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Literacy Across Languages and Cultures
Literacy Across Languages and Cultures (March 1994)
Bernardo M. Ferdman - Editor
Rose-Marie Weber - Editor
Arnulfo G. Ramirez - Editor

"This is an important, readable, and provocative view of a field that has become politically charged. It helps redirect our attention from the rhetorical flourishes to the real cultural and pedagogical issues of the topic of literacy across cultures and languages."
-- Alan C. Purves, Director, Center for Writing and Literacy, State University of New York at Albany

This book examines the linkage between literacy and linguistic...(Read More)
Political Literacy
Political Literacy (February 1994)
Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice
Fredric G. Gale - Author

Political Literacy confronts and responds to the question: What is required of the citizens of a democracy to ensure their individual and social rights? Exploring the rhetoric of legal interpretation, this book answers that citizens must be so educated as to have an intellectual awareness of the inherently rhetorical nature of language.

Political Literacy
explodes the myth that justice is delivered in the measured, seemingly di...(Read More)
Multicultural Literature and Literacies
Multicultural Literature and Literacies (October 1993)
Making Space for Difference
Suzanne M. Miller - Editor
Barbara McCaskill - Editor

Does literature serve a humanizing function? Can it achieve social transformation? What roles does literature play for defining self, creating community, and achieving global perspective? This is the first book to thoroughly explore the methods by which educators, creative writers, and policymakers have constructed workable models of teaching literature in multicultural classrooms.

The authors provide an interdisciplinary dialogue on the s...(Read More)
Knowledge, Evolution and Paradox
Knowledge, Evolution and Paradox (August 1993)
The Ontology of Language
Koen DePryck - Author

"It is already clear that postmodernism is an unsatisfactory view of the world: the skepticism, antifoundationalism, and distrust of any form of narrative or argument that has characterized this last phase of modernism cannot long resist its own corrosive critique. What view of the world will succeed postmodernism? To answer this question, it is necessary to take up several challenges abandoned along the way as metaphysical, insoluble in terms of...(Read More)
New Horizons in Sephardic Studies
New Horizons in Sephardic Studies (July 1993)
Yedida K. Stillman - Editor
George K. Zucker - Editor

This book contains the most recent research in the intrinsically interdisciplinary field of Sephardic Studies. It provides new insights into Sephardic history, culture, folklore, languages, music, and literature from both new and established international scholars.

"New Horizons in Sephardic Studies reflects the breadth, diversity, and interdisciplinary character of Sephardic Studies. New material is presented in an accessible manner...(Read More)
The Winged Word
The Winged Word (June 1975)
A Study in the Technique of Ancient Greek Oral Composition as Seen Principally through Hesiod's Work and Days
Berkeley Peabody - Author

The Winged Word examines one of the most elaborate of oral compositional techniques and styles: that of the ancient Greek epos. It explains how singers like Homer and Hesiod could compose complicated verses at the speed of speech and how a singer's words could grow into compositions of massive complexity without dependence on memorization or written texts. This study shows why a singer can be more surprised than his listeners at things that ...(Read More)
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