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Freshwater Resources and Interstate Cooperation
Freshwater Resources and Interstate Cooperation (November 2008)
Strategies to Mitigate an Environmental Risk
Frederick D. Gordon - Author

Examines state cooperation over increasingly scarce water resources.

Reports from the United Nations suggest that as much as forty percent of the global population could be without adequate freshwater supplies by 2015, leading some experts to predict that future wars will be fought over water rather than oil. Yet to date, most nation-states have been able to develop viable freshwater agreem...(Read More)
Who Gets What?
Who Gets What? (August 2008)
Domestic Influences on International Negotiations Allocating Shared Resources
Aslaug Asgeirsdottir - Author

Examines the domestic constraints negotiators operate under when nations seek to cooperate.

During international bargaining, who gets the better deal, and why, is one of the questions at the heart of the study of international cooperation. In Who Gets What? Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir analyzes seven agreements signed throughout a twenty-year span between Iceland and Norway to allocate shared ...(Read More)
Anarchy and the Environment
Anarchy and the Environment (May 1999)
The International Relations of Common Pool Resources
J. Samuel Barkin - Editor
George E. Shambaugh - Editor

Argues that the logic of common pool resources is the most appropriate and productive way to understand international environmental conflict, and offers important practical insights into environmental negotiations and bargaining.

"International environmental problems are of rising salience in the field and this book promises to be highly relevant for all of them. While the focus of the book--Common Pool Resources-- ...(Read More)
Contested Grounds
Contested Grounds (April 1999)
Security and Conflict in the New Environmental Politics
Daniel H. Deudney - Editor
Richard A. Matthew - Editor

Presents diverse views on the relationship between environmental politics and international security.

Since the end of the Cold War, the relationship between international security and the environment has been subject to intensive policy concern, scholarly debate and research. Contested Grounds brings together many of the best known researchers on this emerging topic as they present sharply conflicting views on t...(Read More)
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries (April 1998)
Economic Growth, Democracy, and Environment
Uday Desai - Editor

Examines in depth the ecological problems, policies, and politics of ten major developing countries.

The interconnectedness of the global environment and finiteness of the earth's natural resources require an increased understanding of environmental and natural-resource policy and politics in countries around the world. This is especially true of industrializing countries where widespread ecological disturbances and rapid exploitat...(Read More)
Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics
Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics (January 1996)
Paul Wapner - Author

A theoretical study of the politics of transnational environmental activist groups such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and the World Wildlife Fund that argues that environmental activists practice world civic politics and play a central role in the way the world addresses environmental issues.

"Grounded in a detailed examination of the actions of several leading environmental non governmental organizations (NGOs), the argument of...(Read More)
Ecological Resistance Movements
Ecological Resistance Movements (October 1995)
The Global Emergence of Radical and Popular Environmentalism
Bron Raymond Taylor - Editor

"The authors pay serious, systematic attention to a social and political phenomenon (grassroots ecological resistance) of global importance. Taylor is correct in his claim in the Preface that insufficient scholarly attention has been paid to grassroots environmentalism. This book takes a big step in the right direction. It will appeal to a wide audience within the academy and without." -- Steve Breyman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute