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Before the European Challenge
Before the European Challenge (June 1990)
The Great Civilizations of Asia and the Middle East
Jaroslav Krejci - Author

The West fails to embrace the globe, and the East still looks to its own variegated past. Here is a comparative account of the spirit and development of the main civilizations in Asia before their confrontation with Modern Europe. In many respects, what is going on in Asia and in the Middle East now is a response to the prolonged European challenge. In places it is marked by a selective reception of Western values and techniques, while elsewhere pre...(Read More)
Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1986)
The Rhine
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Ernest Redekop - Historical introduction
Maurice Geracht - Historical introduction
Thomas Philbrick - Text established by
Maurice Geracht - Text established by

Gleanings in Europe: The Rhine is an account of James Fenimore Cooper's travels in Europe at the time of the 1832 revolt in Paris, when he hoped General Lafayette would be declared President of France and when all of Europe was the stage for the morality play of French politics.

Published in 1836 after General Lafayette's death, the book is, in part, an apologia for Lafayette, Cooper's ideal political man. Thus it is essential...(Read More)
Russia Against Japan, 1904-1905
Russia Against Japan, 1904-1905 (May 1986)
A New Look at the Russo-Japanese War
J. N. Westwood - Author

The Russo-Japanese conflict was recognized, in its time, as introducing a new era of warfare, involving millions of men and weapons of mass destruction. In the decade which elapsed after its end much was written about it. The First World War marked a second stage in the development of twentieth-century-style total war, and so overshadowed the Russo-Japanese War that little further study was made of the latter. Subsequent books on this subject were ...(Read More)
Education in the Third Reich
Education in the Third Reich (June 1985)
Race and History in Nazi Textbooks
Gilmer W. Blackburn - Author

In its determination to take absolute control, the Third Reich focused on the nation's youth, reserving for the schools the vital task of refashioning the German psyche. This book examines these propaganda efforts--one of the most radical and far-reaching experiments in educational history.

The book focuses on the manipulation of the German past, one of the primary means of state intervention to ensure the triumph of the racial idea in histo...(Read More)
Introduction to the Medieval Mystics of Europe
Introduction to the Medieval Mystics of Europe (June 1985)
Paul E. Szarmach - Editor

The European Middle Ages bequeathed to the world a legacy of spiritual and intellectual brilliance that has shaped many of the ideals, preconceptions, and institutions we now take for granted. An Introduction to the Medieval Mystics of Europe examines this phenomenon in vivid and scholarly accounts of the lives and achievements of those men and women whose genius most inspired their own and subsequent ages. These great mystics explored and ...(Read More)
Abandoned Children
Abandoned Children (June 1984)
Foundlings and Child Welfare in Nineteenth-Century France
Rachel G. Fuchs - Edited and with an introduction by

In nineteenth-century France, parents abandoned their children in overwhelming numbers—up to 20 percent of live births in the Parisian area. The infants were left at state-run homes and were then transferred to rural wet nurses and foster parents. Their chances of survival were slim, but with alterations in state policy, economic and medical development, and changing attitudes toward children and the family, their chances had significantly impro...(Read More)
The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914
The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914 (June 1984)
Assimilation and Identity
Marsha L. Rozenblit - Author

Ablaze with excitement, effervescent with creativity--late nineteenth-century Vienna was the ideal site for this analysis of the ways in which a sizable and significant group of Jews was assimilated into European society.

After leaving homes in the Austrian and Hungarian provinces and migrating to the Austrian capital, the Jews underwent a variety of profound changes. The Jews of Vienna shows how they successfully transformed old, ide...(Read More)
Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1983)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Thomas Philbrick - Historical introduction and notes
Constance Ayers Denne - Text established by
Thomas Philbrick - Text established by

France (1837) was the third volume published in Cooper's Gleanings in Europe series, but first in the chronology of his European experience. Less sequential than his other travel narratives, France distills his impressions of French and European culture during his first two years abroad. Exhibiting many qualities of the familiar essay, it considers a wide range of topics of interest to Cooper, his friends, and potential readers i...(Read More)
What Were Little Girls and Boys Made Of?
What Were Little Girls and Boys Made Of? (June 1983)
Primary Education in Rural France, 1830-1880
Laura S. Strumingher - Author

Primary School Books were vehicles by which authors in nineteenth-century France hoped to shape the future. These authors, members of the middle class, believed in reason and progress and in their own ability to ascertain what was reasonable and to enforce progress. Not surprisingly, they did not always get the cooperation of the people whom they were trying to lead to a civilized life. Peasants, who made up the largest population of those n...(Read More)
Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1981)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Donald A. Ringe - Historical introduction and notes
Kenneth W. Staggs - Historical introduction, notes, and text
James P. Elliott - Text established by
Robert D. Madison - Text established by

A contemporaneous reviewer called James Fenimore Cooper's England "unquestionably the most searching and thoughtful, not TO say philosophical of any" of the books "published by an American on England.
"Another cited with approval the "potent causticity" with which a fellow reviewer "develope[d] the gangrene of the author's mind in its most foul and diseased state."

Such were the ext...(Read More)
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