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Bridging the Atlantic
Bridging the Atlantic (April 1996)
Toward a Reassessment of Iberian and Latin American Cultural Ties
Marina Perez de Mendiola - Editor

This collection of historical, philosophical, sociopolitical, and literary essays examines the linkages between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.
The essays examine the linkages between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America in the area of intellectual production over the centuries. No other book provides such a broad coverage of the most significant intellectual influences between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. At the s...(Read More)
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Literature and Religion
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Literature and Religion (March 1996)
Anne Feldhaus - Editor

The essays investigate the images of women and femininity found in the traditions of the Marathi language region of India, Maharashtra, and how these images contradict the actualities of women's lives.

"Many fine and illuminating never-before published translations from the Marathi (especially the poetry and folk epics) are provided in this book. Among South Asia scholars, Maharashtra is well-known to be one of India's ...(Read More)
Structures of Power
Structures of Power (February 1996)
Essays on Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Fiction
Terry J. Peavler - Editor
Peter Standish - Editor

Explores the many faces of power as revealed in twentieth-century Spanish-American fiction.

The many faces of power--political, personal, authorial--as revealed in literature are explored in these essays by specialists on modern Spanish-American narrative. Contributors include Jose Carlos Gonzalez Boixo, Sara Castro-Klaren, Rosalia Cornejo-Parriego, Rosemary Geisdorfer Feal, David William Foster, Todd Garth, Sharon Magna...(Read More)
The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews
The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews (February 1996)
Paul Wexler - Author

The author uses linguistic, ethnographic, and historical evidence to support his theory that the origins of Sephardic Jews are predominantly Berber and Arab.

"This is a fascinating book based upon a wealth of diverse sources not usually brought together by scholars of Sephardic history. It is based upon the premise that Jewish languages such as Judeo-Arabic, Ladino, and Yiddish offer invaluable clues to ethnic origins.
...(Read More)
Good Writing in Cross-Cultural Context
Good Writing in Cross-Cultural Context (November 1995)
Xiao-ming Li - Author

This dialogue between teachers of writing in China and America on what constitutes "good writing," reveals that standards are culturally situated.

"As the first ethnographical account of teachers' perceptions about good writing in China and America, this book gives the reader a whole new insight about differences and similarities in educational systems, teacher training, and teaching between two nations. The systems an...(Read More)
Warranting Assent
Warranting Assent (March 1995)
Case Studies in Argument Evaluation
Edward Schiappa - Editor

This book is a book about how individuals decide that arguments (or excuses) are valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak, ethical or unethical, with many examples and applications.

This book brings together essays that demonstrate the art of argument evaluation. The essays apply a variety of theoretical approaches to specific, historically-situated arguments in order to render a specific normative judgment. By bringing to ...(Read More)
Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies
Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies (December 1994)
A Theory of Image Restoration Strategies
William L. Benoit - Author

"This book deals with a form of public discourse that also occurs in everyday interaction: image restoration. When one encounters certain messages (criticism, complaints, accusations, blame, censure, condemnation, rebukes, reproaches, objections) or is suspected of wrongdoing, failed obligations, mistakes, or embarrassments, one needs to know how to respond, both mentally and behaviorally. The author is very thorough in his list of situations t...(Read More)
Buddhism and Language
Buddhism and Language (July 1994)
A Study of Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism
Jose Ignacio Cabezon - Author

Taking language as its general theme, this book explores how the tradition of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophical speculation exemplifies the character of scholasticism.

Scholasticism, as an abstract and general category, is developed as a valuable theoretical tool for understanding a variety of intellectual movements in the history of philosophy of religion. The book investigates the Buddhist Scholastic theory and use of script...(Read More)
Language and Learning
Language and Learning (July 1994)
Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Beverly McLeod - Editor

"I like the broad coverage of critical issues in bilingual/multicultural education--political, sociological, philosophical, historical, and nitty-gritty implementation issues are presented. It offers a more balanced coverage of critical issues than other publications presently available on the market."-- Manuel Ramirez III, University of Texas at Austin

This book explores the challenges of teaching an increasingly multilingual and multicultu...(Read More)
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom (May 1994)
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

"...Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom comes into place at a critical moment. We have worked assiduously to flesh out the ways and means of composition for a new era. This text helps to document our way." --Jones Royster, from the Foreword

Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom is a collection of the most outstanding articles published in the Journal of Advanced Composition over the last decade. T...(Read More)
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