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Self-Direction (June 2021)
A Revolution in Human Services
Valerie J. Bradley - Author
Marc H. Fenton - Author
Kevin J. Mahoney - Author

Relates how the self-direction movement was developed, the research that supports it, how the model has spread across the country and the globe, and recommendations and prospects for the future.

In the past, when people with disabilities and older adults needed help with activities of daily living and navigating their communities, they rarely had any choice about who helped them, w...(Read More)
Elder Care Journey
Elder Care Journey (June 2016)
A View from the Front Lines
Laura Katz Olson - Author

SHORTLISTED - 2016 Sarton Women’s Book Awards in the Memoir Category, presented by the Story Circle Network

GOLD Medal2017 Living Now Book Award in the Caregiving category

Combining expert knowledge and first-hand experience, a noted elder care researcher confronts the long-distance care of her own mother.

For millions of Americans ca...(Read More)
The Joy of Noh
The Joy of Noh (April 2014)
Embodied Learning and Discipline in Urban Japan
Katrina L. Moore - Author

Examines Japanese later life learners involved in Noh theater.

Centered on questions of identity formation, selfhood, and the body, this ethnography examines the experiences of later life learners in Japan. The women profiled are amateur practitioners of Noh theater, learning the dance and chant essential to this classic art form. Using a combination of observational, interview, and experiential data, Katrina L. Moore discusses...(Read More)
Aging by the Book
Aging by the Book (March 2009)
The Emergence of Midlife in Victorian Britain
Kay Heath - Author

Uncovers the origins of midlife anxiety in Victorian print culture.

Aging by the Book offers an innovative look at the ways in which middle age, which for centuries had been considered the prime of life, was transformed during the Victorian era into a period of decline. Single women were nearing middle age at thirty, and mothers in their forties were expected to become sexless; meanwhile, fortyish men...(Read More)
Demographic Change and the Family in Japan's Aging Society
Demographic Change and the Family in Japan's Aging Society (January 2003)
John W. Traphagan - Editor
John Knight - Editor

A demographic and ethnographic exploration of how the aging Japanese society is affecting the family.

Incorporating qualitative and quantitative data and research methods from both demography and social anthropology, this book explores demographic trends in contemporary Japan's rapidly aging society. The contributors describe and analyze trends by addressing the ways in which demographic change is experienced in the con...(Read More)
New Directions in Old-Age Policies
New Directions in Old-Age Policies (September 1998)
Janie S. Steckenrider - Editor
Tonya M. Parrott - Editor

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the political environment and the state of old-age policy and politics and discusses specific, realistic policy options for the future.

This book explores the changed political environment in the United States and what it means for the policies and programs benefiting the elderly and their families. It includes chapters written by distinguished contributors, such as Fernando Torres-Gil, Assistant ...(Read More)
Intergenerational Programs
Intergenerational Programs (January 1998)
Support for Children, Youth, and Elders in Japan
Matthew Kaplan - Author
Atsuko Kusano - Author
Ichiro Tsuji - Author
Shigeru Hisamichi - Author

Provides a rarely-seen portrait of intergenerational programs in Japan, including an overview of similar programs in the United States, of growing interest as our population ages.

The "intergenerational programming concept," now garnering increased interest in America, has been applied to Japanese society as a strategy for maintaining intergenerational and cultural continuity in the face of social and demographic change...(Read More)
Health Care for an Aging Population
Health Care for an Aging Population (August 1994)
Chris Hackler - Editor

This volume examines one of the most important policy issues to be faced as policymakers address both current and future health care needs--the allocation of health care resources for an aging population. The first part looks at the role of the aged in society, what justice requires of the young toward the old and of the old toward the young, the source of rising health care costs, and the need to control medical spending.
The second part focus...(Read More)
Ecotone (July 1994)
Wayfaring on the Margins
Florence R. Shepard - Author

Ecotone: Wayfaring on the Margins, a personal history of place, is written from the perspective of a teacher, naturalist, and feminist and uses the metaphor of the biological ecotone as the boundary where inner and outer landscapes of the woman/nature continuum meet.

In this book, Krall proposes a counter-narrative to the usual reading of marginality. In autobiographical narrative that rings with experience, she describes margins as r...(Read More)
Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State
Eldercare, Distributive Justice, and the Welfare State (February 1994)
Retrenchment or Expansion
Derek G. Gill - Editor
Stanley R. Ingman - Editor

The essays in this book describe the situation of the elderly today, taking into account the major political, economic, and social variations of service provided in a variety of countries. Although the welfare state exists in all developed and developing countries, its content and administration varies substantially.

The editors first develop a framework of concepts and perspectives that establish links between eldercare, dis...(Read More)
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