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Sociobiology, Sex, and Science
Sociobiology, Sex, and Science (January 1993)
Harmon R. Holcomb III - Author

"Holcomb is now clearly the leading authority on sociobiology among philosophers of science. The book is non-polemical and non-ideological, thus making it far superior to Kitcher's earlier work, which it most resembles. Holcomb's aim is the promotion of science and new and better insights into the basis of science. He successfully uses human sociobiology as a research domain to investigate the nature of science, for which it is admirably suited. ...(Read More)
History and Evolution
History and Evolution (July 1992)
Matthew H. Nitecki - Editor
Doris V. Nitecki - Editor

The studies of evolutionary biology and of human history face the same kinds of problems and deal with the same processes. Both disciplines deal with similar questions in similar ways, but do the methods used produce comparable knowledge, and are the differences and similarities between these disciplines real?

This book examines the philosophy of historical and evolutionary studies; the objectivity and meanings of human and evolutionary hist...(Read More)
Evolutionary Epistemology and its Implications for Humankind
Evolutionary Epistemology and its Implications for Humankind (July 1990)
Franz M. Wuketits - Author

"It is a concise introduction to evolutionary epistemology and thus serves the growing philosophy of biology discipline well. It is the first book-length work written specifically to introduce students and scholars to the field of evolutionary epistemology and its philosophical ramifications." -- David Edward Shaner

This books aims to outline the scientific (biological) foundations of evolutionary epistemology, and to discuss its impl...(Read More)
The Metaphysics of Evolution
The Metaphysics of Evolution (November 1989)
David L. Hull - Editor

"Hull covers a set of topics that are of central importance to systematists and other evolutionists as well as to philosophers and historians of science: individuality, classification, historical explanation, human nature, and much more." -- Michael J. Donoghue, University of Arizona

This critical collection of essays represents the best of the best when it comes to philosophy of biology. Many chapters treat evolution as a biological...(Read More)
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology (November 1989)
Kai Hahlweg - Editor
C. A. Hooker - Editor

This book provides the fullest philosophical examination of theories of evolutionary epistemology now available. Here for the first time are found major statements of new theories, new applications, and many new critical explorations.

The book is divided into four parts: Part I introduces several new approaches to evolutionary epistemology; Part II attempts to widen the scope of evolutionary epistemology, either by tackling more traditional...(Read More)
Philopatry, Inbreeding, and the Evolution of Sex
Philopatry, Inbreeding, and the Evolution of Sex (June 1983)
William M. Shields - Author

"The book is a substantial contribution to the field of genetics and evolution, and has broad relevance for ecologists."
-- Jeffrey B. Mitton, University of Colorado

In this comprehensive synthesis, William M. Shields introduces a provocative new hypothesis linking the previously disconnected topics of philopatry, inbreeding, and sex. Shields draws widely from theory and data in genetics, ecology, and behavior in exploring the evolutionar...(Read More)
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations (June 1981)
With Readings from Empedocles to Wilson
C. Leon Harris - Editor

"In teaching, I have often wished that someone would bring together many of the primary source readings which Harris has compiled. Equally valuable is his fresh and exuberant approach, in which familiar questions take on new dimensions. I find this book exciting and likely to stimulate classroom discussion." -- Professor Jane Maienschein, Dickenson College

In this comprehensive history of evolutionism, C. Leon Harris has combined primary sour...(Read More)
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