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Austerity and the Labor Movement
Austerity and the Labor Movement (December 2016)
Michael Schiavone - Author

An overview and analysis of austerity policies and labor movement resistance in several countries.
Austerity policies have become the new norm throughout both the developed and developing world. Indeed, austerity has become the new buzz word in the lexicon of politicians from across the political spectrum. At the same time austerity measures have been met with mass protest, the most famous example of which is the Occupy Movemen...(Read More)
Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar, Second Edition
Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar, Second Edition (April 2016)
Martinique and the World-Economy, 1830-1848
Dale W. Tomich - Author

Traces the historical development of slave labor and plantation agriculture in nineteenth-century Martinique.
A classic text long out of print, Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar traces the historical development of slave labor and plantation agriculture in Martinique during the period immediately preceding slave emancipation in 1848. Interpreting these events against the broader background of the world-economy, Dale W. Tomi...(Read More)
Over Ten Million Served
Over Ten Million Served (August 2010)
Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces
Michelle A. Massé - Editor
Katie J. Hogan - Editor

The first book on gender and academic service.
All tenured and tenure-track faculty know the trinity of promotion and tenure criteria: research, teaching, and service. While teaching and research are relatively well-defined areas of institutional focus and evaluation, service work is rarely tabulated or analyzed as a key aspect of higher education’s political economy. Instead, service, silent and invisible, coexists w...(Read More)
Foreign Workers in Israel
Foreign Workers in Israel (January 2009)
Global Perspectives
Israel Drori - Author

Explores how the entry of migrant workers into Israel raises questions beyond just those of the labor market.
In this account of a social experiment gone awry, Israel Drori exposes a little-known and recent phenomenon: the importation of foreign workers from Third World economies to Israel. Focusing on Romanian, Thai, and Filipina migrants brought to Israel for specified periods of employment, Drori examines the effect of mi...(Read More)
Racial Competition and Class Solidarity
Racial Competition and Class Solidarity (March 2006)
Terry Boswell - Author
Cliff Brown - Author
John Brueggemann - Author
T. Ralph Peters Jr. - Author

Looks at union organizing and strikes that were either strengthened by interracial cooperation or defeated by racial competition during the period between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.
It sometimes seems that racial conflict is an intractable impediment to class solidarity in the United States. Yet in a time of economic depression and overt racism, the unions of the CIO did, on a number of occasions, forge interracial s...(Read More)
Product Market Structure and Labor Market Discrimination
Product Market Structure and Labor Market Discrimination (January 2006)
John S. Heywood - Editor
James H. Peoples - Editor

Measures the relationship between market competition and the treatment of women, minorities, and the disabled in the workplace.

While increased competition may generate economic efficiency and push employee compensation to market rates, it may also help reduce differential treatment for protected groups such as women, minorities, and the disabled. This book presents the most comprehensive body of empirical evidence on the connection betwe...(Read More)

NAFTA as a Model of Development
NAFTA as a Model of Development (August 1995)
The Benefits and Costs of Merging High- and Low-Wage Areas
Richard S. Belous - Editor
Jonathan Lemco - Editor

Examines whether NAFTA will produce increased or decreased wages in the regional trading blocs emerging in Europe, North America, and East Asia as a result of its uniting of high and low wage areas and identifies the winners and losers in various labor markets.
This book discusses the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in terms of its implications for job creation, reduced tariffs, and increased investment. Although the regional...(Read More)
The Redivision of Labor
The Redivision of Labor (June 1984)
Women and Economic Choice in Four Guatemalan Communities
Laurel H. Bossen - Author

How does economic development affect women in Latin America? This work examines the different ways that economic and social relations between the sexes are redefined in Guatemala as capitalist expansion transforms the nation. An unusual and rich combination of fieldwork in four communities supplemented by national-level data shows there are major differences in the sexual division of labor in four major segments of Guatemalan society: the Maya peasa...(Read More)
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