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Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1981)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Constance Ayers Denne - Text established by
John Conron - Historical introduction and notes
Constance Ayers Denne - Historical introduction and notes

Describing Italy as "the only region of the earth that I truly love," James Fenimore Cooper used the style of picturesque impressionism to convey his vision of Italy as the microcosm of an ordered and a beautiful world.

In theory, the picturesque style of writing could produce verbal sketches that embodied a visual complexity similar to that of the great Baroque and Romantic landscape paintings. In practice, the hundreds of travel books writ...(Read More)
Aristocrats and the Crowd in the Revolutionary Year 1848
Aristocrats and the Crowd in the Revolutionary Year 1848 (June 1980)
A Contribution to the History of Revolution and Counter-Revolution
Josef V. Polisensky - Author
Frederick Snider - Translator

The Prague Uprising of 1848 was part of the powerful series of revolutions that shook practically the entire European Continent as the middle classes and urban and rural workers pressed against the rule of aristocrats and monarchs.

Czech Marxist historian Josef Polisensky analyzes the general turmoil of revolutionary thought and action in Europe and then focuses on the specific case of the Prague Uprising. By using previously ...(Read More)
Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1980)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Kenneth W. Staggs - Text established by
James P. Elliott - Text established by
Robert E. Spiller - Historical introduction and text
James Franklin Beard - Historical introduction and text

In the summer of 1828 James Fenimore Cooper, his wife, and their five children set out from Paris for Switzerland, and Cooper wrote that he experienced a "glorious anticipation," for "a common-place converse with men was about to give place to a sublime communion with Nature."

Sketches of Switzerland, the book which describes this experience and which is republished here for the first time in the United States since its original issue ...(Read More)
In Time of Storm
In Time of Storm (June 1979)
Revolution, Civil War, and the Ethnolinguistic Issue in Finland
Pekka K. Hamalainen - Author

At the end of World War I in many European societies, hitherto hidden or suppressed rivalries and tensions between competing socioeconomic and ethnolinguistic groups burst to the surface in violence, revolution, civil conflict, and civil war. The author of this book attempts to make a contribution toward the unraveling of these phenomena by exploring them within the context of one European society, Finland, and analyzing the complex and inte...(Read More)
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