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The Dawn-Builder
The Dawn-Builder (December 2008)
John G. Neihardt - Author

Unsettling novel about frontier life in Nebraska.

Bizarre, witty, and unsettling, The Dawn-Builder tells the story of Mr. Waters, a one-eyed, one-legged printer, habitual self-loather, and consummate drinker who finds himself in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska Territory, in the 1860s. While working for the town newspaper, Waters’ isolation is shattered by two women: a motherly widow and the other-worldly, be...(Read More)
The Ravine
The Ravine (January 2008)
Nivaria Tejera - Author
Carol Maier - Translation and afterword by

Fictional narrative of a young girl’s experiences at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Set in the Canary Islands at the outset of the Spanish Civil War, The Ravine is the provocative, disturbing account of a child’s experience with war. Narrated by an unnamed seven-year-old girl, the story begins in the early days of the war when her father—a staunch supporter of the Republic—goes...(Read More)
Fiction's Present
Fiction's Present (November 2007)
Situating Contemporary Narrative Innovation
R. M. Berry - Editor
Jeffrey R. Di Leo - Editor

Fiction writers and critics engage the aesthetic, political, philosophical, and cultural dimensions of contemporary fiction.

Combining creative and critical responses from some of today’s most progressive and innovative novelists, critics, and theorists, Fiction’s Present adventurously engages the aesthetic, political, philosophical, and cultural dimensions of contemporary fiction. By juxtaposing ...(Read More)
When Huai Flowers Bloom
When Huai Flowers Bloom (October 2007)
Stories of the Cultural Revolution
Shu Jiang Lu - Author

Depicts the Cultural Revolution through stories in a variety of voices.

Set against China’s turbulent years between the early 1960s and the late 1970s, When Huai Flowers Bloom is the literary memoir of a young girl who manages to sustain love, imagination, and strength during this most chaotic time. With twelve separate yet interconnected stories, Shu Jiang Lu alternates between storyteller and listen...(Read More)

Wang in Love and Bondage
Wang in Love and Bondage (March 2007)
Three Novellas by Wang Xiaobo
Wang Xiaobo - Author
Hongling Zhang - Translation and introduction by
Jason Sommer - Translation and introduction by

The first English translation of work by Wang Xiaobo, one of the most important writers of twentieth-century China.

Acclaimed as one of the most important writers of twentieth-century China, the late Wang Xiaobo (1952–1997) is known for his frank, often antic treatment of sex and his gift for reveling in human absurdity and provoking laughter from horror. Comprised of three novellas, “The Golden Age,” “East ...(Read More)

The History of the Sevarambians
The History of the Sevarambians (May 2006)
A Utopian Novel
Denis Veiras - Author
John Christian Laursen - Edited and with an introduction by
Cyrus Masroori - Edited and with an introduction by

One of the great utopian novels of the early modern period.

Reminiscent of More’s Utopia and Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Denis Veiras’s History of the Sevarambians is one of the great utopian novels of the seventeenth century. Set in Australia, this rollicking adventure story comes complete with a shipwreck, romantic tales, religious fraud, magical ta...(Read More)
The Demon's Daughter
The Demon's Daughter (March 2006)
A Love Story from South India
Velcheru Narayana Rao - Translation and afterword by
Pingali Suranna - Author

This sixteenth-century work has a modern sensibility, presenting characters' inner worlds and understanding love as the fullest realization of the individual.

The Demon's Daughter (Prabhavati-pradyumnamu) is a sixteenth-century novel by the south Indian poet Pingali Suranna, originally written in Telugu, the language of present-day Andhra Pradesh. Suranna begins with a story from classical Hindu mythology in whi...(Read More)
Become Who You Are
Become Who You Are (November 2005)
Hedwig Dohm - Author
Elizabeth G. Ametsbichler - Translation and afterword by

Two texts—one novella and one essay—that exemplify Dohm’s passionate arguments for gender equality.

Hedwig Dohm (1831–1919) was a thinker and writer significantly ahead of her time. She championed women’s rights in Germany and criticized with acerbic wit the social, political, and familial inequities inherent in gender relationships at the time of the first wave of the women’s movem...(Read More)
Arab Women Writers
Arab Women Writers (May 2005)
An Anthology of Short Stories
Dalya Cohen-Mor - Editor, translator and introduction by

A collection of sixty short stories by women writers from across the Arab world.

Consisting of sixty short stories by forty women writers from across the Arab world, this collection opens numerous windows onto Arab culture and society and offers keen insights into what Arab women feel and think. The stories deal not only with feminist issues but also with topics of a social, cultural, and political nature. Different styl...(Read More)
Keeping House
Keeping House (April 2005)
A Novel in Recipes
Clara Sereni - Author
Giovanna Miceli Jeffries - Translator
Susan Briziarelli - Translator

Food and its preparation play an integral role in this novel of a young Italian woman struggling to find her own identity in a family of strong personalities and colorful figures.

"Over 100 recipes guide and shape Sereni’s autobiographical novel of self-discovery … foodies will relish learning how to make Arugula Spread, Vitello Tonnato (Veal with Tuna) and Zabaione Ice Cream." — Publishe...(Read More)
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