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Perverse Desire and the Ambiguous Icon
Perverse Desire and the Ambiguous Icon (November 1994)
Allen S. Weiss - Author

"Here is an extremely intelligent, well-informed, authoritative account of some of the most exciting and novel aspects of contemporary thought and contemporary aesthetics. This is really solid, exciting work. It will be a major text in the field of contemporary aesthetics and postmodernist debate.

"Weiss shows what is at stake in aesthetic production in a range of fields: film, literature, music, painting. He clearly articulates the projects ...(Read More)
Re-Viewing British Cinema, 1900-1992
Re-Viewing British Cinema, 1900-1992 (July 1994)
Essays and Interviews
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Editor

"Rarely have I read an anthology in which all of the essays are so uniformly excellent, especially so consistently well written. Indeed, many of the essays read as if they spring from the same voice--an important part of the pleasure of this work. There has been a veritable boom in the U.S. and Britain recently of scholarship on the British cinema; this work will take its place at the top of this growing list." -- David Desser, University of Illinoi...(Read More)
Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture
Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture (June 1994)
Paul Farber - Editor
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Editor
Gunilla Holm - Editor

Many factors contribute to the way individuals come to an understanding of what schooling is about and where it might be headed. This book explores the role of popular culture in that process.

The authors illustrate how powerful and suggestive images and ideas about teachers, learning, and other aspects of schooling are constructed in the "texts" of various modes of popular culture. As a basis for further inquiry, the book describes important...(Read More)
Speaking the Unspeakable
Speaking the Unspeakable (December 1992)
A Poetics of Obscenity
Peter Michelson - Author

"This book goes far beyond the limited implications of the free-speech arguments typically used in support of pornography and erotica. It convincingly argues for the profound, even if sometimes demonic, values of pornography and erotica in the context of literary studies, cultural practices, and philosophical discourse. It is well argued and well researched, avoiding both the polemical excesses and the technical jargon that mar so much current di...(Read More)
Seeing Films Politically
Seeing Films Politically (March 1991)
Mas'ud Zavarzadeh - Author

"In a big league along with Brecht and Barthes." -- Ernest Callenbach, Editor, Film Quarterly

In this bold political rethinking of contemporary film theory, Zavarzadeh overturns the dominant concepts that fetishize film as a work of art or simple entertainment. He demonstrates how aesthetic notions obscure the ideological effects produced by viewing films, particularly the production of the spectator as the subject of social class. S...(Read More)
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