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The Occupation of Justice
The Occupation of Justice (April 2002)
The Supreme Court of Israel and the Occupied Territories
David Kretzmer - Author

A critical examination of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Israel in cases relating to the Occupied Territories.

The Occupation of Justice
presents the first comprehensive discussion of the Supreme Court of Israel’s decisions on petitions challenging policies and actions of the authorities in the West Bank and Gaza since their occupation during the 1967 Six-Day War. Kretzmer addresses issues including: the ba...(Read More)
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Transformed
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Transformed (April 2002)
Fifty Years of Interstate and Ethnic Crises
Hemda Ben-Yehuda - Author
Shmuel Sandler - Author

Makes the perhaps surprising argument that in the last quarter of the twentieth century the Arab-Israeli conflict has been winding down.

The Middle East conflict, be it between the state of Israel and Arab states or between Jews and Palestinians, is a staple of international news. Utilizing both theoretical approaches and empirical evidence, Hemda Ben-Yehuda and Shmuel Sandler argue that despite the recent upswing in ...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1999
The Elections in Israel 1999 (March 2002)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

Considers the impact of the 1999 Israeli elections.

This volume highlights Israel’s 1999 elections, in which the prime-ministerial race between incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak ended with Barak winning by the biggest landslide ever in Israel. Although some observers interpreted these results as a fundamental shift in public opinion, there is little evidence to support this. The book shows how old pattern...(Read More)
The Melting Pot in Israel
The Melting Pot in Israel (March 2002)
The Commission of Inquiry Concerning the Education of Immigrant Children During the Early Years of the State
Zvi Zameret - Author

Covers early Israeli education policy regarding immigrant populations.

This volume combines a translation of substantial portions of one of the most important documents in the early history of Israel—the government commission of inquiry concerning education in the immigrant camps, appointed in 1950—with analysis of the ensuing public debates and repercussions, and their meaning for Israeli society today. Using...(Read More)
Somber Lust
Somber Lust (February 2002)
The Art of Amos Oz
Yair Mazor - Author
Marganit Weinberger-Rotman - Translator

A comprehensive study of Israel’s most internationally celebrated writer.

In Somber Lust,Yair Mazor examines the work of the celebrated Israeli writer Amos Oz. In addition to providing a panoramic, comprehensive study of Oz’s work, including his novels, novellas, short stories, and numerous essays on literary, social, and political subjects, Mazor also meticulously documents the evolution of Oz’s aesthetic and ide...(Read More)
Policy Making at the Margins of Government
Policy Making at the Margins of Government (January 2002)
The Case of the Israeli Health System
Yair Zalmanovitch - Author

Traces the almost century-long struggle between Israel's largest healthcare provider, Kupat Holim, and successive Israeli governments.

Who makes public policy in vital services that are paid for by the government but provided by autonomous non-governmental agencies? This book explores this question through the prism of Israel's unique not-for-profit health system, drawing heavily on unpublished archival sources and inte...(Read More)
Ideology and Jewish Identity in Israeli and American Literature
Ideology and Jewish Identity in Israeli and American Literature (September 2001)
Emily Miller Budick - Editor

Israeli and American critics debate what constitutes Jewish identity in modern Jewish literature.

By creating a dialogue between Israeli and American Jewish authors, scholars, and intellectuals, this book examines how these two literatures, which traditionally do not address one another directly, nevertheless share some commonalities and affinities. The disinclination of Israeli and American Jewish fictional narratives to gravitate tow...(Read More)
Debating Islam in the Jewish State
Debating Islam in the Jewish State (August 2001)
The Development of Policy Toward Islamic Institutions in Israel
Alisa Rubin Peled - Author

Covers Israel's policy toward Islamic institutions within its borders, 1948-2000.

Using declassified documents from Israeli archives, Alisa Rubin Peled explores the development, implementation, and reform of the state's Islamic policy from 1948 to 2000. She addresses how Muslim communal institutions developed and whether Israel formulated a distinct "Islamic policy" toward shari'a courts, waqf (charitable endowments), holy place...(Read More)
Israeli Planners and Designers
Israeli Planners and Designers (August 2001)
Profiles of Community Builders
John Forester - Editor
Raphael Fischler - Editor
Deborah Shmueli - Editor

In their own words, the stories of the men and women who are the planners, architects, community organizers--the hidden builders--of the modern state of Israel.

This book documents the goals, lives, experiences, and practice of planners, architects, and community organizers who have contributed to the physical and social development of the modern state of Israel. In their own words, these "community builders" share their professional e...(Read More)
The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-2000
The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-2000 (May 2001)
A Political Study
As'ad Ghanem - Author

CHOICE 2001 Outstanding Academic Book
Examines the difficulties of Palestinian-Arab political life in Israel.

As'ad Ghanem provides a comprehensive description of the political development of the Palestinian-Arab minority in Israel and also discusses their social, cultural, and economic experiences. Covering two main aspects of politics--the different manifestations of politics and the dilemmas created by these politics--he ...(Read More)
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