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Heart of a Family
Heart of a Family (June 1985)
Douglas Finn - Author

"I got a damn hip musician, a poet, and...well, a spoiled kid, I guess."

Jesse Landow, while recovering from a heart attack, describes his three sons in this quote. This sentence from this moving novel indicates that members of the Landow family see each other in categories. But as the novel unfolds, it becomes clear that the thrust of the action is toward working around those categories--divisions of attitude towards patriotism, status, ed...(Read More)
Lionel Lincoln: or, The Leaguer of Boston
Lionel Lincoln: or, The Leaguer of Boston (June 1985)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Donald A. Ringe - Historical introduction and notes
Lucy B. Ringe - Historical introduction and notes

Written to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the beginnings of the American Revolution, Lionel Lincoln was a radically new experiment in historical fiction. To recreate its events with the utmost accuracy, Cooper visited Boston in person in 1824 to study buildings and terrain, examine battlefields, read affidavits, consult records of the weather, and compare primary sources. George Bancroft declared in 1852 that Cooper had "described ...(Read More)
Prairie, The: A Tale
Prairie, The: A Tale (June 1985)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
James P. Elliott - Historical introduction and notes

In the spring of 1826, soon after the publication of The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper immersed himself in The Prairie. In taking Natty Bumppo from his beloved forests of New York state to the Great American Plains, Cooper was in part fulfilling his own prophecy at the end of The Pioneers. Though he was certainly recalling the periodic westward removals of Daniel Boone, one of the prototypes of Natty Bumppo, he was...(Read More)
The Fence-walker
The Fence-walker (June 1985)
William Holinger - Author

"The Fence-walker is a fascinating fusion of traditional virtues of craft and up-to-the minute contemporary themes. William Holinger presents us with a rare drama set in the 'Second' Theatre--Korea, right up on the DMZ--during the midst of the Vietnam War. It's a social drama that boils up with a heat only a 'cold' war can, paradoxically, generate, and a psychic drama as well, that of the education of his young lieutenant Richardson, the fe...(Read More)
Good Thunder
Good Thunder (June 1984)
John Solensten - Author

The award-winning tale of a Native American youth and his quest…

A young halfbreed grows to manhood in a modern-day Native American community on the Dakota prairie. The boy’s search is for roots, for self-understanding, for the mysterious father who has always been so far, yet so near, and for survival on the dividing line between two often-antagonistic cultures. The novel focuses on a critical year...(Read More)
On Common Ground
On Common Ground (June 1984)
Deena Linett - Author

A novel that explores the connections possible between people of apparently different backgrounds.

“Goin’ north!” Augusta exults. And shortly after she arrives, she meets Ben, like herself a southerner far from home. But Ben is black, and the complications that arise from their love teach them a great deal about themselves that they have resisted knowing. Ben is the catalyst that reminds Augusta ...(Read More)
The Last of the Mohicans
The Last of the Mohicans (June 1983)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
James Franklin Beard - Historical introduction
James A. Sappenfield - Text established by
E. N. Feltskog - Text established by

Celebrated for almost 150 years as the prototype of the American adventure story, The Last of the Mohicans remains a perennial favorite, an astonishingly complex work to be read on many levels. Irradiated by an elusive irony that gives epic scope to the American colonial experience, it projects on a broad canvas the futile efforts of European armies to wrest a glorious wilderness from the Indians and each other. It speaks with compassion of...(Read More)
After Freud
After Freud (June 1981)
Mary Elsie Robertson - Author

After Freud is the first novel truly to one-up Freudian insights with feminist ones, and in a fresh, witty manner. As a writer, Mary Elsie Robertson is a real craftswoman; hers is an original, hilarious, moving, and very American voice.”

Thus Robin Morgan (Contributing Editor, Ms. Magazine) describes Mary Elsie Robertson's Novel about a world which is after Freud and yet which is all too often...(Read More)
Wyandotte, or the Hutted Knoll
Wyandotte, or the Hutted Knoll (June 1981)
A Tale
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Thomas Philbrick - Edited, historical notes, and introduction
Marianne Philbrick - Edited, historical notes, and introduction

"One of the misfortunes of a nation, is to hear little besides its own praises," wrote James Fenimore Cooper in his Preface to Wyandottein 1843. The novel arrived at a time when a patriotic mythology about the American Revolution was developing, and Cooper's somber tale of the sufferings of an isolated family in upstate New York during the Revolution was not congruent with the celebratory stories then being told. One reviewer indeed objecte...(Read More)
The Pathfinder
The Pathfinder (June 1980)
or the Inland Sea
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Richard D. Rust - Historical introduction, notes, and text

The Pathfinder in 1840, James Fenimore Cooper engaged in what he called the "hazardous experiment" of reviving one of his most popular characters who had been allowed to die in a previous novel.

Natty Bumppo--who had appeared as Leatherstocking in The Pioneers, as Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans, and who had died as the Trapper in The Prairie--appears again as the hero of The Pathfinder. Encouraged by h...(Read More)
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