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Jewish American and Holocaust Literature
Jewish American and Holocaust Literature (September 2004)
Representation in the Postmodern World
Alan L. Berger - Editor
Gloria L. Cronin - Editor

Deepens and enriches our understanding of the Jewish literary tradition and the implications of the Shoah.

Challenging the notion that Jewish American and Holocaust literature have exhausted their limits, this volume reexamines these closely linked traditions in light of recent postmodern theory. Composed against the tumultuous background of great cultural transition and unprecedented state-sponsored systematic murder, ...(Read More)
Confronting Evil
Confronting Evil (April 2004)
Two Journeys
Fred Emil Katz - Author

Using insights from behavioral science, a Holocaust survivor explores how evil actions can seem "moral" to the perpetrators and how we must alter our thinking to prevent this.

Confronting Evil describes Fred Emil Katz's two journeys in response to surviving the Holocaust. One journey is that of a survivor who tries to come to terms with his own survival, and who must cope with survival guilt as well as t...(Read More)
Traumatic Encounters
Traumatic Encounters (August 2003)
Holocaust Representation and the Hegelian Subject
Paul Eisenstein - Author

Addresses the difficulty of representing the Holocaust in literature and on film.

Traumatic Encounters
argues for an alternative memorial path in Holocaust and cultural studies—one that shows the vital necessity of thinking in a universal way about an event like the Holocaust. Relying on Hegel's notion that the particular is already universal, Eisenstein shows how the encounter with trauma transpires not in the ...(Read More)
Ethics and Selfhood
Ethics and Selfhood (July 2003)
Alterity and the Phenomenology of Obligation
James R. Mensch - Author

Argues that a coherent theory of ethics requires an account of selfhood.

According to James R. Mensch, a minimal requirement for ethics is that of guarding against genocide. In deciding which races are to live and which to die, genocide takes up a standpoint outside of humanity. To guard against this, Mensch argues that we must attain the critical distance required for ethical judgment without assuming a superhuman po...(Read More)
Over the Rooftops of Time
Over the Rooftops of Time (November 2002)
Jewish Stories, Essays, Poems
Myra Sklarew - Author

Wide-ranging and poignant reflections on literature, art, science, and memory.

In this collection of essays, stories, and poems, award-winning poet and fiction writer Myra Sklarew traces a journey across the latter half of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Her point of view is Jewish, though her subjects include science, exile, the future, the Holocaust, the remaining Jewish community of Morocco, Yidd...(Read More)
Brickyards to Graveyards
Brickyards to Graveyards (September 2002)
From Production to Genocide in Rwanda
Villia Jefremovas - Author

Explores how the conditions that shaped Rwanda's labor organization and industries also shaped Rwanda's genocide.

Brickyards to Graveyards examines how the overidealized picture of Rwanda as the darling of the world community in the 1980s was shattered amidst the genocide that occurred a decade later. The brick and tile industries of Rwanda provide a microcosm to examine the transformation of gender, class, and ...(Read More)
Between Witness and Testimony
Between Witness and Testimony (October 2001)
The Holocaust and the Limits of Representation
Michael Bernard-Donals - Author
Richard Glejzer - Author

Examines the ethical and pedagogical stakes of representing the Holocaust in books, films, and museum exhibits.

The Holocaust presents an immense challenge to those who would represent it or teach it through fiction, film, or historical accounts. Even the testimonies of those who were there provide only a glimpse of the disaster to those who were not. Between Witness and Testimony investigates the difficulties ...(Read More)
Memory and Mastery
Memory and Mastery (April 2001)
Primo Levi as Writer and Witness
Roberta S. Kremer - Editor

Interdisciplinary explorations into the work of one of the premier writer-survivors of the Holocaust.

This book carefully examines the work of Primo Levi, one of the premier survivor-writers of the Holocaust and one of the outstanding Italian writers of the twentieth century. Artists, writers, and educators have all turned to Levi's writing as a source of inspiration and wisdom in coping with the tragedy of the Holocau...(Read More)
Suffering Witness
Suffering Witness (October 2000)
The Quandary of Responsibility after the Irreparable
James Hatley - Author

Conceptualizes the question of witness and responsibility, following the Holocaust, using continental philosophy, theology, and literary theory.

Drawing on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, James Hatley uses the prose of Primo Levi and Tadeusz Borowski, as well as the poetry of Paul Celan, to question why witnessing the Shoah is so pressing a responsibility for anyone living in its aftermath. He argues that the witnessing of irrepara...(Read More)
Words and Witness
Words and Witness (June 2000)
Narrative and Aesthetic Strategies in the Representation of the Holocaust
Lea Wernick Fridman - Author

Connects Holocaust literature and film to other works of "historical horror" in order to examine the limits that trauma imposes upon literary and artistic expression.

Narratives of large-scale historical horror and trauma cross a terrible boundary in representation. What forms are adequate to such experience? What are the forms that such narratives actually take? Fridman is fascinated by the boundary that separates the representable fr...(Read More)
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