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Japanese Religion and Society
Japanese Religion and Society (February 1992)
Paradigms of Structure and Change
Winston Davis - Author

"It provides in one place and under one cover useful studies featuring the important interrelationship between religion and society, or -- to put it more correctly-- Japanese religio-social reality." -- Richard B. Pilgrim, Syracuse University

"This is a solid piece of work, and the topic is significant, in fact, timely, in several regards. First, there is much attention today on Japan and the secret of its cultural and social makeup. Second...(Read More)
An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual
An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual (September 1991)
Jennifer L. Anderson - Author

Enchanting and enigmatic, chanoyu (Japanese tea ritual) has puzzled western observers since the sixteenth century. Here is a book written by a tea practitioner that explains why over twenty million modern Japanese -- and a small but dedicated group of non-Japanese -- follow "The Way of Tea." Meticulously researched, An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual is clearly written and illustrated, and includes an extensive glossary.

...(Read More)
American Enterprise in Japan
American Enterprise in Japan (August 1991)
Tomoko Hamada - Author

"This is the first study dealing with the experience of an American firm in Japan. It makes an important contribution to our understanding of both American and Japanese firms. As a professional anthropologist and skilled fieldworker, Hamada understands the relationships between field data and social meaning. Her experience as a professional interpreter and translator provides analytic skills and tools which are very rare in studies of Japanese bu...(Read More)
The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism
The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism (October 1990)
Keiji Nishitani - Author
Graham Parkes - Translator
Setsuko Aihara - Translator

"As a past reader of Nishitani in both the original Japanese and English translation, I find this manuscript to be the most accessible and clearly written of any book-length work I have read by him. It shows Nishitani as a vital and vigorous thinker, and serves as an introduction to his widely acclaimed Religion and Nothingness.

"The summaries of the relation to nihilism of Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Feuerbach, and Stirner, ...(Read More)
Imaginal Memory and the Place of Hiroshima
Imaginal Memory and the Place of Hiroshima (July 1988)
Michael Perlman - Author

"Imaginal Memory is a seminal contribution to the field of holocaust studies--and, beyond this, to the closely annexed fields of archetypal psychology and philosophical phenomenology. Rarely, has such an unusual and insightful combination of these three areas of inquiry been brought together. The result is a splendid book that will be of personal and professional interest to many readers." -- Edward Casey, State University of New York, Stony...(Read More)
Work and Lifecourse in Japan
Work and Lifecourse in Japan (June 1984)
David W. Plath - Editor

The durability of Japan's industrial products now holds world acclaim. But the durability of jobs in Japan--despite misleading Western images of lifetime employment--is no better than in other industrial nations. The "group model" of Japanese society that has been in fashion in the West confuses the goals of an organization with the personal aims and aspirations of its members. Like workers anywhere, those in Japan must go through life reconciling t...(Read More)
Guerilla Economy
Guerilla Economy (June 1976)
The Development of the Shensi-Kansu-Ninghsia Border Region, 1937-1945
Peter Schran - Author

A study of economic development dealing with the headquarters of the Chinese communist movement during the Sino-Japanese and Pacific wars.
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