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Hegel and Shakespeare on Moral Imagination
Hegel and Shakespeare on Moral Imagination (September 2010)
Jennifer Ann Bates - Author

A study of moral self-consciousness in Hegel and Shakespeare.

In this fascinating book, Jennifer Ann Bates examines shapes of self-consciousness and their roles in the tricky interface between reality and drama. Shakespeare’s plots and characters are used to shed light on Hegelian dialectic, and Hegel’s philosophical works on art and politics are used to shed light on Shakespeare’s dramas. B...(Read More)
Hegel and History
Hegel and History (December 2009)
Will Dudley - Editor

Comprehensive overview of Hegel’s thought on history.

Nearly two centuries after declaring “the end of history,” Hegel remains a rich source of insights into our historical nature. The essays collected here interpret and develop those insights, while also challenging Hegel’s philosophical approach to comprehend present and future phenomena that he could neither experience nor imagine. They r...(Read More)
Spirit, the Family, and the Unconscious in Hegel's Philosophy
Spirit, the Family, and the Unconscious in Hegel's Philosophy (December 2009)
David V. Ciavatta - Author

HONORABLE MENTION - 2011 Biennial Book Prize, presented by the Canadian Philosophical Association

Investigates the role of family in Hegel’s phenomenology.

This original study of the role that family life plays in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and Philosophy of Right pays particular attention to Hegel’s characterization of the family as an uncon...(Read More)
Tragedy and Citizenship
Tragedy and Citizenship (November 2008)
Conflict, Reconciliation, and Democracy from Haemon to Hegel
Derek W. M. Barker - Author

A study of attitudes toward tragedy in both democratic and nondemocratic political theory.

Tragedy and Citizenship provides a wide-ranging exploration of attitudes toward tragedy and their implications for politics. Derek W. M. Barker reads the history of political thought as a contest between the tragic view of politics that accepts conflict and uncertainty, and an optimistic perspective that sees conf...(Read More)
Identity and Difference
Identity and Difference (July 2007)
Studies in Hegel's Logic, Philosophy of Spirit, and Politics
Philip T. Grier - Editor

Contributors draw on Hegel’s account of identity and difference to challenge conventional theories of identity.

Identity and difference (or sameness and otherness) are contrasting but interrelated terms that have played an explicit role in the development of Western philosophy at least since Plato wrote the Sophist. As Plato pointed out then, and Hegel reiterated more recently in his Science of Logic...(Read More)
Hegel's Absolute
Hegel's Absolute (January 2007)
An Introduction to Reading the Phenomenology of Spirit
Donald Phillip Verene - Author

Offers suggestions for approaching Hegel’s most difficult and important work.

Reputed to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding works of philosophical literature, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit has long been in need of an introduction for English readers. Without using jargon or technical terms, Donald Phillip Verene provides that introduction, guiding the reader through Hegel’s text a...(Read More)
Tragedies of Spirit
Tragedies of Spirit (October 2006)
Tracing Finitude in Hegel's Phenomenology
Theodore George - Author

Examines tragedy in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

In Tragedies of Spirit, Theodore D. George engages Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit to explore the philosophical significance of tragedy in post-Kantian continental thought. George follows lines of inquiry originally developed by Nietzsche, Heidegger, Gadamer, and Derrida, and takes as his point of departure the concern that Hegel’s...(Read More)
Hegel and Language
Hegel and Language (July 2006)
Jere O'Neill Surber - Editor

The first anthology exclusively devoted to Hegel’s linguistic thought.

The first anthology explicitly dedicated to Hegel’s linguistic thought, Hegel and Language presents various facets of a new wave of Hegel scholarship. The chapters are organized around themes that include the possibility of systematic philosophy, truth and objectivity, and the relation of Hegel’s thought to analytic and p...(Read More)
Between Transcendence and Historicism
Between Transcendence and Historicism (January 2006)
The Ethical Nature of the Arts in Hegelian Aesthetics
Brian K. Etter - Author

Argues that the concept of the ethical is central to Hegel’s philosophy of art.

Between Transcendence and Historicism explores Hegel’s aesthetics within the larger context of the tradition of theoretical reflection to emphasize its unique ability to account for traditional artistic practice. Arguing that the concept of the ethical is central to Hegel’s philosophy of art, ...(Read More)
Hegel and the Other
Hegel and the Other (July 2005)
A Study of the Phenomenology of Spirit
Philip J. Kain - Author

A new, highly accessible commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

This volume by Philip J. Kain is one of the most accessibly written books on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit available. Avoiding technical jargon without diluting Hegel's thought, Kain shows the Phenomenology responding to Kant in far more places than are usually recognized. This perspective makes Hegel's text easier to understand. K...(Read More)
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