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Philosophy of Nursing
Philosophy of Nursing (November 1999)
A New Vision for Health Care
Janice M. Brencick - Author
Glenn A. Webster - Author

Employs philosophy to help illuminate the nature of nursing and provide a holistic view of both nursing and persons.

Using the philosophical lens of universality and singularity in combination with nursing practice, Janice M. Brencick and Glenn A. Webster explore the complex relationship between science and technology, on the one hand, and the care of unique and complex individuals on the other. Through carefully crafted conversations ...(Read More)
The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital
The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital (April 1996)
Policy, Stigma, and Organization
George W. Dowdall - Author

Examines the origins, recent history, and future of state hospitals.
State hospitals still account for the majority of the state dollars spent on mental health care across the nation. Why do state hospitals persist and expand despite public scandal and professional disapproval? What role does the state mental hospital play in the current system of care for the seriously mentally ill? What role should it play, and at what cost? Dowdall exp...(Read More)
Abortion Rates in the United States
Abortion Rates in the United States (February 1996)
The Influence of Opinion and Policy
Matthew E. Wetstein - Author

Demonstrates that individual state policies on abortion closely reflect public opinion in that state and affect abortion rates, whereas national policy and policy changes have no real effect on abortion rates.

"Abortion Rates in the United States features a comprehensive treatment of an important policy topic in a single volume and incorporates sophisticated methodologies to advance our understanding of the dynami...(Read More)
Biocultural Dimensions of Chronic Pain
Biocultural Dimensions of Chronic Pain (November 1995)
Implications for Treatment of Multi-Ethnic Populations
Maryann S. Bates - Author

Based on qualitative and quantitative studies in the United States and Puerto Rico, this book demonstrates the significant effect of patients' and health care providers' ethnic and cultural backgrounds on chronic pain.
"What I like most about this book is that first it addresses an important issue: the role of ethnicity and culture in chronic pain.. Much of what Bates says also applies not only to chronic disease but virtually all types ...(Read More)
The Constructed Body
The Constructed Body (August 1995)
AIDS, Reproductive Technology, and Ethics
Julien S. Murphy - Author

This book takes a phenomenological approach to feminist issues in medical ethics: AIDS and reproductive technology.
This book contributes to new directions in medical ethics by using recent philosophical theories, such as phenomenological, deconstruction, and post-structuralism, and extends philosophical analysis to allow for the influences of politics, cultural difference, and history on ethics. The author views AIDS from several diffe...(Read More)
Health Care for an Aging Population
Health Care for an Aging Population (August 1994)
Chris Hackler - Editor

This volume examines one of the most important policy issues to be faced as policymakers address both current and future health care needs--the allocation of health care resources for an aging population. The first part looks at the role of the aged in society, what justice requires of the young toward the old and of the old toward the young, the source of rising health care costs, and the need to control medical spending.
The second part focus...(Read More)
Literary Anatomies
Literary Anatomies (July 1994)
Women's Bodies and Health in Literature
Delese Wear - Author
Lois LaCivita Nixon - Author

This book shows how imaginative literature brings women's medical experiences back to lived moments in living bodies, where readers can, perhaps, better understand what it feels like to be someone else. The authors provide four sections that discuss birth, abortion, miscarriage, and fertility; breast cancer; middle age, menopause, and hysterectomy; and aging. While the focus is on twentieth-century North American women, a particular emphasis is pl...(Read More)
All Things to All People
All Things to All People (June 1994)
The Catholic Church Confronts the AIDS Crisis
Mark R. Kowalewski - Author

This book examines the Roman Catholic Church in the United States as it responds to the AIDS crisis and persons with AIDS from a critical sociological perspective using organizational theory.

"This topic is significant for two reasons: (1) AIDS and the Church's response to it will continue to create conflict and force issues regarding moral deliberation to the forefront of theological ethics; (2) the Church's use of power and its openness to...(Read More)
Being Called to Care
Being Called to Care (April 1994)
Mary Ellen Lashley - Author
Maggie T. Neal - Author
Emily Todd Slunt - Author
Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author

"The important explorations and insights offered by the authors in this book provide vivid evidence of ways in which nurses exercise their responses to a call to care. This is not a sentimental text, nor is it a simple or singular approach. The text is not associated with religious ideology. It is deeply spiritual; it explores the common grounds of meaning in human existence. These authors have brought together insights that are grounded in n...(Read More)
Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State
Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State (February 1994)
Retrenchment or Expansion
Derek G. Gill - Editor
Stanley R. Ingman - Editor

The essays in this book describe the situation of the elderly today, taking into account the major political, economic, and social variations of service provided in a variety of countries. Although the welfare state exists in all developed and developing countries, its content and administration varies substantially.

The editors first develop a framework of concepts and perspectives that establish links between eldercare, dis...(Read More)
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