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Modern Indian Interpreters of the Bhagavad Gita
Modern Indian Interpreters of the Bhagavad Gita (October 1986)
Robert N. Minor - Author

This is a collection of careful, objective, historically sensitive studies of modern commentators on the Bhagavadgita, one of the basic scriptures of Hinduism, and one which has been widely read in the modern West. Experts on modern Indian religious thought show how Ghandi, Vivekananda, Radhakrishnan, Bhaktivedanta, Aurobindo, Tilak, Bhave, Sivananda, the Theosophists, and Bhankim read, used and interpreted the Gita. Collectiv...(Read More)
Karma and Creativity
Karma and Creativity (June 1986)
Christopher Key Chapple - Author

"This book deals with the Indian experience of karma in a fresh way--yet one which is in harmony with the tradition. Too often karma is simply dismissed by both Western and Indian readers as 'fate' or determinism. By stressing the 'creativity' aspect of karma, and tracing it from the RVeda through the Upanis, SamYogavasis and the Gita, a clear vision of karma as non-deterministic is presented. This is a welcome redress...(Read More)
The Face of Truth
The Face of Truth (March 1986)
A Study of Meaning and Metaphysics in the Vedantic Theology of Ramanuja
Julius Lipner - Author

The Face of Truth examines in depth the Vedāntic theology of Rāmanujā, the most important and well-known of the classical Hindu theologians. Julius Lipner clearly analyzes Rāmānuja's theory of sacred language and divine predication, his views on the nature of the self, God, and the relationship between infinite and finite being.

In addition to offering new insights into and analyses...(Read More)
The Bhagavad Gita
The Bhagavad Gita (June 1984)
Revised Edition
Winthrop Sargeant - Translator
Christopher Key Chapple - Edited with a foreword by

It is now possible for anyone with a lively interest in the Gita to come into direct contact with the richness and resonance of the original text. This revised edition provides an inter-linear word-for-word translation along with the devanagari characters and their transliteration. To aid in understanding, a detailed grammatical commentary and page-by-page vocabularies are included as well as a complete prose translation.