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Son of Spirit
Son of Spirit (January 1997)
A Novel
David Farrell Krell - Author

A historical novel, this is the beautifully told story of Louis Hegel, illegitimate son of the philosopher G.W.F. Hegel. Ultimately disowned by his father and forced to use his mother's name, Louis died in Indonesia, as Ludwig Fischer, at the age of 24--the bastard son of SPIRIT.

Son of Spirit is the story of a natural child of philosophy--the story of one of philosophy's bastards. Hegel's first son, Louis, known...(Read More)
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition (February 1996)
Texts and Commentary
John O'Neill - Editor

Presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language.

This book presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language—a narrative that has been subject to extensive ...(Read More)
Schelling and the End of Idealism
Schelling and the End of Idealism (February 1996)
Dale E. Snow - Author

This comprehensive, general introduction to Schelling's philosophy shows that it was Schelling who set the agenda for German idealism and defined the term of its characteristic problems.

Schelling is finally beginning to emerge from the long shadow cast by the eminence and influence of Hegel. This book demonstrates that, far from merely forming a step on the royal road to Hegel, it was Schelling who set the agenda for G...(Read More)
Stylistics (December 1995)
Rethinking the Artforms After Hegel
Richard Dien Winfield - Author

Presents a systematic theory of the artforms (symbolic, classical, and romantic), providing a way of addressing contemporary art and sketching a theory of the individual arts.

Winfield develops a systematic theory of the fundamental styles of art, addressing the most neglected area of aesthetics, without which neither cultural divides, artistic periods, nor the fate of art in modernity can be understood. Stylisticsthoroughly cri...(Read More)
Hegel's Theory of Madness
Hegel's Theory of Madness (August 1995)
Daniel Berthold-Bond - Author

This book shows how an understanding of the nature and role of insanity in Hegel's writing provides intriguing new points of access to many of the central themes of his larger philosophic project. Berthold-Bond situates Hegel's theory of madness within the history of psychiatric practice during the great reform period at the turn of the eighteenth century, and shows how Hegel developed a middle path between the stridently opposed camps of "empirical...(Read More)
The Owl at Dawn
The Owl at Dawn (August 1995)
A Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Andrew Cutrofello - Author

A present-day continuation of the philosophical narrative presented in G.W.F. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit that confronts every major post-Hegelian philosophical position and arrives at an original reconception of the purpose of dialectical phenomenology.

“A brilliant, original evaluation of post-Hegelian philosophy from the perspective of Hegelian phenomenology.” — Lawrence S. Stepelevic...(Read More)
Hegel on the Modern World
Hegel on the Modern World (January 1995)
Ardis B. Collins - Editor

This book relates Hegel to later philosophers and philosophies.

Hegel on the Modern World provides an excellent introduction to the rich and diverse cultural context in which Hegel develops his philosophy. It also makes available, in an easily accessible form, little known elements of the German scene that have a value of their own as well as a value for enriching our understanding of Hegel's philosophy.

<...(Read More)
Philosophy without Foundations
Philosophy without Foundations (October 1994)
Rethinking Hegel
William Maker - Author

"The author offers a forthright, closely-reasoned, often pungently-worded series of arguments, often developing considerable persuasive momentum for considering Hegel as a non-metaphysical, non-foundational thinker, and for recognizing the continuing relevance of Hegel to ongoing philosophical discussion. Ever since the late 1960s contemporary philosophy has been rediscovering the 'radical' Hegel buried under lazy interpretations from the past. Th...(Read More)
The Potencies of God(s)
The Potencies of God(s) (October 1994)
Schelling's Philosophy of Mythology
Edward Allen Beach - Author

"This is an interdisciplinary study, connecting philosophy and religion. Beach is at home in both domains of analysis and argument. He situates Schelling's endeavor in a clearly articulated matrix of systematic positions. Though he is rightly critical of Schelling's accomplishments,, both in terms of religion and philosophy, he manifests a good deal of sympathy for that thinker's project." -- Michael G. Vater, Marquette University

"This bo...(Read More)
The Heterodox Hegel
The Heterodox Hegel (September 1994)
Cyril O'Regan - Author

“It is a work of great originality and enormous comprehension that imposes itself upon Hegel scholarship by its sheer intellectual power, its creative expression, and its staggering erudition.” — Louis Dupré, Yale University

“This work is original and brilliant as the first full-length study of the mystical background to Hegel. Cyril O’Regan’s work is a ground-breaking study that ...(Read More)
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