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Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, and Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva
Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, and Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva (June 2009)
Kelly Oliver - Editor
S. K. Keltner - Editor

Considers the social and political significance of Kristeva’s oeuvre.

The social and political relevance of Julia Kristeva’s work is perhaps the central question in Kristeva studies, and the essays in this collection provide a sustained interrogation of this complicated problematic from a variety of perspectives and across the various contexts and moments of Kristeva’s forty-year writing car...(Read More)
Imagining Law
Imagining Law (June 2008)
On Drucilla Cornell
Renée J. Heberle - Editor
Benjamin Pryor - Editor

Essays consider Drucilla Cornell’s contributions to philosophy, political theory, and legal studies.

Drucilla Cornell’s contribution to legal thought and philosophy is unique in its attention to diverse traditions and the possibilities of dialogue among them. Renée J. Heberle and Benjamin Pryor bring together scholars from a range of disciplines who reflect on Cornell’s influence and import...(Read More)
Sarah Kofman's Corpus
Sarah Kofman's Corpus (January 2008)
Tina Chanter - Editor
Pleshette DeArmitt - Editor

Draws connections between the life and writings of philosopher Sarah Kofman.

This groundbreaking collection sketches a portrait of Sarah Kofman (1934–1994), the brilliant French feminist philosopher and author of more than two dozen books on an impressive range of topics and figures in philosophy, literature, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, and feminism. Leading feminist philosophers examine the lessons that Kofma...(Read More)
In-Between Bodies
In-Between Bodies (October 2007)
Sexual Difference, Race, and Sexuality
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo - Author

Connects theories of sexual difference to race and queer theories through a focus on “in-between” bodies.

Residing between culture and nature, lived bodies are not fixed objects nor biological givens. In-Between Bodies examines “the body” in light of recent work in sexual difference theory and considers contributions provided by sexual difference frameworks, as well as their limits. Ad...(Read More)
Unmaking Race, Remaking Soul
Unmaking Race, Remaking Soul (September 2007)
Transformative Aesthetics and the Practice of Freedom
Christa Davis Acampora - Editor
Angela L. Cotten - Editor

Explores the theme of aesthetic agency and its potential for social and political progress.

Unmaking Race, Remaking Soul explores innovative approaches to analyzing cultural productions through which women of color have challenged and undermined social and political forces that work to oppress them. Emphasizing art-making practices that emerge out of and reflect concrete lived experience, leading contributo...(Read More)
Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance
Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance (May 2007)
Shannon Sullivan - Editor
Nancy Tuana - Editor

Leading scholars explore how different forms of ignorance are produced and sustained, and the role they play in knowledge practices.

Offering a wide variety of philosophical approaches to the neglected philosophical problem of ignorance, this groundbreaking collection builds on Charles Mills’s claim that racism involves an inverted epistemology, an epistemology of ignorance. Contributors explore how different...(Read More)
Living Attention
Living Attention (April 2007)
On Teresa Brennan
Alice A. Jardine - Editor
Shannon Lundeen - Editor
Kelly Oliver - Editor

Interdisciplinary exploration of the scope and impact of Teresa Brennan’s lifework.

As an internationally respected feminist philosopher, radical social and political theorist, and tireless activist, Teresa Brennan (1952–2003) was one of the most provocative thinkers of our time. Living Attention is a tribute to the significance of her thought and a testament to the transformative power of her lif...(Read More)
Mencius and Masculinities
Mencius and Masculinities (April 2007)
Dynamics of Power, Morality, and Maternal Thinking
Joanne D. Birdwhistell - Author

Looks at the Confucian classic Mencius from a feminist perspective and uncovers the “maternal thinking” within the work.

In this innovative work, Joanne D. Birdwhistell presents the first gender analysis of the Mencius, a central text in the Chinese philosophical tradition. Mencian philosophy, particularly its ideas about the processes by which a man could develop into a cultivated gentlem...(Read More)
Gender after Lyotard
Gender after Lyotard (January 2007)
Margret Grebowicz - Editor

Examines Lyotard’s writings in light of contemporary feminist theory.

The revolutionary French thinker Jean-François Lyotard indicates in many of his writings that one of the most significant philosophical problems is the problem of gender. In spite of this, feminist thinkers in both the continental and Anglo-American traditions have largely ignored his work, perhaps because his approach to the que...(Read More)
Returning to Irigaray
Returning to Irigaray (November 2006)
Feminist Philosophy, Politics, and the Question of Unity
Maria C. Cimitile - Editor
Elaine P. Miller - Editor

Leading scholars examine the relation between Irigaray’s early writings and her later, more political work.

Luce Irigaray is one of the most influential philosophers and theorists in the field of feminist thought, and her work is considered both revolutionary and controversial. This volume offers the first critical assessment of the relation of her early critical and poetic writings to her later political and p...(Read More)

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