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Reforming Schools
Reforming Schools (July 2006)
Working within a Progressive Tradition during Conservative Times
Jesse Goodman - Author

Portrays the progressive school reform work of the Harmony Education Center over a 12-year period.

In Reforming Schools, Jesse Goodman discusses the possibilities, struggles, and complexities involved in reforming today’s schools. Drawing from his own experiences at the Harmony Education Center—a progressive educational center he helped establish in 1990—Goodman offers a vision of how to...(Read More)
The Gift of Education
The Gift of Education (October 2005)
How a Tuition Guarantee Program Changed the Lives of Inner-City Youth
Norman A. Newberg - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

Tells the story of how two philanthropists promised each of the 112 graduating sixth graders at Belmont Elementary, a school in one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, a fully paid college education to the institution of their choice.

At the June 17, 1987 sixth-grade graduation ceremony at Belmont Elementary, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, philanthropists George and Diane Weiss promis...(Read More)
Reconsidering Feminist Research in Educational Leadership
Reconsidering Feminist Research in Educational Leadership (August 2003)
Michelle D. Young - Editor
Linda Skrla - Editor

A critical reflection on the field of feminist research in educational leadership.

Ten prominent feminist researchers from diverse backgrounds examine educational leadership by focusing on critical questions about the theories, methods, and epistemologies feminist researchers use. The contributors analyze the impact of research on participants and assess the ethical and political implications of researching across gro...(Read More)
The Ideology of Education
The Ideology of Education (January 2003)
The Commonwealth, the Market, and America's Schools
Kevin B. Smith - Author

Explores the ideological underpinnings of school choice and other market-based education reforms.
Advocates of market-based education reforms (including such policies as choice, charters, vouchers, and outright privatization) argue that they represent ready solutions to clearly defined problems. Critics of market models, on the other hand, argue that these reforms misperceive the purposes of public education and threaten its democratic e...(Read More)
The Melting Pot in Israel
The Melting Pot in Israel (March 2002)
The Commission of Inquiry Concerning the Education of Immigrant Children During the Early Years of the State
Zvi Zameret - Author

Covers early Israeli education policy regarding immigrant populations.

This volume combines a translation of substantial portions of one of the most important documents in the early history of Israel—the government commission of inquiry concerning education in the immigrant camps, appointed in 1950—with analysis of the ensuing public debates and repercussions, and their meaning for Israeli society today. Using...(Read More)
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs (September 2001)
When Community Control Collides with Educational Equity
Kevin G. Welner - Author
Jeannie Oakes - Foreword by
Martin Lipton - Foreword by

Shows how education reforms take place within cauldrons of political interests and conflicting values and beliefs.

Based on an examination of four school districts facing the prospect of court-ordered detracking, Legal Rights, Local Wrongs challenges fundamental assumptions about the opportunities for equity-minded educational reform. Welner studied districts across the country in San Jose, California; Wilmington...(Read More)
Courts as Catalysts
Courts as Catalysts (June 2001)
State Supreme Courts and Public School Finance Equity
Matthew H. Bosworth - Author

Discusses state supreme courts and funding equity reform in Texas, Kentucky, and North Dakota.

Despite education being one of the most important, if not the most important, political issues for the American public, access to funding for education is not equal across school districts. Local public schools are generally funded by a combination of state aid and local property taxes, a combination which favors wealthier s...(Read More)
The Role of Self in Teacher Development
The Role of Self in Teacher Development (December 1998)
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor

Reflects some of the major transition points in becoming a teacher and focuses explicitly on how issues of self and identity bear on these different points.

The Role of Self in Teacher Development explores some of the major transition points in becoming a teacher and focuses explicitly on how issues of self and identity bear on these different points. The contributors examine not only pre-service teachers, but al...(Read More)
Capitalizing Knowledge
Capitalizing Knowledge (October 1998)
New Intersections of Industry and Academia
Henry Etzkowitz - Editor
Andrew Webster - Editor
Peter Healey - Editor

Examines current trends toward increasing links between industry and academia and the resulting commercialization of universities as they seek to capitalize their research.

"Capitalizing Knowledge deals with an important topic that is under much discussion at present. It has an international focus on the topic, which is quite unusual in the available literature. The material in the book is original and filled with...(Read More)
Power and Politics
Power and Politics (September 1997)
Federal Higher Education Policymaking in the 1990s
Michael D. Parsons - Author

Provides the most intimate view of federal higher education policymaking since Congress and the Colleges. Reveals that, despite the lack of power as measured by conventional standards, higher education associations have succeeded in convincing Congress to dramatically expand the scope of federal student aid programs under the 1992 Higher Education Act.

Power and Politics provides the most intimate vie...(Read More)
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