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Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought
Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought (March 1993)
Ofelia Schutte - Author

This book defines the relationship between liberation and cultural identity in the Latin American social reality--from a historically rooted, critical philosophy. Schutte explores the connections between the diverse political and intellectual movements for social liberation in Latin America since 1920. She analyzes the variety of attempts to give meaning to the complex and conflictive nature of Latin America's social reality, critiquing the work o...(Read More)
The Struggle for Control
The Struggle for Control (March 1993)
A Study of Law, Disputes, and Deviance
Pat Lauderdale - Author
Michael Cruit - Author

"A brilliant synthesis of sensitive and insightful case studies and the development of hypotheses and a multi-level model of 'dispute management.' It is this difficult combination that makes this work a distinctive and powerful contribution to this relatively unexplored , yet increasingly important, domain of research." -- Ray Corrado, Criminology, Simon Fraser University

This book offers a study of deviance and dispute management in a compar...(Read More)
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America (October 1991)
Case Studies from the Circum-Caribbean
Roland H. Ebel - Author
Raymond C. Taras - Author
James D. Cochrane - Author

"This is a well-written, comprehensive analysis of political culture and its impact on foreign policy. It's a welcome addition to the work being done on national belief systems, values, attitudes, and traditions and their impact on foreign policy-making processes. This book is what social science research is all about -- presentation and confirmation of useful middle-range theories. It is a good, solid piece of research that covers an important t...(Read More)
The Catholic Church and Social Change in Nicaragua
The Catholic Church and Social Change in Nicaragua (July 1989)
Manzar Foroohar - Author

This book presents an in-depth, uniquely historical perspective on Nicaragua, focusing on the key role of the Catholic Church in the political, social, and religious issues that confront this country today. It examines the profound transformation of the Church via the radical approach of liberation theology and the development of the clergy's socio-political alliances in Nicaragua. Foroohar's analysis highlights the complex role of religi...(Read More)
Academic Rebels in Chile
Academic Rebels in Chile (July 1989)
The Role of Philosophy in Higher Education and Politics
Ivan Jaksic - Author

Many philosophers have been appointed to top-level political positions during Chile's modern history. What makes Chilean philosophers unique in the context of Latin America and beyond, is that they have developed a sophisticated rationale for both their participation and withdrawal from politics. All along, philosophers have grappled with fundamental problems such as the role of religion and politics in society. They have also played a fundame...(Read More)
Philosophy and Literature in Latin America
Philosophy and Literature in Latin America (June 1989)
A Critical Assessment of the Current Situation
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Editor
Mireye Camurati - Editor

"The manuscript covers difficult-to-get materials on contemporary philosophy and literature in Ibero-America. The topic is highly important for an understanding of the development of the humanities--important both in itself and to the field of Latin American Studies." -- William J. Kilgore, Baylor University

Philosophy and Literature in Latin America presents a unique and original view of the current state of development in Latin Am...(Read More)
Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767
Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767 (June 1984)
Nicholas P. Cushner - Author

Jesuit Ranches and the Agrarian Development of Colonial Argentina, 1650-1767, is the last book in a trilogy that examines Jesuit economic activity in three major geographic regions of colonial Spanish America. The first, Lords of the Land, focuses on Jesuit sugar and wine production on the Peruvian coast, primarily from the viewpoint of the agricultural geographer. The second, Farm and Factory, examines the ...(Read More)
Farm and Factory
Farm and Factory (June 1983)
The Jesuits and the Development of Agrarian Capitalism in Colonial Quito
Nicholas P. Cushner - Author

This second volume of Nicholas P. Cushner's economic study of colonial Latin America describes and analyzes the unique relationship between the textile mill and farm in Interandine Quito. Cushner shows how human and natural resources blended to produce a vibrant institution in the rural world of colonial Quito.

Nicholas P. Cushner is Associate Professor of History at Empire State College, State University of New York.
Lords of the Land
Lords of the Land (June 1980)
Sugar, Wine, and Jesuit Estates of Coastal Peru, 1600-1767
Nicholas P. Cushner - Author

Lords of the Land presents the only study in English of the large, landed estates in colonial Peru. It focuses on the function of the estates and their linkages with the rest of Spanish America. Based almost exclusively on documents from archives in Rome, Madrid, and Lima (most hitherto unused), the book guides the reader through the agricultural cycles of Peru’s great ecclesiastical estates and explains how they first developed...(Read More)
Beyond Populism
Beyond Populism (June 1977)
Candido Mendes - Author
L. Gray Cowan - Translator

A theory of political change (from populism to authoritarianism), citing the various facets of confrontation in Latin American society as case histories.

An original, provocative interpretation of the political evolution of the major Latin American countries in the past few years is presented with special emphasis on diverse forms of social confrontation by the minority opposition. One of the few books to deal wi...(Read More)
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