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The Practice of Technology
The Practice of Technology (October 1995)
Exploring Technology, Ecophilosophy, and Spiritual Disciplines for Vital Links
Alan Drengson - Author

Asks why current practices of technology negatively impact humans and the earth and how we can gain a holistic understanding so technology practices can be changed to support the environment.

"This is the first comprehensive treatment I have read that addresses the connections between technology, ecologically-centered philosophy, and the wisdom of spiritual disciplines. This broader treatment of technology is much neede...(Read More)
Postmodern Environmental Ethics
Postmodern Environmental Ethics (August 1995)
Max Oelschlaeger - Editor

Explains the role of language in causing and in resolving the ecocrisis and shows that ecologically adaptive behavior can be facilitated through language.
This book explains the role of language in causing and in resolving the ecocrisis, showing that ecologically adaptive behavior can be facilitated through language. The authors explore the discourses of deep ecology, ecofeminism, Judeo-Christianity, quantum theory, and Native American w...(Read More)
Environmental Deceptions
Environmental Deceptions (January 1995)
The Tension Between Liberalism and Environmental Policymaking in the United States
Matthew Alan Cahn - Author

This book explores the tensions between American political culture, which is predicated on self-interest, and environmental regulation, which restricts individual property rights.
Environmental Deceptions brings together normative analysis and empirical data to explain the structural limitations liberal society places on environmental improvement. Whereas liberal society is predicated on individual self-interest, environmental legi...(Read More)
In the First Country of Places
In the First Country of Places (September 1994)
Nature, Poetry, and Childhood Memory
Louise Chawla - Author

"I have a great respect for the way in which Dr. Chawla has been able to address and integrate a diverse set of literatures--environmental psychology, developmental psychology, phenomenology, literature and literary criticism, nature studies, and feminist theory. I am not surprised at the breadth of her insights because she has been so clear about her hermeneutic and phenomenological approach to the questions about childhood memories, nature, and d...(Read More)
Regarding Nature
Regarding Nature (April 1993)
Industrialism and Deep Ecology
Andrew McLaughlin - Author

"This book draws together insights in environmental philosophy and progressive political thought and discusses, in an accessible manner, a number of central issues and problems confronting the modern environmental movement. This will be of considerable appeal to liberal and left-leaning social progressives who have tended to dismiss much of modern environmental philosophy for being either ahistorical or not sufficiently attuned to cultural and soci...(Read More)
Environmentalists (June 1985)
Vanguard for a New Society
Lester W. Milbrath - Author

In a groundbreaking study, Lester Milbrath argues the need for a deep change in our belief structure. Environmentalists: Vanguard for a New Society describes a revolution in process. Basing his work on the views of modern environmentalists, Milbrath delineates a new social paradigm--a new understanding and revised values--to show how the world functions in a way different from what our institutions and culture presuppose. It is a book abo...(Read More)
The Ocean Dumping Quandary
The Ocean Dumping Quandary (June 1983)
Waste Disposal in the New York Bight
Donald F. Squires - Author

Dumping of sewage sludge, dredge spoils, and toxic wastes in the coastal waters of New York and New Jersey is an old practice. In the 1970s ocean dumping became an important environmental issue, the subject of legislation and litigation, and of scientific inquiry. After a decade of study and debate, the basic issues of the environmental effects of ocean dumping and its impact on the ocean and surrounding coastal region remain unresolved. This non...(Read More)
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