians, anthropologists, and historical demographers that challenge pervasive assumptions...(Read More)
Affirmative Action in Antidiscrimination Law and Policy
Affirmative Action in Antidiscrimination Law and Policy (October 2002)
An Overview and Synthesis
Samuel Leiter - Author
William M. Leiter - Author

A comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis of the past, present, and future of affirmative action in the United States.

Affirmative action has been and continues to be the flashpoint of America's civil rights agenda. Yet while the affirmative action literature is voluminous, no comprehensive account of its major legal and public policy dimensions exists. Samuel and William M. Leiter examine the origin and growth of ...(Read More)
Punishing the Mentally Ill
Punishing the Mentally Ill (July 2002)
A Critical Analysis of Law and Psychiatry
Bruce A. Arrigo - Author
George B. Palermo - Foreword by
Michael L. Perlin - Preface

A provocative exploration of a wide range of controversies in mental health law, this book argues that the criminal justice system punishes citizens for being mentally ill.

A powerful, sophisticated, and original critique on how the disciplines of law and psychiatry behave and on how the mental health and justice systems operate, Punishing the Mentally Ill reveals where, how, and why the identity and humanity o...(Read More)
Two Paths to Equality
Two Paths to Equality (April 2002)
Alice Paul and Ethel M. Smith in the ERA Debate, 1921-1929
Amy E. Butler - Author

A comprehensive look at the ERA debates of the 1920s.

In Two Paths to Equality, Amy E. Butler provides a fascinating portrait of two of the major adversaries in the 1920s' battle over equal rights legislation for women in the United States—Alice Paul and Ethel M. Smith. While they shared the goal of full political and legal equality for women, they differed on how best to achieve it. Paul, the author...(Read More)
Friends of the Court
Friends of the Court (March 2002)
The Privileging of Interest Group Litigants in Canada
Ian Brodie - Author

Studies interest group litigation in Canada.

In the first book-length study of interest group litigation in Canada, Friends of the Court traces the Canadian Supreme Court's ever-changing relationship with interest groups since the 1970s. After explaining how the Court was pressured to welcome more interest groups in the late 1980s, Brodie introduces a new theory of political status describing how the Court...(Read More)
Courts as Catalysts
Courts as Catalysts (June 2001)
State Supreme Courts and Public School Finance Equity
Matthew H. Bosworth - Author

Discusses state supreme courts and funding equity reform in Texas, Kentucky, and North Dakota.

Despite education being one of the most important, if not the most important, political issues for the American public, access to funding for education is not equal across school districts. Local public schools are generally funded by a combination of state aid and local property taxes, a combination which favors wealthier s...(Read More)
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