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Family Connections
Family Connections (June 1985)
A History of Italian and Jewish Immigrant Lives in Providence, Rhode Island, 1900-1940
Judith E. Smith - Author

Family Connections examines the dimensions of daily survival strategies for newcomers in an uncertain urban environment. Focusing on the history of Italian and Jewish immigrant families in Providence, Rhode Island, the book assesses the links between familial and ethnic culture and broader allegiances of solidarity, and suggests some of the differences between male and female experience within a shared identity as a family. Contains four maps...(Read More)
Fear of Fiction
Fear of Fiction (June 1985)
Narrative Strategies in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer
David Neal Miller - Author

David Neal Miller's Fear of Fiction is the first book-length study that begins with the understanding that Singer is truly a Yiddish writer in language and culture. With the exception of a handful of articles, American critical examination of Isaac Bashevis Singer's work has been devoted to Singer's work in English--to those pieces he himself has selected for translation. This American Nobel laureate is part of a long tradition of Yiddish l...(Read More)
Mutuality (June 1985)
The Vision of Martin Buber
Donald L. Berry - Author

This is an elegant book. By skillfully blending meticulous scholarship with points of genuine human interest, Donald Berry gives fresh insight into Martin Buber's vision of mutuality. Berry focuses on Buber's I and Thou to illuminate three facets of Buber's thought that have been largely neglected. In chapters titled “The Tree,” “The Helper,” and “The Brother,” Berry shows how Buber’s underl...(Read More)
New Jewish Voices
New Jewish Voices (June 1985)
Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre
Edward M. Cohen - Editor

New Jewish Voices presents the first anthology of modern Jewish-American drama. These highly acclaimed plays, previously produced by New York City's nationally-renowned Jewish Repertory Theatre, offer an enjoyable and eye-opening introduction to the unique and modern voice of five young writers. The insights and visions of these playwrights will help redefine Jewish theater. While offering college students and amateur dramatic groups excit...(Read More)
The Outraged Conscience
The Outraged Conscience (June 1985)
Seekers of Justice for Nazi War Criminals in America
Rochelle G. Saidel - Author

"For this book I have waited for a long time." -- Simon Wiesenthal

Motivated by moral outrage, a small number of individuals in America today is vigorously protesting the presence here of accused Nazi war criminals and collaborators. The Outraged Conscience documents their individual efforts.

A vital addition to the literature on the Holocaust, this book looks closely at the separate activities of these dedicated seekers of just...(Read More)
At the Crossroads
At the Crossroads (June 1984)
Essays on Ahad Ha'am
Jacques Kornberg - Editor

A founding father of modern Israel, Ahad Ha-am (1856-1927) was one of the shapers of the contemporary Zionist consciousness. His career spanned the era of Russian Jewry's nationalist awakening. During the last decade of the nineteenth century, he was the leading theorist of the Russian Zionist movement. Afterwards, he was overshadowed by Theodore Herzl, who imposed his own stamp on Zionism. With the failure of Herzl's diplomacy and his ...(Read More)
Galveston (June 1984)
Ellis Island of the West
Bernard Marinbach - Author

While the massive flow of immigrants to the Northeast was taking place, a number of Jews were finding their way to America through the port of Galveston, Texas. The descendants of these immigrants, now scattered throughout the United States, are hardly aware that their ancestors participated in a unique attempt to organize and channel Jewish immigration. From their recruitment in Eastern Europe to their settlement in the American West, these immig...(Read More)
Stories by Meir Blinkin
Stories by Meir Blinkin (June 1984)
Meir Blinkin - Author

Now available for the first time to the English-speaking public, the captivating short stories of master storyteller Meir Blinkin are the charming prose equivalents of the film Hester Street. These delightful and touching stories also give an authentic account of the Jewish immigrant experience at the turn of the century.

This collection is introduced by the renowned Yiddish scholar, Ruth R. Wisse, professor of Yiddish lite...(Read More)
The Alliance Israelite Universelle and the Jewish Communities of Morocco, 1862-1962
The Alliance Israelite Universelle and the Jewish Communities of Morocco, 1862-1962 (June 1984)
Michael M. Laskier - Author

The Alliance Israélite Universelle—an international organization representing a community of over 240,000 Jews—was founded in France in 1860. Its goal was to achieve the intellectual regeneration and social and political elevation of the Jewish people. This book examines the impact of the AIU on Moroccan Jewry. It answers such questions as: How did the AIU establish itself in Morocco's communities? How did...(Read More)
The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914
The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914 (June 1984)
Assimilation and Identity
Marsha L. Rozenblit - Author

Ablaze with excitement, effervescent with creativity--late nineteenth-century Vienna was the ideal site for this analysis of the ways in which a sizable and significant group of Jews was assimilated into European society.

After leaving homes in the Austrian and Hungarian provinces and migrating to the Austrian capital, the Jews underwent a variety of profound changes. The Jews of Vienna shows how they successfully transformed old, ide...(Read More)
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