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Leaving Little Italy
Leaving Little Italy (November 2003)
Essaying Italian American Culture
Fred L. Gardaphe - Author

Provides an overview of the past, present, and future of Italian American culture.

Leaving Little Italy
explores the various forces that have shaped and continue to mold Italian American culture. Early chapters offer a historical survey of major developments in Italian American culture, from the early mass immigration period to the present day, situating these developments within the larger framework of American cult...(Read More)
Beyond the Cheers
Beyond the Cheers (June 2001)
Race as Spectacle in College Sport
C. Richard King - Author
Charles Fruehling Springwood - Author

From mascots to half-time shows to media coverage, Beyond the Cheers critically and honestly assesses the role of race in big time college sports.

Focusing on half-time performances, commercialized stagings, media coverage, public panics, and political protests, Beyond the Cheers offers an ethnography, history, and social critique of racial spectacles in college sport. King and Springwood argue that collegi...(Read More)
Not One of Them in Place
Not One of Them in Place (May 2001)
Modern Poetry and Jewish American Identity
Norman Finkelstein - Author

Explores the ways in which Jewish American poetry engages persistent questions of modern Jewish identity.

Not One of Them in Place is the first book to examine the ways in which Jewish belief, thought, and culture have been shaped and articulated in modern American poetry. Based on the idea that recent American poetry has gravitated between two traditions—romantic and symbolist on the one hand, modernist a...(Read More)
From Paesani to White Ethnics
From Paesani to White Ethnics (February 2001)
The Italian Experience in Philadelphia
Stefano Luconi - Author

Examines the transformations of Italian American ethnic identity in twentieth-century Philadelphia.

“Stefano Luconi delivers a compelling study of twentieth-century identity and politics. Focusing on key historical moments, Luconi traces political and personal enactments of race relations. His incisive investigation of the mayoral tenure and many campaigns of Police Commissioner Frank L. Rizzo during the 1970s and &...(Read More)
Precursors of an African Genesis Model of Helping
Precursors of an African Genesis Model of Helping (January 2000)
Gerald G. Jackson - Author

Presents the theoretical dimension of three decades of research on African-derived concepts of helping.

This work, and is a companion to An Africentric Paradigm of Helping, a book that presents the application dimension to the subjects of training, substance abuse, ethnicity, workforce diversity, and time. This book is a foundation for a series of publications and events to serve the needs of practitione...(Read More)
Cultural Activisms
Cultural Activisms (January 1999)
Poetic Voices, Political Voices
Gertrude M. James Gonzalez - Editor
Anne J. M. Mamary - Editor

Offers a multiple-genred mosaic of multiple resistances to oppression through a variety of styles and mediums.

This text presents art and writing which is political rather than theorizing about how art and writing might be political. The wide array of voices and styles is one of the book's strengths as it not only offers a multi-faceted approach toward activism and positive change, but also speaks a range of emotions fr...(Read More)
A Semiotic of Ethnicity
A Semiotic of Ethnicity (September 1998)
In (Re)cognition of the Italian/American Writer
Anthony Julian Tamburri - Author

Reexamines the notion of the "hyphenate writer," and offers a specific reading strategy that we may consider the Italian/American writer in the age of semiotics, poststructuralism, and the like.

"Tamburri makes crucial connections among the various generations of Italian/American writers, that, while rooted in the most authoritative scholarship, also provokes us to 'look forward' as to how we might see Ita...(Read More)
Immigrant Subjectivities in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures
Immigrant Subjectivities in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures (July 1998)
Sheng-mei Ma - Author

Offers a new way of reading Asian American and Asian Diaspora literatures, thereby addressing an overlapping lacuna in ethnic, postcolonial, and area studies: the construction of immigrant subjectivities.

"This book opens up a whole new way of examining Asian American literature--the postcolonial approach to immigrant subjectivity--that will influence future scholarship in the field. Personally I gained a fresh new look ...(Read More)
In Defense of Mohawk Land
In Defense of Mohawk Land (April 1997)
Ethnopolitical Conflict in Native North America
Linda Pertusati - Author

Examines the conflict that exists between the Mohawk Warrior Movement and Canada within the context of the Mohawk nation's struggle for national self-determination.
During 1990, a land dispute between the Mohawk territory of Kanehsatake and the town of Oka, Quebec, Canada took center stage in the world community, erupting into months of intense and often violent confrontation. Rooted in the historical reality of past injustices, the event...(Read More)
Beyond Black and White
Beyond Black and White (March 1997)
New Faces and Voices in U.S. Schools
Maxine S. Seller - Editor
Lois Weis - Editor

Dedicated to a better understanding of the diversity of children being taught in American public schools, this book includes the experiences of groups (e.g. Haitians, Dominicans, Indians, and Vietnamese) not often represented even in the multicultural education literature. It also includes the experiences of often marginalized groups such as lesbians and gays, Appalachians, and white working class males.

Most contempora...(Read More)
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