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Ethnic Identity
Ethnic Identity (March 1993)
Formation and Transmission among Hispanics and Other Minorities
Martha E. Bernal - Editor
George P. Knight - Editor

This book provides broad coverage of the various research approaches that have been used to study the development of ethnic identity in children and adolescents and the transmission of ethnic identity across generations. The authors address topics of acculturation and the development and socialization of ethnic minorities--particularly Mexican-Americans. They stress the roles of social and behavioral scientists in government multicultural policies...(Read More)
Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans
Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans (October 1991)
A Reconsideration of Race and Economics
John Sibley Butler - Author

In this book, author John Sibley Butler traces the unique development of business enterprises and other community organizations among Black Americans from before the Civil War into the present. He compares these efforts to other strong traditions of self-help among groups such as Japanese-Americans, Jewish Americans, and Greek-Americans. The author also shows how the higher education of Black children is already a valued tradition among Black self...(Read More)
Minorities in the Middle
Minorities in the Middle (July 1991)
A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Walter P. Zenner - Author

"What impresses me most about this book is that it is looking at a topic which is very fresh. If you look at the literature, there is considerable mention of the 'minorities in the middle,' but never any real grounding of the analyses in any kind of empirical data. What you have in this piece is that missing link; not only theorizing, but giving specific cases.

"The notion is that there are ethnic, racial groups who have somehow 'made it' i...(Read More)
Ethnicity and Inequality
Ethnicity and Inequality (August 1990)
Robert M. Jiobu - Author

This book is a study of the relationship between ethnicity and socioeconomic status. it is the first to empirically study both the white and nonwhite underclass. Jiobu uses United States census data on twenty ethnic groups including specific white groups and specific nonwhite groups. Using the 1980 national census, which contains information on ancestry for the first time, Jiobu demonstrates that it is possible to define ethnic groups in new ways...(Read More)
Ethnicity and Assimilation
Ethnicity and Assimilation (July 1988)
Blacks, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Mexicans, Vietnamese, and Whites
Robert M. Jiobu - Author

This is a study of the main ethnic groups in California and is the only study that offers a direct comparison of these various ethnic groups. The author presents the thesis that the upward mobility of an ethnic group is determined not only by its infrastructure but also by the infrastructure of the situation the group encounters. For example, the chapter on history emphasizes economics and demographics more than subcultural values and attitudes. ...(Read More)
Disturbed Youth and Ethnic Family Patterns
Disturbed Youth and Ethnic Family Patterns (June 1971)
Rita F. Stein - Author

Considers ways in which the traditions and values of Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans affect the behavior of emotionally disturbed adolescent boys from the two ethnic groups.
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