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Through the Lens of Israel
Through the Lens of Israel (May 2001)
Explorations in State and Society
Joel S. Migdal - Author

Essays on the formation of Israeli state and society during the twentieth century.

Through the Lens of Israel illuminates Israeli history through the use of the author's unique state-in-society approach, and, at the same time, refines, develops, and expands that approach. The book provides a window for the formation of Israeli state and society during the twentieth century, while using the Israeli experience to as...(Read More)
Rescuing Haya
Rescuing Haya (March 2001)
Confessions of an Eighth Generation Israeli Emigrant
Shelly Spilka - Author

The story of an Israeli woman's struggle to forge her personal and professional identity.

"A gripping, lucidly written account of a woman striving to make a place for herself in a new culture and language while she explores with considerable courage her conflicted feelings about her homeland. Made concrete and convincing through powerful scenes of love and loss--early days in an orphanage, the tragic death of her young husband--the se...(Read More)
Negotiating Jerusalem
Negotiating Jerusalem (July 2000)
Jerome M. Segal - Author
Elihu Katz - Author
Shlomit Levy - Author
Nadar Izzat Sa 'id - Author

Explores the beliefs, attitudes, and values of ordinary Palestinians and Israeli Jews asking the question: Is it possible to reach a negotiated resolution to the Jerusalem question?

An in-depth examination of how Jerusalem is seen by both Palestinians and Israeli-Jews, this book is a landmark study of the potential for successfully negotiating the Jerusalem question. It sheds important light on the question "what is Jerusalem?" By show...(Read More)
The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society
The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society (May 2000)
Edna Lomsky-Feder - Editor
Eyal Ben-Ari - Editor

The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society systematically examines the cultural and social construction of 'things military' within Israel. Contributors from comparative literature, film studies, sociology, anthropology, geography, history, and cultural studies explore the arenas in which the centrality of military matters are produced and reproduced by the state and by other public bodies. Analysis is presented using three perspectives: ...(Read More)
Constructing Boundaries
Constructing Boundaries (March 2000)
Jewish and Arab Workers in Mandatory Palestine
Deborah S. Bernstein - Author

An interdisciplinary study discussing the impact of the national crisis in Mandatory Palestine on relations between Jewish and Arab workers and their respective labor movements.

Constructing Boundaries examines the competition, interaction, and impact among Jewish and Arab workers in the labor market of Mandatory Palestine. It is both a labor market study, based on the Split Labor Market Theory, and a case study of the labor mar...(Read More)
Review Essays in Israel Studies
Review Essays in Israel Studies (January 2000)
Books on Israel, Volume V
Laura Zittrain Eisenberg - Editor
Neil Caplan - Editor

Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies.

Representing a wide array of disciplines: economics, history, literature, political science, anthropology, and sociology, this book offers original examinations of the state of scholarship about Israel, as well as insightful assessments of contemporary Israeli society, politics, economy, and culture. The contribut...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1996
The Elections in Israel 1996 (July 1999)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

Leading social scientists from Israeli and American universities, using different methods and representing diverse intellectual traditions, address the precedent-setting events of Israel's 1996 elections. The contributors discuss the meaning of collective identity, the role of religion and nationalism in modern Israel, the political behavior of Israeli Arabs, the secrets of success of the immigrant party. Also discussed are issues such as the impact...(Read More)
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change (May 1999)
Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel
Mohammed Abu-Nimer - Author

"In his in-depth examination of intervention models in Israel, Abu-Nimer provides a fresh insight into the important role of dialogue in conflict resolution. This comprehensive study will not only serve as a useful guide for future Arab-Israeli dialogues, but also a framework for other citizen diplomacy programs in areas of conflict around the world."
-- John W. McDonald, Ambassador, and Chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track D...(Read More)
Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel
Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel (March 1998)
Assessing the Knowledge Base toward the Twenty-First Century
Robert R. Friedmann - Editor

Offers insights into the criminal justice system and the field of criminology in Israel.

Assessing the Israeli criminal justice knowledge base with implications for Israel and international scholarship, this book explores crime, legislation, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the victim. The book discusses the development of criminal justice and criminology in a new society, adding to the understanding of crime an...(Read More)
The Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Decline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (December 1997)
Middle East Politics and the Quest for Regional Order
Avraham Sela - Author

Addresses the inter-Arab dimension of Middle East politics and its impact on the Palestinian conflict.

This historical study of international Middle East politics in regional perspective presents a comprehensive analysis of the interplay between inter-Arab politics and the conflict with Israel--the two key issues which have shaped the Middle East contemporary history (and made it simultaneously tumultuous and a focus of ...(Read More)
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