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Education Reform in Florida
Education Reform in Florida (March 2007)
Diversity and Equity in Public Policy
Kathryn M. Borman - Editor
Sherman Dorn - Editor

Describes and analyzes nation-leading school reforms in Florida.

In Education Reform in Florida, sociologists and historians evaluate Governor Jeb Bush’s nation-leading school reform policies since 1999. They examine the startlingly broad range of education policy changes enacted in Florida during Bush’s first term, including moves toward privatization with a voucher system, more government contro...(Read More)
Free Schools, Free People
Free Schools, Free People (July 2002)
Education and Democracy after the 1960s
Ronald J. Miller - Author

The first historical account of the free school movement of the 1960s.

This first historical account of the free school movement of the 1960s documents the formation of hundreds of small, independent schools across the United States that marked a turning point in American education. The book revisits and interprets the radical democratic educational vision behind those schools through the works of some of the authors o...(Read More)
Oh, Do I Remember!
Oh, Do I Remember! (July 2001)
Experiences of Teachers During the Desegregation of Austin's Schools, 1964-1971
Anna Victoria Wilson - Author
William E. Segall - Author

The story of one city's experience with school desegregation, as seen through the eyes of the teachers who lived it.

Stories of school desegregation are ultimately about people—teachers who work in the schools and the students who are there to learn. This book focuses on the front line faculty and their recollection of the effort to desegregate faculty in Austin's schools during 1964–1971 in compli...(Read More)
Destined to Rule the Schools
Destined to Rule the Schools (April 1998)
Women and the Superintendency, 1873-1995
Jackie M. Blount - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Tells the story of women and school leadership in America from the common school era to the present. Offers an historical account of how teaching became women's work and the school superintendency men's.

In 1909, when she became the superintendent of the Chicago schools, Ella Flagg Young proclaimed that women were "destined...(Read More)
The Other Struggle for Equal Schools
The Other Struggle for Equal Schools (October 1997)
Mexican Americans During the Civil Rights Era
Ruben Donato - Author

Contrary to popular belief that the struggle for educational opportunity during the civil rights era was waged exclusively by African Americans, this fascinating book shows that the Mexican American population challenged discriminatory educational practice more than was portrayed by the media.

Examining the Mexican American struggle for equal education during the 1960s and 1970s in the Southwest in general and in a Calif...(Read More)
Educating the Democratic Mind
Educating the Democratic Mind (November 1995)
Walter C. Parker - Editor

Addresses the question: How can schools help shape young minds to address the challenges of a democratic society?

There can be no democracy without democrats, and democrats are made, not born. This volume features sixteen provocative essays, old and new, on the concern to educate young people for that loosely-defined genre of political and social life called democracy. It is an historical collection on the central que...(Read More)
Discipleship or Pilgrimage?
Discipleship or Pilgrimage? (August 1995)
The Educator's Quest for Philosophy
Tony W. Johnson - Author

This interpretive history and critique of educational philosophy offers a reexamination and reconstruction of John Dewey's vision.
"Tony Johnson's book contains an explosive thesis: that philosophers of education make assumptions about knowing, learning, and the value of professionalism that are self-defeating and educationally destructive. In delineating these ironies, Johnson deepens the critique of the professionalized, departmentaliz...(Read More)
Women Leading In Education
Women Leading In Education (November 1994)
Diane M. Dunlap - Editor
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

"This book is a remarkable and much needed volume that documents and celebrates women's experiences in educational leadership. The volume is much more than a collection of women's voices: it is a wonderful chorus. The voices are consistently clear, caring, illuminating, and feminist. Men and women who read this will have a better understanding of women's experiences of leading in education and an increased appreciation for those experiences. Further...(Read More)
The Stone Trumpet
The Stone Trumpet (August 1994)
A Story of Practical School Reform, 1960-1990
Richard A. Gibboney - Author

"In the last ten years there has been much research on how to implement reforms; too little consideration has been given to what reforms are worth doing in the first place. Gibboney provides a useful Deweyan-progressive framework for assessing the educational value of reforms. The Stone Trumpet gives us insightful critiques of a wide variety of reforms from the new mathematics and science programs of the 1960s to competency-based edu...(Read More)
From "Backwardness" to "At-Risk" (July 1994)
Childhood Learning Difficulties and the Contradictions of School Reform
Barry M. Franklin - Author

"Barry M. Franklin's history of low-achieving, troubled, innocent children is sometimes chilling. For all their ostensible attempts to help children, America's public schools have frequently clipped the wings of youth. With a poet's eye but historian's sensibility, Franklin deftly recovers missing pages of the past. He provides the reader with valuable historical perspective on current policy debates on at-risk children." -- From the Foreword by ...(Read More)
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