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Dattatreya: The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara
Dattatreya: The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara (April 1998)
A Study of the Transformative and Inclusive Character of a Multi-faceted Hindu Deity
Antonio Rigopoulos - Author

Presents the multi-faceted Hindu deity Dattatreya from his Puranic emergence to modern times.

This book presents the multi-faceted Hindu deity Dattatreya from his Puranic emergence up to modern times. Dattatreya's Brahmanical portrayal, as well as his even more archaic characterization as a Tantric antinomian figure, combines both Vaisnava Saiva motifs. Over the course of time, Dattatreya has come to embody the roles of ...(Read More)
Untouchable Pasts
Untouchable Pasts (April 1998)
Religion, Identity, and Power among a Central Indian Community, 1780-1950
Saurabh Dube - Author

Constructs a history of an untouchable and heretical community, the Satnamis of Central India.

Untouchable Pasts constructs a history of an untouchable and heretical community over the last two hundred years. The Satnamis of Central India have combined the features of a caste and a sect to question and challenge the tenor of ritual power that variously defines Hinduism. At the same time, within the community, schemes of meaning...(Read More)
Devoted to the Goddess
Devoted to the Goddess (February 1998)
The Life and Work of Ramprasad
Malcolm McLean - Author

Examines the legendary life and poetic works of Ramprasad, the eighteenth-century Bengali devotee of the Goddess, whose songs were influential in his own time and remain popular today.

"The author presents a brief, original interpretation of one of the most important, but least studied (in English) devotees of the Goddess. The book includes copious new translations (the best and most extensive in English, so far as I kno...(Read More)
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Society
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Society (January 1998)
Anne Feldhaus - Editor

Explores the conditions of women's lives in the modern state and traditional region of Maharashtra.

This volume, a companion to Images of Women in Maharashtrian Literature and Religion (SUNY Press, 1996), approaches more closely the realities of women's lives. Using historical documents from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and photographs, interviews, and conversations from the twentieth, the book constr...(Read More)
Seeing through Texts
Seeing through Texts (July 1996)
Doing Theology among the Srivaisnavas of South India
Francis X. Clooney, SJ - Author

Examines texts and commentaries in the Tamil-language SArivastradition of South India; about the general issues of text, vision, and narrative that such texts raise, and about the implications of these for a particular style of comparative theology.

"Clooney has turned an analysis of Satakopan's Tiruvaymoli, a theology treatise in the form of a long sensual poem about a girl's love for God, into seductive contempo...(Read More)
The Science of Empire
The Science of Empire (May 1996)
Scientific Knowledge, Civilization, and Colonial Rule in India
Zaheer Baber - Author

Investigates the complex social processes involved in the introduction and institutionalization of Western science in colonial India.
In Science, Civilization, and Empire in India, Zaheer Baber analyzes the social context of the origins and development of science and technology in India from antiquity through colonialism to the modern period. The focus is on the two- way interaction between science and society: how specific social...(Read More)
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Literature and Religion
Images of Women in Maharashtrian Literature and Religion (March 1996)
Anne Feldhaus - Editor

The essays investigate the images of women and femininity found in the traditions of the Marathi language region of India, Maharashtra, and how these images contradict the actualities of women's lives.

"Many fine and illuminating never-before published translations from the Marathi (especially the poetry and folk epics) are provided in this book. Among South Asia scholars, Maharashtra is well-known to be one of India's ...(Read More)
Praises to a Formless God
Praises to a Formless God (February 1996)
Nirguni Texts from North India
David N. Lorenzen - Author

Discusses and translates important compositions by famous Nirguni poets--poets dedicated to the worship of a formless God.

"Finally a scholar of proven erudition in Hindi texts has brought to the English-speaking world a powerful and pleasing introduction to the radical spirituality of medieval Hinduism. With fresh and interesting translations, Lorenzen has breathed new life into that acerbic and striking saint, Kabir, ...(Read More)
The Korean Economy
The Korean Economy (January 1996)
Perspectives for the 21st Century
Hyung-Koo Lee - Author

Lee, former South Korean government Minister of Labor for the South Korean government, discusses the country's economic development from 1945-1994 and the public policies that shaped it, arguing that if South Korea is to become a major economic power, the government should withdraw from the economic front line.

"The Korean Economy is a comprehensive diagnosis of the unique path of South Korea's economic developme...(Read More)
Veda and Torah
Veda and Torah (November 1995)
Transcending the Textuality of Scripture
Barbara A. Holdrege - Author

"In this book Barbara Holdrege has set a high standard for comparative work and has made an important contribution to both Hindu and Jewish studies. She has looked at Veda and Torah not simply as 'scripture,' but as systems of meaning, symbol systems, each with its own affiliated meanings, each with its symbolic context, and each with its history of interpretation. By addressing the whole complex in which Veda and Torah have been transmitted and b...(Read More)
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