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The Perils and Promise of Global Transparency
The Perils and Promise of Global Transparency (October 2006)
Why the Information Revolution May Not Lead to Security, Democracy, or Peace
Kristin M. Lord - Author

Argues that increasing levels of transparency do not always change international politics for the better.

While the trend toward greater transparency will bring many benefits, Kristin M. Lord argues that predictions that it will lead inevitably to peace, understanding, and democracy are wrong. The conventional view is of authoritarian governments losing control over information thanks to technology, the media, and ...(Read More)
The Failures of American and European Climate Policy
The Failures of American and European Climate Policy (September 2006)
International Norms, Domestic Politics, and Unachievable Commitments
Loren R. Cass - Author

Examines why some nations, but not others, have met their commitments to international climate treaties.

In this timely work, Loren R. Cass argues that international norms and normative debates provide the keys to understanding the evolution of both domestic and international responses to the threat of global climate change. Ranging from the early identification and framing of this problem in the mid 1980s through ...(Read More)
Complexity in World Politics
Complexity in World Politics (June 2006)
Concepts and Methods of a New Paradigm
Neil E. Harrison - Editor

Demonstrates that world politics is more complex than conventional models can account for.

Despite one hundred years of theorizing, scholars and practitioners alike are constantly surprised by international and global political events. The collapse of communism in Europe, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and 9/11 have demonstrated the inadequacy of current models that depict world politics as a simple, mechanical...(Read More)
Global Capitalism, Democracy, and Civil-Military Relations in Colombia
Global Capitalism, Democracy, and Civil-Military Relations in Colombia (March 2006)
William Aviles - Author

Explores the connections between globalization and democratization in Colombia.

Through the lens of global capitalism theory, William Avilés examines democratization and civil-military relations in Colombia to explain how social and international forces led to the ostensibly contradictory outcome of democratic and economic reform coinciding with political repression. Focusing on the administrations in power from 1...(Read More)
Building Trust
Building Trust (December 2005)
Overcoming Suspicion in International Conflict
Aaron M. Hoffman - Author

Challenges conventional assumptions about how international rivals form trusting relationships.

How is trust built in international politics? In this book, Aaron M. Hoffman argues that conventional arguments fail to account for two factors governments fear and wish to protect themselves from: domination by outside parties and political competition from internal parties. He argues that trusting relationships emerge in ...(Read More)
Mediating Globalization
Mediating Globalization (November 2005)
Domestic Institutions and Industrial Policies in the United States and Britain
Andrew P. Cortell - Author

Argues that institutional context drives economic globalization in the United States and Britain.

Has globalization fundamentally altered international relations, producing a race to the bottom in which states compete for economic growth and development by adopting similar liberal economic strategies? Mediating Globalization challenges this increasingly dominant perspective, demonstrating that national governme...(Read More)
The Multi-Governance of Water
The Multi-Governance of Water (October 2005)
Four Case Studies
Matthias Finger - Editor
Ludivine Tamiotti - Editor
Jeremy Allouche - Editor

Examines the politics of transnational water resource management through case studies of the Aral Sea basin and the Danube, Euphrates, and Mekong river basins.

As the governance of transboundary rivers becomes a subject of growing importance due to the increasing pressure on freshwater resources, this timely collection examines water scarcity and efforts to better manage rivers and river basins. Most specialists agree t...(Read More)
Globalizing Interests
Globalizing Interests (September 2005)
Pressure Groups and Denationalization
Michael Zurn - Editor
Gregor Walter - With assistance from

Examines how national interest groups respond to the international pressures of globalization.

Globalizing Interests
is an innovative study of globalization "from inside," looking at the reaction of nationally constituted interest groups to challenges produced by the denationalization process. The contributors focus on business associations, trade unions, civil rights organizations, and right-wing populists...(Read More)
Ozone Depletion and Climate Change
Ozone Depletion and Climate Change (September 2005)
Constructing a Global Response
Matthew J. Hoffmann - Author

A path-breaking look at the international response to ozone depletion and climate change.

Matthew J. Hoffmann explores the fundamental question of who should participate in the global response to ozone depletion and climate change. Blending social constructivist theory with insights from the study of complex adaptive systems, Hoffmann develops a unique framework for understanding the emergence and evolution of partici...(Read More)
Protecting Our Environment
Protecting Our Environment (August 2005)
Lessons from the European Union
Janet R. Hunter - Author
Zachary A. Smith - Author

Examines how the European Union has handled environmental protection issues.

Significant changes in how the world approaches global environmental problems have occurred since the late 1970s. Countries have become increasingly aware of the "borderless" nature of environmental issues, i.e., that production and consumption in one country can spill over to affect another country's environment. Protecting Our ...(Read More)
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