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China's America
China's America (March 2011)
The Chinese View the United States, 1900-2000
Jing Li - Author

2011 Best Book Award, presented by the Chinese American Librarians Association
2011 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

A fascinating look at Chinese perceptions of the United States and the cultural and political background that informs them.

What do the Chinese think of America? Why did Jiang Zemin praise the film Titanic? Why did Mao call FDR’s en...(Read More)
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror
Policing Narratives and the State of Terror (November 2009)
Robin Truth Goodman - Author

Examines the recent “War on Terror” and the increasing privatization of international policing through the lens of detective fiction and security and espionage narratives.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, world politics have increasingly mirrored plots of detective novels, with high-profile criminal investigations that cross multiple borders and the internationalized law enforcement pr...(Read More)

Vera and the Ambassador
Vera and the Ambassador (February 2009)
Escape and Return
Vera Blinken - Author
Donald Blinken - Author

A behind-the-scenes look at diplomacy and international relations in post-communist Eastern Europe.

Vera and the Ambassador is a book to be savored and enjoyed on many levels. Both a behind-the-scenes peek at the operations of a U.S. embassy in a post–Cold War former Soviet satellite and a personal story of a refugee’s escape and triumphant return, Vera and Donald Blinken’s dual memo...(Read More)
The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony
The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony (August 2003)
Lee Artz - Editor
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor

Shows how dominant commercial media practices secure a hold among and affect diverse national cultures.

When commercial media practices are insinuated into local cultures, existing cultural and media practices are often displaced and social inequalities are exacerbated—sometimes with the consent of consumers, but frequently confronting organized proponents. The Globalization of Corporate Media Hegemony pro...(Read More)
Private Authority and International Affairs
Private Authority and International Affairs (April 1999)
A. Claire Cutler - Editor
Virginia Haufler - Editor
Tony Porter - Editor

Explores in detail the degree to which private sector firms are beginning to replace governments in "governing" some areas of international relations.

Governments today are too often unwilling to intervene in global commerce, and international organizations are too often unable to govern effectively. In their place, firms increasingly cooperate internationally to establish the rules and standards of behavior for themselves and for othe...(Read More)
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets (March 1997)
Yair Aharoni - Editor

Addresses the issues involved in the globalization of services and the resulting changing role of government.
Growth in the services sector has far outpaced the knowledge available to global managers and government officials. Forced to constantly redefine their roles in the face of massive technological changes and a myriad of regional and worldwide trade agreements, these leaders require up-to-date research and analysis in order to make ...(Read More)
The Korean Economy
The Korean Economy (January 1996)
Perspectives for the 21st Century
Hyung-Koo Lee - Author

Lee, former South Korean government Minister of Labor for the South Korean government, discusses the country's economic development from 1945-1994 and the public policies that shaped it, arguing that if South Korea is to become a major economic power, the government should withdraw from the economic front line.

"The Korean Economy is a comprehensive diagnosis of the unique path of South Korea's economic developme...(Read More)
Communicating Organizational Change
Communicating Organizational Change (July 1995)
A Management Perspective
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor

This book is a practical and theoretical discussion of how to effectively communicate organizational change to management, employees, stockholders, and customers.

Rapid and volatile organizational change is one of the most profound characteristics of our time. How to communicate the need for and the direction of change to stockholders, employees, customers, and management is the subject of this book.