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Political Space
Political Space (September 2002)
Frontiers of Change and Governance in a Globalizing World
Yale H. Ferguson - Editor
R. J. Barry Jones - Editor

Applies the concept of space to international relations to arrive at novel interpretations.  

This collection brings together an unusually distinguished and diverse group of heroists of global politics, political geography, and international political economy who reflect on the concept of political space. Already familiar to political geographers, the concept of political space has lately received increased attent...(Read More)
Rescuing the World
Rescuing the World (August 2002)
The Life and Times of Leo Cherne
Andrew F. Smith - Author
Henry A. Kissinger - Foreword by

A biography of one of America's leading humanitarians who, as an advisor to nine presidents, also had a lasting effect on American foreign policy.

Leo Cherne's life brimmed with paradox and improbability. He was born in the Bronx to a poor, immigrant, Jewish family, and yet rose to the heights of economic and political power in WASP America. A successful entrepreneur and an unofficial advisor to nine presidents, he neve...(Read More)
Debating the Global Financial Architecture
Debating the Global Financial Architecture (August 2002)
Leslie Elliott Armijo - Editor

Looks at alternatives to international financial institutions such as the IMF and World Bank.

Debating the Global Financial Architecture opens up the contemporary debate surrounding the reform of the “global financial architecture.” Economists and political scientists explore the economic and technical content of alternative global financial regimes as well as the political processes through which such c...(Read More)
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Transformed
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Transformed (April 2002)
Fifty Years of Interstate and Ethnic Crises
Hemda Ben-Yehuda - Author
Shmuel Sandler - Author

Makes the perhaps surprising argument that in the last quarter of the twentieth century the Arab-Israeli conflict has been winding down.

The Middle East conflict, be it between the state of Israel and Arab states or between Jews and Palestinians, is a staple of international news. Utilizing both theoretical approaches and empirical evidence, Hemda Ben-Yehuda and Shmuel Sandler argue that despite the recent upswing in ...(Read More)
Technology, Development, and Democracy
Technology, Development, and Democracy (February 2002)
International Conflict and Cooperation in the Information Age
Juliann Emmons Allison - Editor

The impact of internet technologies on international politics.

Technology, Development, and Democracy
examines the growing role of the Internet in international affairs, from a source of mostly officially sanctioned information, to a venue where knowledge is often merged with political propaganda, rhetoric and innuendo. The Internet not only provides surfers with up-to-the-minute stories, including sound and visual i...(Read More)
Theories of International Cooperation and the Primacy of Anarchy
Theories of International Cooperation and the Primacy of Anarchy (January 2002)
Explaining U.S. International Monetary Policy-Making After Bretton Woods
Jennifer Sterling-Folker - Author

Argues the state and not markets should be the center of analysis when attempting to explain international cooperation.

Challenging the standard liberal explanations for international cooperation in the field of international relations, this book contends that despite numerous efforts and the passage of time, our understanding of the cooperative phenomenon remains woefully inadequate. Sterling-Folker argues that wides...(Read More)
Information Technologies and Global Politics
Information Technologies and Global Politics (January 2002)
The Changing Scope of Power and Governance
James N. Rosenau - Editor
J. P. Singh - Editor

Examines how information technologies may be shifting power and authority away from the state.

Returning to the fundamentals of political science, namely power and governance, this book studies the relationship between information technologies and global politics. Key issue-areas are carefully examined: security (including information warfare and terrorism); global consumption and production; international telecommunica...(Read More)
Agency and Ethics
Agency and Ethics (October 2001)
The Politics of Military Intervention
Anthony F. Lang Jr. - Author

Explains why military interventions with humanitarian goals consistently fail.

Why does political conflict seem to consistently interfere with attempts to provide aid, end ethnic discord, or restore democracy? To answer this question, Agency and Ethics examines how the norms that originally motivate an intervention often create conflict between the intervening powers, outside powers, and the political agents who...(Read More)
Life After the Soviet Union
Life After the Soviet Union (October 2001)
The Newly Independent Republics of the Transcaucasus and Central Asia
Nozar Alaolmolki - Author

Examines the political, social, and economic issues confronted by each of the newly independent republics in the Transcaucasus and Central Asian regions.

In separate chapters covering Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, this book examines the impact of the radical social, economic, and political transformations enacted upon them by both Czarist Russia and then the Soviet Union. With the demise of com...(Read More)
Why Movements Matter
Why Movements Matter (July 2001)
The West German Peace Movement and U.S. Arms Control Policy
Steve Breyman - Author
Helen Caldicott - Foreword by

Details the West German peace movement's impact on German, U.S., and NATO politics and security dynamics in the 1980s.

Why Movements Matter is a provocative account of how the Reagan administration relented to pressures created by international peace movements during one of the most dangerous episodes of the Cold War. Breyman provides the first systematic account of the West German anti-missile movement, among ...(Read More)
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