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Faith and the Professions
Faith and the Professions (December 1987)
Thomas L. Shaffer - Author

Thomas L. Shaffer argues that the morals of modern American lawyers and doctors have been corrupted by misguided professionalism and weak philosophy. He shows that professional codes exalt vocational principle over the traditional morals of character; but that, in practice, America's professionals and business people cultivate the ethics of character. The ethics of virtue have been neglected.

The ethical argument in Faith and the Profession...(Read More)
Abortion Policy
Abortion Policy (June 1985)
An Evaluation of the Consequences for Maternal and Infant Health
Jerome S. Legge Jr. - Author

In the first study of its kind, Jerome Legge provides a reasoned and dispassionate summary of the procedures and effects of abortion. The ethics of abortion have been widely discussed by philosophers, social scientists, and health professionals. Until now, however, little has been devoted to the results of various abortion policy changes.

Legge examines the effects of abortion policy changes on maternal and infant health in the United States...(Read More)
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes
Omnipotence and other Theological Mistakes (June 1984)
Charles Hartshorne - Author

This book presents Hartshorne's philosophical theology briefly, simply, and vividly.

"Hartshorne speaks with not just conviction, but passion. He cares, and that caring comes through loud and clear. By and large Hartshorne is a very abstract thinker, but this book has a very concrete concern with practical issues of importance to all thinking persons--abortion, environment, love, creationism and fundamentalism as negative forces in our soci...(Read More)
Those Elegant Decorums
Those Elegant Decorums (June 1973)
The Concept of Propriety in Jane Austen's Novels
Jane Nardin - Author

Analyzes the way in which Austen blends ironic criticism with moral affirmation through her complex and little-understood management of the narrative point of view.

In Those Elegant Decorums Professor Nardin differs from the many critics who feel that Jane Austen's irony and her morality contradict each other. She analyzes the way in which Jane Austen blends ironic criticism with moral affirmation thro...(Read More)
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