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Globalizing Justice
Globalizing Justice (April 2010)
Critical Perspectives on Transnational Law and the Cross-Border Migration of Legal Norms
Donald W. Jackson - Editor
Michael C. Tolley - Editor
Mary L. Volcansek - Editor

Essays assessing the impact of globalization on law and court systems across the world.

Globalization is a far-reaching and multifaceted phenomenon whose effects on law are just beginning to be appreciated fully. Globalizing Justice examines the effects of globalization on law and court systems in the developed and developing worlds. How has the global spread of legal norms changed the relationship between int...(Read More)
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror (November 2009)
Robin Truth Goodman - Author

Examines the recent “War on Terror” and the increasing privatization of international policing through the lens of detective fiction and security and espionage narratives.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, world politics have increasingly mirrored plots of detective novels, with high-profile criminal investigations that cross multiple borders and the internationalized law enforcement pr...(Read More)

States, Firms, and Power
States, Firms, and Power (August 1999)
Successful Sanctions in United States Foreign Policy
George E. Shambaugh - Author

Analyses the effectiveness of economic sanctions as instruments of statecraft.

States, Firms, and Power uncovers the workings behind frequently maligned and often misapplied economic sanctions and incentives that have emerged as the United States policy tools of choice. Shambaugh uses a theory of economic statecraft to analyze the sources and limitations of power relations between states and firms. The book featur...(Read More)
NAFTA as a Model of Development
NAFTA as a Model of Development (August 1995)
The Benefits and Costs of Merging High- and Low-Wage Areas
Richard S. Belous - Editor
Jonathan Lemco - Editor

Examines whether NAFTA will produce increased or decreased wages in the regional trading blocs emerging in Europe, North America, and East Asia as a result of its uniting of high and low wage areas and identifies the winners and losers in various labor markets.

This book discusses the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in terms of its implications for job creation, reduced tariffs, and increased investment. Alth...(Read More)
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