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Forgotten Borough
Forgotten Borough (February 2011)
Writers Come to Terms with Queens
Nicole Steinberg - Editor

Twenty-four contemporary writers reflect on life in New York City’s biggest underdog, the “forgotten borough” of Queens.

The stories, poems, and essays in Forgotten Borough offer twenty-four takes on New York City’s biggest underdog: Queens. From the immigrant communities of Forest Hills to the unsung heroes of Maspeth and the bustling crowds of Flushing, Queens is the most divers...(Read More)

Guilty (January 2011)
Georges Bataille - Author
Stuart Kendall - Translation and introduction by

A searing personal record of spiritual and communal crisis, wherein the death of god announces the beginning of friendship.

Guilty is a searing personal record of spiritual and communal crisis, wherein the death of god announces the beginning of friendship. It takes the form of a diary, recording the earliest days of World War II and the Nazi occupation of France, but this is no ordinary day book: it rec...(Read More)
Shrouds of White Earth
Shrouds of White Earth (August 2010)
Gerald Vizenor - Author

2011 American Book Award, presented by the Before Columbus Foundation

Pointed, absorbing novel about an indigenous artist’s long journey of creativity and coming-of-awareness from White Earth Reservation to Paris.

Shrouds of White Earth, an innovative novel about a contemporary Native American Indian artist illuminates, infuriates, and enchants. Dogroy Beaulie...(Read More)
Fire Along the Sky
Fire Along the Sky (February 2010)
Being the Adventures of Captain Shane Hardacre in the New World
Robert Moss - Author

Revised and Expanded Edition containing the love letters of Valerie D’Arcy, complete and unexpurgated

A wildly entertaining historical adventure, deep inside the crucible in which America was forged.

“Splendidly researched and wildly amusing historical adventure … Tom Jones as The Deerslayer.” — Kirkus Reviews

Dearest S...(Read More)
Amazing Journeys
Amazing Journeys (January 2010)
Five Visionary Classics
Jules Verne - Author
Frederick Paul Walter - In New, Complete Translations by

New, superbly translated omnibus of five of Jules Verne’s most renowned stories: Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Circling the Moon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas, and Around the World in 80 Days.

“One of the best storytellers who ever lived.” — Arthur C. Clarke

In one dazzling decade, French novelist Jules Verne took readers to...(Read More)
The Italian Actress
The Italian Actress (December 2009)
A Novel
Frank Lentricchia - Author

A has-been American filmmaker encounters love, cruelty, and death in Italy.

Set in Italy, Frank Lentricchia’s sixth novel features a has-been Italian American filmmaker, once internationally acclaimed for the beauty of his images and his experiments in pornography but now stuck in prolonged creative drought. At an obscure film festival in Volterra he meets the aging but still stunning Claudia Cardinale, star...(Read More)
Knife Song Korea
Knife Song Korea (July 2009)
A Novel
Richard Selzer - Author

Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction & Literature: Literary Fiction category of the “Best Books 2010” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

SILVER MEDALIST - 2010 Independent Publishers Book Award in Literary Fiction Category

2009 Editor's Choice Award for Fiction by Foreword Magazine

A tumultuous year in the life of a young surgeon during the Korean War.

Knife Song Korea...(Read More)
The Firekeeper
The Firekeeper (July 2009)
A Narrative of the New York Frontier
Robert Moss - Author

An epic adventure based on the extraordinary historical story of Sir William Johnson and the author’s dreams of a Mohawk “woman of power” who lived three centuries ago.

“Robert Moss is a writer of considerable skill. In The Firekeeper, he shows a talent for accurate historical detail and an ability to recreate the past, both as it was and as it might have been. To read The Firekeeper is to be t...(Read More)
Indian Tales and Others
Indian Tales and Others (December 2008)
John G. Neihardt - Author

Anthology of short stories about American Indian life.

Shimmering tales of American Indian lives and worlds, exciting accounts of the long-lost western frontier, these seventeen short stories are among the best ever penned by the acclaimed author of Black Elk Speaks. An Omaha Indian elder tells of “The Singer of the Ache,” widely believed to be John G. Neihardt’s masterpiece of short fictio...(Read More)
Life's Lure
Life's Lure (December 2008)
John G. Neihardt - Author

A novel of the Black Hills gold rush.

The bitter darkness of frontier life pervades John G. Neihardt’s fascinating second novel, set during the Black Hills gold rush. A dashing gentleman gambler named Louis Devlin does his best to tempt and corrupt two earnest, good men—Samuel Drake, who has squandered his fortune in a Deadwood card game and Punkins, a callow farm boy who yearns to be rich. A lust for we...(Read More)
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