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Beyond Populism
Beyond Populism (June 1977)
Candido Mendes - Author
L. Gray Cowan - Translator

A theory of political change (from populism to authoritarianism), citing the various facets of confrontation in Latin American society as case histories.

An original, provocative interpretation of the political evolution of the major Latin American countries in the past few years is presented with special emphasis on diverse forms of social confrontation by the minority opposition. One of the few books to deal wi...(Read More)
The Gaucho Martin Fierro
The Gaucho Martin Fierro (June 1974)
Jose Hernandez - Author
Frank G. Carrino - Editor
Alberto Carlos - Editor
Catherine E. Ward - Translator

This is a poem of protest drawn from the life of the gaucho, who was forced to yield his freedom and individuality to the social and material changes that invaded his beloved pampas--a protest which arose from years of abuse and neglect suffered from landowners, militarists, and the Argentine political establishment.

This poem, composed and first published more than a century ago, could have been written today by spokesmen for other oppressed...(Read More)
Latin America in Transition
Latin America in Transition (June 1970)
Problems in Training and Research
Stanley R. Ross - Author

This collection of interdisciplinary papers and commentaries focusing on research problems in Latin America was presented at a conference held 22–23 March 1968 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It represents one of the first attempts by experienced scholars to discuss prerequisites and problems for researchers in terms of the methods and approaches, and training needed for field work in Latin America.

Although this study is largely an economic history of the Mexican mining industry from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth centuries, it gives perspective to the development problems of this foreign-owned industry against the background of Mexican national growth and political change. The patterns of the industry’s structure and operat...(Read More)
Argentina and the United States 1810-1960
Argentina and the United States 1810-1960 (June 1964)
Harold F. Peterson - Author

Dr. Peterson’s book is the first, in English or Spanish, to encompass the entire sweep of Argentine-American relations from the time of Argentina’s revolt against Spain in 1810 to the close of its 150th year of independence. Through comprehensive analysis and narrative, this study illuminates one of the most enigmatic areas of Western Hemisphere relationships.

From what would seem to be a bewildering array of ...(Read More)
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