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Literary India
Literary India (July 1995)
Comparative Studies in Aesthetics, Colonialism, and Culture
Patrick Colm Hogan - Editor
Lalita Pandit - Editor

This book analyzes a variety of materials from the Indian literary tradition. examining both its indigenous development and its relation to the West, and developing ideas from cultural criticism, literary theory, linguistics, and Indology.
"The breadth of discussion of Indian literature is impressive. Texts analyzed range from classical Sanskrit works to contemporary films. Moreover, the use of comparative literature methodologies is ce...(Read More)
India's Agony Over Religion
India's Agony Over Religion (February 1995)
Gerald James Larson - Author

Presents the contemporary religious crisis in India, providing historical perspective and focusing on the crises in Punjab, Kashmir, and Ayodhya.
"It is comprehensive in its approach to the contemporary crises. I found it to be an extremely interesting book to read." -- Ramchandra Gandhi
"It is precisely Larson's competence in classical indology that permitted him to explain so lucidly and perceptively the present Indian situation--a...(Read More)
Bhakti Religion in North India
Bhakti Religion in North India (December 1994)
Community Identity and Political Action
David N. Lorenzen - Editor

In India, religion continues to be an absolutely vital source for social as well as personal identity. All manner of groups--political, occupational, and social--remain grounded in specific religious communities. This book analyzes the development of the modern Hindu and Sikh communities in North India starting from about the fifteenth century, when the dominant bhakti tradition of Hinduism became divided into two currents: the sagun and the nirg...(Read More)
Language and Style of the Vedic Rsis
Language and Style of the Vedic Rsis (November 1994)
Tatyana J. Elizarenkova - Author
Wendy Doniger - Editor

"This is an extraordinary book, which could have been written by no one but Tatyana Elizarenkova. It is extraordinary because it combines two disciplines that no one else would dream of combining, or be able to combine: the modern, trendy, obscure discipline of semiotics, and the ancient, dusty, arcane discipline of Vedic philology. It is even more extraordinary because it combines them in such a way that they become mutually illuminating, that t...(Read More)
Rules and Regulations of Brahmanical Asceticism
Rules and Regulations of Brahmanical Asceticism (November 1994)
Patrick Olivelle - Author

This translation of a twelfth-century Sanskrit text is the most comprehensive presentation of Hindu ascetic practices available in English. It is also the clearest.
Rules and Regulations of Brahmanical Asceticism is the critical edition and translation of a twelfth-century Sanskrit text written by Yadava Prakasaa, whose life and activities are of historical interest because, according to tradition, he was the teacher of the great V...(Read More)
The Rise of the Goddess in the Hindu Tradition
The Rise of the Goddess in the Hindu Tradition (November 1994)
Tracy Pintchman - Author

This book explores the rise of the Great Goddess by focusing on the development of saakti (creative energy), maya (objective illusion), and prakr(materiality) from Vedic times to the late Puranic period, clarifying how these principles became central to her theology.

"I like very much the way in which Pintchman carefully establishes the interrelationships between saakti, maya, and prakrti conce...(Read More)
The Exotic
The Exotic (September 1994)
A Decadent Quest
Dorothy M. Figueira - Author

"The Exotic covers an extraordinary range of materials as it traces the reception of Sanskrit studies in the West and issues of ideology implied in that reception. It focuses chiefly on nineteenth-century German, French, and English scholarship, literature, and philosophy, but it also addressses twentieth-century associations between Indo-Germanism and National Socialism and contemporary views on ethnocentrism and political correctness.
<...(Read More)
A Survey of Hinduism
A Survey of Hinduism (September 1994)
Second Edition
Klaus K. Klostermaier - Author

This revision reflects recent developments and events in India. In particular, a new Part has been added entitled "The Meeting of East and West in India" which contains a new chapter on Mahatma Gandhi. There is also a new chapter on the position of women in Hinduism. In addition to the added chapters, the entire book has been rewritten with many new illustrations and maps.

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the Hin...(Read More)
Authority, Anxiety, and Canon
Authority, Anxiety, and Canon (July 1994)
Essays in Vedic Interpretation
Laurie L. Patton - Editor

"What a feast these essays provide! Together they constitute the most sophisticated yet accessible volume I have come across in years. There are moments in reading when I simply had to pause to write the word 'stunning' and to ponder the implications of what the author had just said." -- Thomas B. Coburn, St. Lawrence University

"This anthology assembles a series of superbly researched and written articles around the theme of authority and an...(Read More)
Tukaram (June 1994)
R. D. Ranade - Author

Three centuries after Jnaneshwar, devotional poetry had another full flowering in Western India. Tukaram Maharaj was a merchant and householder who seemed to fail at everything. Bankruptcy, the death of his first wife during a famine, and castigation by the Brahmin orthodoxy forced him into isolation—and there he poured out his longing and devotion in hundreds of songs. At first regarded as mad, musicians, singers, and ordinary villagers began...(Read More)
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