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Freedom and Community
Freedom and Community (August 1993)
The Ethics of Interdependence
Erich H. Loewy - Author

In this book, Loewy grounds communitarian ethics in contemporary terms, particularly as a response to the intractable social problems in the United States and the shocking collapse of the Soviet Union and Soviet-style communism. He goes far beyond his work in ethics to date, moving from a dialectical relationship between community and autonomy to a notion in which the ends and means of both community and individual interact to produce a h...(Read More)
Nursing and Health Care for the Homeless
Nursing and Health Care for the Homeless (July 1993)
Juanita K. Hunter - Editor

"As the triple threat of homelessness, AIDS, and substance abuse erodes the resources of the health care system, information relative to providing care for this 'at risk' population will become more valuable. A book reflective of the experiences of persons working in the field should be invaluable to providers of care and to student educators and researchers. Personally, my belief is that a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach to the soluti...(Read More)
The Life of Illness
The Life of Illness (December 1992)
One Woman's Journey
Carol T. Olson - Author

"Olson's work is a lesson. It shows to health care professionals and others who are involved in lives of illness that a health care theology, although a hidden paradigm, is a reality. In the midst of a health care system that is primarily dedicated to economics, technology, politics, and industry, Olson gives voice to the hidden paradigm and reminds us that we need to recapture a synthesis between the health care culture and faith." -- Qualitat...(Read More)
Inside Nursing
Inside Nursing (February 1992)
A Critical Ethnography of Clinical Nursing Practice
Annette Fay Street - Author

By exploring and analyzing the experiences and impressions of nurses, Annette Fay Street provides an intimate account of clinical practice and what those experiences mean in the profession. She highlights the realities and daily conflicts with which clinical nurses must deal, and offers insights into the culture and thinking that informs and transforms their work.

"The profession is undergoing radical changes, and this topic is very timely....(Read More)
Health Care Politics, Policy, and Distributive Justice
Health Care Politics, Policy, and Distributive Justice (January 1992)
The Ironic Triumph
Robert P. Rhodes - Author

This book describes and evaluates power and influence in the creation, administration, and distribution of health care in the United States. His work is uniquely concerned with distributive justice as well as power. Who ought to receive more (or less) health care? How should we decide these distributions? Such questions are addressed in works of philosophy with little attention to political, legal, and economic analysis of budget dilemmas, profes...(Read More)
Scientific Knowledge in Controversy
Scientific Knowledge in Controversy (July 1991)
The Social Dynamics of the Fluoridation Debate
Brian Martin - Author

Scientific Knowledge in Controversy: The Social Dynamics of the Fluoridation Debate is a study of today's most heated and long-lived health controversy as well as a study of the role of power in science. It uses the tools of sociology of knowledge and political economy to analyze battles over scientific evidence and the struggle for scientific credibility, the exercise of professional power to suppress opponents, and the role of corporate i...(Read More)
Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine
Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine (August 1990)
A Countersystem Analysis
Stephen Lyng - Author

"More and more criticisms are being levelled at traditional, allopathic medicine but Lyng's work moves well beyond the normal parameter of criticism. It develops a good argument against positivism, the basic method of traditional medicine and uses the dialectic to present a convincing alternative using the basis of the Marxist approach to the sociology of knowledge. It is a significant and important contribution to the field." -- Derek G. Gill, Uni...(Read More)
Trichinellosis (March 1985)
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Trichinellosis
Charles W. Kim - Editor

Infections with the parasite Trichinella spiralis have undoubtedly been present for thousands of years, but it was only 150 years ago that the parasite was associated with clinical disease in man and subsequently with the consumption of raw or inadequately cooked pork.

The 54 papers in the book contain the most recent information on the parasite Trichinella and on the disease, trichinellosis. Presented ...(Read More)
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