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Japanese Philosophy
Japanese Philosophy (July 2001)
H. Gene Blocker - Author
Christopher L. Starling - Author

An overview of Japanese philosophy from the seventh century to the present.

Japanese Philosophy is the first book to assert the existence of a Japanese philosophy prior to Nishida Kitaro in the early twentieth century. Because of Western military and economic dominance since the seventeenth century, the cross-cultural comparison of non-Western philosophy has generally gone in one direction--comparing Chinese, Indi...(Read More)
Encounter with Enlightenment
Encounter with Enlightenment (July 2001)
A Study of Japanese Ethics
Robert E. Carter - Author
Yasuo Yuasa - Foreword by

Examines the influence of Shintoµism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism on Japanese ethics, with implications for our understanding of various social, economic, and environmental problems.

In Encounter with Enlightenment, Robert E. Carter puts forth the East, and specifically Japan, as a source of possible solutions to the world's social, economic, and environmental problems. Not only is the b...(Read More)
The Formless Self
The Formless Self (May 1999)
Joan Stambaugh - Author

Bringing together the depth insights of eastern and western traditions, this book places the topic of the self in a new context.

"I confess that this work--from the perspective of exposition, analysis, interpretation, application, and stimulation--is, I believe, just about as good as it gets. This book is an unexcelled example of comparative philosophy. Stambaugh's uses of Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Tillich, etc. to illumine Bu...(Read More)
Zen Buddhist Landscape Arts of Early Muromachi Japan (1336-1573)
Zen Buddhist Landscape Arts of Early Muromachi Japan (1336-1573) (April 1999)
Joe Parker - Author

Explores Japanese literary Zen through the landscape arts of poetry, prose, painting, and gardens expressed in the writings of Japan's Five Mountain monks.

Examining inscriptions on landscape paintings and related documents, this book explores the views of the "two jewels" of Japanese Zen literature, Gido Shushin (1325-1388) and Zekkai Chushin (1336-1405), and their students. These monks played important roles as advisor...(Read More)
Wandering Heart
Wandering Heart (August 1998)
The Work and Method of Hayashi Fumiko
Susanna Fessler - Author

This first Western language study of one of Japan's most popular writers includes translations of key passages, critical commentary, and full translations of three essays by Hayashi Fumiko.

Despite being one of the most popular writers of her day, Hayashi Fumiko (1903-1951) has remained virtually unknown outside of Japan. Describing her life and literature, author Susanna Fessler weaves together major events in Fumiko's ...(Read More)
The Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure
The Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure (June 1998)
Sepp Linhart - Editor
Sabine Fruhstuck - Editor

Provides a wealth of information about leisure activities in Japan including sports, travel, theater, music, games, and gambling.

The Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure brings together scholars of various disciplines from around the globe to discuss different forms of leisure activities in past and present Japan, thus enriching our knowledge of Japanese culture. Arranged in five sections, the volume focu...(Read More)
Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety-Based Disorders (Shinkeishitsu)
Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety-Based Disorders (Shinkeishitsu) (April 1998)
Shoma Morita - Author
Akihisa Kondo - Translator
Peg LeVine - Editor

The first English translation of a seminal work in a therapeutic practice that holds increasing interest for Westerners.

"Some of Morita's insights into the changeable nature of feelings and attention were ahead of his time. These insights fit well with some modern theories of how the dynamic brain works." -- Henry J. Kahn, University of California-San Francisco

This book presents the progressive na...(Read More)
Intergenerational Programs
Intergenerational Programs (January 1998)
Support for Children, Youth, and Elders in Japan
Matthew Kaplan - Author
Atsuko Kusano - Author
Ichiro Tsuji - Author
Shigeru Hisamichi - Author

Provides a rarely-seen portrait of intergenerational programs in Japan, including an overview of similar programs in the United States, of growing interest as our population ages.

The "intergenerational programming concept," now garnering increased interest in America, has been applied to Japanese society as a strategy for maintaining intergenerational and cultural continuity in the face of social and demographic change...(Read More)
Steel Butterflies
Steel Butterflies (December 1997)
Japanese Women and the American Experience
Nancy Brown Diggs - Author

Explores how Japanese women living in the United States see themselves and how they see American women.

Steel Butterflies: Japanese Women and the American Experience examines the role of women in Japan as compared to the United States, approaching the subject from a new and thought-provoking angle. Not only does the reader learn how Japanese women view their own country from the vantage point of living in the United States, but ...(Read More)
Interpreting Amida
Interpreting Amida (April 1997)
History and Orientalism in the Study of Pure Land Buddhism
Galen Amstutz - Author

Amstutz clearly demonstrates how the sources of Western and Eastern misunderstanding of Pure Land Buddhism have been engendered, both consciously and unconsciously, by orientalist assumptions current in scholarly understanding of the history and practice of Pure Land Buddhism. Before academic studies in Pure Land Buddhism can advance much further, all of us in the field must confront the issues of orientalist assumptions and biaseslurking in our sch...(Read More)
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